Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

This has been quite an eventful year for all of us. As a Malaysian, I feel like we've all been tested this year more than any other year. There's the MH370 that is still "missing", the tragic MH17, the flood, and the latest, the AirAsia crash. Some would say, ah.. It's an Indonesian flight but still, to me, it's a Malaysian brand! I still feel the ache. So yes we've been tested, indirectly if not directly.

2015 I hope will bring us more happy memories. I just feel like I'm done with 2014 and I want to close this chapter and move on.

I made a few mistakes here and there and I just want to move on and not look back. 

For things coming year, I hope to look after my health. Live a healthier life and be more health conscious. Life is too short and I don't want to spend my days in the hospital ever again. The few days I spent in the hospital this year was an eye opener. I always said how healthy I am and I jinxed it when I had dengue.

Next year is all about taking good care of myself. Inside and out. There's really no point having all the money in the world when you are unhealthy. Especially when I have 2 young children, I really cannot afford to be sick. My health must be my priority next year. I will share more on my health journey.

First thing I plan to do next year is book that appointment for a medical check up.
Last medical check up, I was told to watch my cholestrol and obviously I didn't so I'm expecting it to be higher than before.
My aim next year is to see it go down. I can't afford to be sick.

I feel good and I feel healthy but I need to change my lifestyle here and there.
For one, I don't take any supplements. I'm going to start doing that next year. 

Health is top on my list. Work and everything else comes second. 
I want to stay healthy for my kids and family and I want to make sure I get my kids & husband on the same page too. 

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers.
Thank you for reading my journey. Thank you for supporting my little business Kupukupu and thank you for being my outlet to rant when I need to.

I don't know all of you. I don't know who is reading but I know I got support. Thank you for all the comments, emails and messages too. Appreciate them a lot. 
Monday, December 29, 2014

Next year for my girl

We got some books for our daughter. Although she's not going to the big school yet, her current school teacher suggested that we got books from the big school to prepare her for Year 1. Her current school, they are pretty laidback and their syllabus are pretty easy stuff. I don't know if that alone would be sufficient for my daughter once she enters the big school so we discussed it and the teacher suggested that we work on her by working on materials from the big school. That's one thing I love about her current school, they can personalised everything to cater to the child. Everyone does different level of work in school except during arts & craft and their play session and singing session. So far my daughters done really well and I'm very happy with the progress. It is a one-2-one basis and I love Ms Rose. She's Scottish and is the most passionate teacher I've known! Some of her past students have gone to Harvard. I'm not expecting mine to go there or anything but Ms Rose knows her stuff. 

I was nervous before getting the books because I didn't know if my daughter would be able to do it or not. I mean of course she can't do it yet because she's not in year 1 yet but as I said, because I see her work in her current in school is super easy, I was worried she won't be able to do other stuff but to my surprise, she can do it! I'm so proud! She's so smart!!!!

Her Singapore maths class helped her a lot too. She could easily do the Maths work on her own. The reading was no problem and the English is also something she can easily do. They also have science books and my daughter doesn't do science in school so that one is a bit tricky. She would know the answer but doesn't really understand the concept or the "science" of it. She's treating it as an English question.

Writing is still something we need to work on. Her handwriting has improved so much over the past 6 months (she only started writing slightly over 6 months ago) and although it's a bit off here and there.. She's getting better. She can't really spell stuff yet. She can read but if you ask her how to spell something, she still gets a bit confused. We need to work on that too.

Overall I'm happy with her performance. She's a bright girl and I have high expectations. I like the brother who is too very smart but very laidback and more street smart I would say. 

Can't wait to see her progress! I'm so excited! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Hair

It's been a while since I did something to my hair. I trim my hair quite regularly but I haven't had anything done for ages.

For new year, I wanted a hair makeover but being the chicken that I am, I'm scared to go all out. I decided on this hair colour ala Kim Kardashian. My hair is considered "virgin hair" as I don't have any chemicals or color or perm or whatever on it so the colour is naturally quite dark. I didn't want to suddenly become blonde! 

So this KimKardashian hair colour is perfect. It's actually dark base with some brown highlights.

Also this time, I brave myself to try a new salon. I found them from Instagram and decided to try them out after seeing so many nice hairstyles that suited my style.

Off I went all the way to Subang USJ1. My husband was not too impressed with me driving all the way to Subang to try out a new salon. I think his concern is more because I'll be away from home for longer if the salon is further! But I was determined to try. 

Got to the unfamiliar place and followed Waze and bloody waze got me to the wrong location. Close enough but not the right place. Luckily I managed to find it myself after that.

The salon itself was really nice and decor was pretty and all but the location was a bit scary. A lot of foreigners and they looked quite "brutal" I was scared they might rob me or something.

Anyway, my stylist was this guy called Su. He's cool. He explained to me what he thinks I should do. I showed him the photo and told him I wanted the colour to be like that. 

He started promoting this argan oil product and I was totally sold! I ended up buying a whole set of shampoo, conditioner and argan oil. I've heard lots about this oil anyway and I know it is good so I didn't mind buying it.
I was busy txting my BFF while I was there and she wanted one bottle too cuz she's been looking for it. 

I'm so in love with the smell of this oil. I'm totally obsessed with it! I hope it's good for my hair.

I won't show you my photo but I'm very happy with the final result. I will be back again I'm sure. But I wish it wasn't so far!!!

Love my new hair!!!!

Came home feeling so beautiful and my kids missed me so much because I was away from home for over 4 hours! My daughter kept kissing me! I love it when they miss me. Honestly, I missed them too!
#clingymum #clingykids
Friday, December 26, 2014

Getting old

A few days before I left for Japan, I was happily combing my hair in my bathroom and then suddenly I discovered WHITE HAIR! Like OMG!!!!! Big deal!!!!!!!

This is my second time discovering white hair in my whole entire life. First time was a few years back. Since then, I haven't found any. 

I'm getting old!!!!!!!!! For real!

My husband is 39 and he is full of white hair. So much so that he actually looks older than he is sometimes. I've been making fun of his white hair for ages. He's so used to it that he doesn't bother covering it or colouring it anymore. 

Me? I'm still in denial. I'm 35 and I feel about 25 most days. But getting that damn white hair is making me feel 45!!!

I can't believe I'm 35 years old. That's old! It's making me think about my whole life. Have I achieved what I wanted to achieve at 35?

I'm happy that I am married and I have children at 35. That is probably my proudest achievement.

I'm happy that at 35 I am healthy

I'm happy that at 35 I know who my real friends are and I'm happy that I no longer need new friends. 

I'm happy that I still look good at 35. Let's ignore the white hair and the wrinkles for a second yea. I'm just happy I'm not (that) fat! 

Actually the greatest gift is being healthy. Nothing beats that actually. You can have all the money in the world, all the friends in the world but if you are not healthy, then that's it, you're screwed.

So one of the things I want to do next year is take care of myself even more! 

- eat more healthy stuff (I need to get air fryer!)
- start juicing (damn it I need to get a juicer!)
- start taking vitamins 
- start taking the hydrogen water regularly
- keep looking after my skin and stock up on the black soap! (Who is in Japan pls email me!!!!) I love this black soap!!! It's the best thing ever!

Here's to a better n healthier 2015
Thursday, December 25, 2014

Special Thanks

We only have less than a week before we say goodbye to 2014. I can't believe it's 2015. Where did the whole year go?

I want to say thank you and say how truly blessed I am to still be here...

- my kids & family are healthy alhamdulillah
- despite the dengue, I too am very healthy
- I have wonderful good friends I can trust. I don't have many but they know who they are and how much I love them!
- I have a great family who loves me and supports me in everything I do

What else do you want, right?

Let's not forget that this year has been a year filled with national tragedies. MH370 is still "missing", MH17 and now the flooding in east coast. Maybe Allah is trying to tell us something. 

Let's do whatever we can to help those in need, especially now for the people in the east coast.

I will be packing stuff and get them sent to the people of east coast. 

In my head

Whenever I hear about an ex colleague's career or a friend's new job or when I think about getting income, I cringe. I always think about the "what ifs".. 
What if I didn't quit my job - where would I be now?
What if I stayed in the same company - how much would I be earning now?
What if I didn't leave the workforce - what position would I be in now?

I'm not very ambitious when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder because I was never good at kissing the bosses ass and I was bad at playing the office politics but I was good at whatever I was doing and if office politics wasn't involved, I think I would do pretty well.

The idea of being just a SAHM makes me feel a little sad. I mean, I had a good career ahead of me once upon a time and I sacrificed all that to be home with my kids. Now I'm just a mum & a wife. There's more to me than that I'm sure.

I studied so hard just to stay home? I have so much more potential. I'm not exactly a natural mum. I think I kinda sucked at it too. I always find it hard to stay motivated and to stay happy with this title. 

But having said all that... Am I still wanted in the job market? What can I offer now? I've been doing nothing but cook, wash butts, change diapers, bathing kids for a good few years. I forgot what it's like to work for someone. 

Kupukupu keeps me busy but it's not enough for me. I still feel like there's more I can do and more I can give. 

Of late, I've started thinking about going back to work. It's just one of those random thoughts. I haven't asked or discussed it with my other half and to be honest, I'm not sure Im ready to hear what he has to say but it's been in my head.

Ideally I will be working from home. Have a stable income and at the same time, I can still be there for my children but it is not easy to get a job like that. If it is, I'm sure all mothers would want that.

My kids will be in school pretty much the whole morning. To be honest, although it sounds long, it isn't. Before I know it, they're back at home. I don't think I have enough free time to work. 

Maybe when they're older and in big school I can consider but who would want to hire me then! Not like I have special skills or anything.


I hope I will get over this phase. I think I should feel lucky that I can be at home with my kids. No datelines, no stress from peers and no need to be in the car for ages just to get to work. 

Yea I know, I am blessed. But life is always greener on the other side, huh?
I have to remind myself that my grass is pretty damn green!

Itchy scalp

I always change shampoo every time I ran out. It's just something I do. So far no issues. Even if it's bad for my hair, I will just continue using it until the whole bottle is finish. But thankfully I never had any problems.

Few months back, I switched shampoo. I usually buy my shampoo from the salon and seldom buy from the pharmacy but for some reason, while we were doing our grocery shopping, hubs and I decided to try this new shampoo. I thought, why not. 

I noticed my hair started falling A LoT. Like really really bad and even worse than when I was in confinement. Normally my hair will fall after I give birth but my son is 2 and half now, I shouldn't be having this much hair loss! Must be the shampoo.

But as usual, I kept using it until the bottle is finished. My hair became really bad and my scalp became so damn itchy. When it's itching, I feel like I have kutu or something! It was sooo bad and I was really worried.

One night, I couldn't take it anymore. It was itching so bad that I couldn't sleep. I got up from bed and started examining my scalp and I was shocked to see how dry my scalp was. It was sooo bad!!! It looked like dandruff ... Or maybe it was!

I didn't sleep that night. Started researching treatment to treat my dry scalp or dandruff or whatever the hell it was. I never had dandruff ever and I never had dry scalp before. I was so worried!

Then I found some possible treatment. Some say to use oil, some say change shampoo (which I did but didn't work) and finally I decided to try an anti dandruff shampoo.

I read reviews and it was good so I bought it.  At the same time, I asked the chemist what I should put and she suggested Moogoo.

It worked!!!

I literally used this shampoo and scalp cream twice and it solved my problem immediately.

No more itchy scalp and dry scalp/dandruff and hair loss! Wow.

I stopped using it now because I don't need to anymore. I'm using a normal shampoo, which I don't even know the brand. I'm so glad I tried this remedy! 

It worked!!

P/s: not a sponsored post
Wednesday, December 24, 2014


My recent trip to Sungei Wang, I was so bored waiting for my husband's phone to be ready, my kids and I walked around and started buying things for the sake of buying. Everything was so cheap anyway. Like these watches, they're RM10 each and comes with a 6 month warranty! LOL.

So I bought my kids one each.
They picked them out themselves. No guessing who took the Frozen and who took the Spider-Man watch!

They have no clue about time.

When I asked them what time it is... 

Daughter: 15 percent!
Son: fourteen! 

Thank god the watch is only RM10! Not buying u guys a tag anytime soon!


This school holiday, one of my 'target' was to get my kids to focus and have longer attention span. They're iPad kids. They watch short videos on YouTube so their attention span is not that long.

I started introducing them to movies. Cartoons of course. Before this, they never showed any interest because they've been so into their iPads and prefer their short videos so this was a challenge for me.

I started by getting them to watch Frozen. Better late than never, right?

My daughter started showing interest in Frozen since before the school holidays because her best friend is crazy over Frozen. Although she had no clue what it's about, she gets excited whenever she sees the dresses, dolls at the malls. So getting her to watch Frozen was easier. For my son, his attention span is generally a lot better than my daughter's but Frozen is more for the girls, and my son is a true boy.. He loves his guns and fighting scenes and all, I wasn't sure if he would like the movie at all. 

First time watching the movie, they both sat for a good half hour. To me, that was a good start. Soon, they started requesting for me to play the DVD again and again and before you know it, both of them can sing all the songs! 

Since Frozen was a big success and both my kids are so into it, I decided to introduce the next movie. I wanted it to be suitable for boy & girl. So I bought Peter Pan DVD. Again, they loved it. My son loved it more than my daughter but she wouldn't mind watching it with him now.

I've been buying a lot of DVDs lately and guess what? My kids are off iPads on weekdays and only allowed iPads on the weekends. They're not even deprived of it because most of the time, they don't even ask for iPads. 

Here are some of the movies my kids love at the moment:

1. Frozen - the songs in this movie are all really nice and awesome. Even I find myself singing it sometimes. 

2. Tangled - my daughter loves this more than my son. 

3. Peter Pan - my son loves this more than my daughter does. This is a classic and I'm not sure if they have a newer version. For some reason my son started loving mermaids after watching this movie

4. Little Mermaid - bought this because my son started requesting for mermaids. It's so adorable. But my daughter loves this movie. She sometime pretends she doesn't have a voice and pretends to be Ariel. Both my kids love this movie

5. Alice in wonderland - both of them love this. I think this is a good movie and both boy & girl can enjoy. 

I even bought the movie Ice Age but both my kids don't really like it. I think because they're all animals talking and they can't really relate. 

Basically that's all we do everyday. Watch movies all day! I try to fit some activities and academic stuff in between but I don't force them to do if they don't feel like it. I let them play all day if they want to. It's been alright. Not too bad. 

Whatever it is I'm glad that their attention span is growing and I see so many beautiful things they do like acting scenes from the movies and singing and stuff like that. 

The only thing I'm not really too excited about is how some of these fairy tales are all about falling in love. Like in little mermaid, Ariel is only 16 and busy trying to be human to be with the man she loves!! Wth?? Not too keen about that because my daughter recently said "mummy, I want a boyfriend!" 

Family Trip

We just came back from Japan few weeks back and now I am on another assignment. That is to plan a family trip to Istanbul & Dubai for next April.

Gosh! Planning family holiday is so stressful! Especially if it's also more than just us 4 traveling. 

Going on holiday is always fun but planning it takes a long time and a lot of effort. I feel like it is a full time job especially when you have to research the different flights, dates, hotels, tours etc.

Some take it for granted but there is a lot of reading and research to do especially when you have young children and a senior citizen traveling.

Anyone been to Istanbul & Dubai? Feel free to leave comments and tips! I need all the help I can get!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


A handbag is a girl's best friend right? (Well, my best friend is diamonds actually but for the sake of this post, let's just say I have 2 best friends!)

We go everywhere with our handbags. A girl can never have too many handbags. Agree? Sure you do!

I have many. Started collecting branded ones over the years but even before I could afford expensive ones, I was already into handbags. I remember my first branded handbag was when I was in college. It was from my mum and it was this gorgeous Dior bag that I carry to college everyday. I wonder what happened to that bag..? It was leather so I'm sure it is still good. It's probably at my mum's house somewhere.

Anyway, each year, I will wish for my husband to get me either a new handbag or diamonds. This year, for my birthday he got me a bag and it's still there in my handbag closet untouched! And that's not the only bag in there that is untouched. I have a few more bags that I have but haven't used.
Why is that???

Why have so many bags but keep using the same bag all the time? Why buy so many bags and not use them? And still every year, or every shopping spree, I still want to buy a bag? Crazy right?

I was talking to a friend about this and concluded that it is actually quite troublesome to change bags every day. 

I have my 2 wallets (don't ask why I carry 2!), my card holder where I store all the discount cards, my lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, pen, hand sanitizer and whatever crap I bring along with me all the time. It is such a hassle to transfer all the stuff from one bag to another.

My friend told me how she does it, keep a pouch and store all the crap in a pouch and then it is easier to change bags. Now why didn't I think of that??? A bag in a bag? Sounds silly but it works!!!

Yesterday I started downsizing. I don't need to bring 2 wallets!!! I also started organizing stuff in my handbag. 

I bought a pouch in Japan recently and started putting stuff in it. There's my lipgloss, hair stuff, hand sanitizer etc in it now. 

Tadaaaaa! So now, whenever I want to change to a new bag, I just have to bring this out! More organized don't you think?

Since I'm on a roll, I get so excited when I see pouches. Yesterday, I was at Sungei Wang. My maid wanted to buy a phone so we took her there. While she was busy shopping for her phone, I was walking around and found this shop called Miss T.

I ended up buying a new card holder! It's much better than the one I had! I also got myself 2 extra pouches. In case I want to change pouches...

They're not too expensive. About RM25 each. 

See??? Always a reason to shop! Now.. Which handbag should I use today???
Monday, December 22, 2014

Not sharing

This is the season to be jolly but I'm not feeling it right now. I think it's PMS 

I've been craving chocolates a lot lately. In fact, I finished my son's chocolate last night too! It's definitely PMS because I crave chocolate every month when it's that time of the month is approaching.

Last night, we were in Bangsar Village to do our groceries and I stopped by Bisou because I wanted cake. I specifically wanted the nuttela sandwich cake but the lady in front of me bought the last piece. I was so pissed!!! 

I didn't want anything else but I knew I'd shoot myself when we get home if I didn't get any. I opted for a chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream cheese while my kids & husband wanted a rainbow cake to share.

Kids are napping now and I am quietly enjoying my cupcake. Well, it's not as nice as I thought it was going to be but it will do.

What do you crave for? Anything? 

Enrich member

We are loyal MAS customers. We always travel MH and as much as we can, we will make sure we book MH for our holidays. We also collect enrich points 

My kids obviously travels with us wherever we go but I haven't registered and sign them up for enrich yet. 

I went to KL Sentral office to sign them up yesterday. I was given the form but was told that you can sign up online and get 1000 points for free or sign up at the office and get 500 points free. 

Cool! I'll do it online then!

We love MH!
Sunday, December 21, 2014

You got that right!

When I saw this popping up on my Facebook, I laughed and immediately had to buy it. 

I love it!

I ended up buying 2 t-shirts for RM200! What a waste of money! Haha but I just had to.

I miss Cardiff University and Cardiff life. I wish I could go back. Would I do anything differently? Well... I had a lot of fun and sometimes I think I had a little bit too much fun. So if I was given the chance to change anything from my university days, I probably wouldn't. 

But yeah.. Let's just assume I'm always right!
Saturday, December 20, 2014


I remember when I was a kid, I started school at the age of 5 or 6. I don't remember much about kindy except that I started reading English there and that was it. I started reading and learning BM in standard 1. I don't remember anything about maths tho. No idea when I started getting to know numbers. No surprise because I'm quite bad with numbers :)

Things are different now huh? Instead of going to school to learn how to read and write, you are sort of expected to know it by standard 1. Kindy used to be a place to go to play but now it is more academic. Not all I'm sure. But the ones I know are like that. Although they play a lot, they learn a lot too. Which is a good thing I suppose but it's crazy to think that you are already expected to know how to read and write before standard 1. 

It is starting to stress me out a little bit. I mean of course I want the best for my child. Truth is, there's too many options that I'm not sure which way to go.

My daughter is ok. She knows how to read and write and count and all but I'm not sure if she is at her level or if she is actually supposed to be doing more. I hear a lot of stories about kids going into standard 1 and struggling because they still can't read and write and I don't want my child to be that. Stressing at standard 1 is what I do not want for my child because I remember the best part about primary school was that everything was so easy! Because I was quite ahead academically in primary school, I could do so many non academic things like joining the school choir, school nashyid (yup! I did!), school netball and valleyball team, I represented the school for some writing competition, arts & drama, you name it. I was so active in primary school because I never had to stress about getting A's. I was getting them without stress and without making any effort. But now, stories I heard from other parents are scaring me a little bit.
Makes me wonder if my daughter is really ready for year 1 or not. Honestly speaking, it is making me reevaluate our whole approach to school all together.

I'm no kiasu mum. I'm quite chill and I don't force my kids to do anything they don't want to do. But at the same time, I'm quite strict. No nonsense type of mum. You want to play, you can play but play under MY rules. That's me.

She will be in year 1 next year. How time flies. I don't know what she is supposed to know already. 

I think I should just take a chill pill and relax. It is just primary school after all. I say I'm not kiasu but I sound like I am, don't i? LOL

We'll see how it goes...
For now, I'm scheduled to do a school visit at 2 of our shortlisted schools early next year. Hopefully they will be able to convince us and is good for our daughter.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Indoor Playground in KL

I remember back when I was a kid, my playground was the outdoor playground near my grandma's place in SS2 in PJ. My neighbour, Farouk, whom I pretty much grew up with till I was about 10 would come with me to the playground all the time. He is 2 years older than me and we were like brothers and sisters. He took care of me because he is the youngest in his family and I look up to him because I'm the eldest. I secretly wanted to marry him too! 

We would go to the playground and pretend to be husband and wife. The slide was our "home". He would knock on the "door" to climb up the stairs and say hello to his wife. Oh what fun! 

We would climb on trees too. I was a tomboy you see. I didn't have many friends who are girls when I was a kid so Farouk was the only friend I had. There were other kids in the neighbourhood too. Some are girls but I didn't really played with them.

How things have changed. Now my kids never play outdoors at all. With the haze, the scare of someone throwing acid at them (it happened in Titiwangsa lake before!) oh god, too stressful. Now, they only play indoors. We go to these indoor playgrounds at least once a week. They're not cheap too!! Back during my time, playing was free. We sometimes go and play at the playground at night too especially closer to raya, to play bunga api. 

Here are the good indoor playgrounds that we love going to:

1. Kids E World - ikano
This is probably my kid's favourite because it has 2 separate areas. Inside and "outside". Inside are where all the big stuff are and the stuff outside are more for younger kids. They also have an area to play "sand" outside too, which the kids love. There's a cafe outside where you can sit and have a drink. Entrance fee is RM60 for school holidays per kid! Yikes. A single outing would easily cost us RM200 (when u add petrol, parking, entrance fee, drinks and snacks!)

2. JungleGym - Bangsar Shopping Centre
This place is a good size and have lots of stuff to play with. They recently upgraded the playland and added few new things and we like it. It also has a skating area for older kids. My kids aren't big enough to skate yet. Good thing about this place is there's a cafe next door. You can have a drink there while your kids are in the jungle. Entrance fee is slighlty under RM40.

3. Kids e world - Gardens, Midvalley
This place is good too because it is big. I often meet up with friends here because there's a place to chill for mummies. I will order a latte and gossip with my buddies and kids can run around and play. 

4. Kidsport - Bangsar village 2
This place is ok. Not my favourite but because we are always in BV, it is the only place we can take the kids to play. The play area is not that big and they close quite early. There's a seating area too for lazy mummies like me but you can't order a latte or anything. They have packet drinks if you want to drink. Entrance is slightly below RM40

5. Yukids - Publika 
This playground is super small. Not much things to play with but if you are looking to let the kids play for an hour or so, this is a good size. I find it to be too small tho. Not much seating area for lazy mummies. 

6. Yukids - one Utama
This place kind of sucks. But it's pretty cheap. RM18 per hour or something like that.

7. Playground - KL festival mall
This playground is cheap but have lots of interesting things to play with. I like it because kids get to explore a lot of different types of toys instead of just the usual slides and swings. But, there's often too many people and sad that they don't really take care of the place. Sometimes when it's too crowded, it gets dirty too. Parents will leave behind tissues, empty plastic, water bottles etc. Parents!
There's also slot machines type of entertainment centre outside. So after playing inside, kids will surely want to play those arcade type of games too. You'll end up spending over RM50 in the end!  RM4 per hour


Sorry I am still talking about Japan. So much to share actually! 

Before we went, everyone kept telling us about how clean their toilets are. We took their word for it and true enough, they are right!

Toilets in Japan are super clean and it doesn't have to be 5 star area, they are all clean. 

This is what normal toilet seat look like in Japan. This was taken in our hotel room but pretty much everywhere we went, the toilets are this type. Many buttons and funky like this.

Good part is the toilet is always dry unlike the toilets in Malaysia. I would rather hold my pee than to go to a public toilet in Malaysia. 

I wish Malaysia can be more like Japan when it comes to taking care of public places especially the toilets. When will we change? Our toilets are so yucky.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


During our trip to Japan, my kids behaved really well. They didn't fuss much at all. I was so happy with the both of them. Not that they're normally naughty or anything but you know how it is, with kids, it's so unpredictable. You can never know with them. 

There were other kids on the trip as well and my kids were both super friendly and super chatty with them. Everyone was really impressed with them especially since they speak so well. Everyone wanted to know if they're already in school or not because both of them were super friendly and chatty with everyone, even with the elderly.

The thing I'm most proud of is when my kids say "thank you", "please", "no thank you" "yes, please" or "excuse me"..You know everyday words which even we adults sometimes take it for granted and don't say it enough. 

I can't take credit for it though because they got it from school. Not that we don't say it at home because we do, but they really stress it in school. The teacher there really make sure kids are well behaved and have good manners. Alhamdulillah. Unfortunately, in school they behave so well but at home, it's a different story. But nonetheless they're ok  normally. I shouldn't complain to much or jinx it! 

Occasionally I will get the "I love you, mummy" from my kids and I just love that feeling.

I'm a proud mother. Children will be children. At times they are cheeky and at times they try to push your buttons. Mine are no angels that's for sure but I'm so very proud of what they've become. I hope I can take some credit from it...

I hope they will grow to be awesome kids. I need to play my part and make sure I give them the best to prepare them for the future. InsyaAllah they'll grow to be responsible adults who can make a difference. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Homemade Scented Playdoh

My kids love to play with PlayDoh. I don't know any kid who doesn't. 

Everytime we go to toys r us, we will end up buying something and often it's a playdoh set. We have so many I recently threw some of the sets away. I kept the few big ones only. 

Recently my friend started making them and I decided to order some from her. Hers are all homemade and safe for children even if they took a bite! 
They are scented too! 

They're priced at RM20 per set and each set comes in 7 awesome colours! 

Email me if you want to order them and I'll give you her contact details!

My kids had so much fun playing with them and since they're still in the frozen fever, they told me to build Olaf.

Here's our version of Olaf the snowman! 

Then my son wanted to have his own Olaf too! 

There you go! 

Ps: not a sponsored post. Sharing is caring. Just sharing what my kids love
Friday, December 12, 2014

Black Paint

After visiting the bamboo garden on day 2 in Osaka, there's a 20 minute walk to the Japanese restaurant. On the way there, you will find many shops along the way and our tour guide brought us to this one shop called Black Paint.

It is halal Japanese facial product store. Funny because the outside looked like a restaurant to me. 
As usual, being the vain pot that I am, I got excited and ended up buying this product. It is actually just a soap bar.

Last night when I got home, I tried it and I don't know if I'm seeing things but my face immediately looked brighter. So much so that my husband also wanted to try it.

These are all handmade soap and every piece is different in hardness, colour and etc because of the natural differences in the ingredients. 

I'm not too sure what the ingredients are but I love that it doesn't dry my skin unlike other soap bar type of cleanser. 

I hope this is good! Gonna give it a try.

My mil was saying.. What if it's good.. How are we going to replenish if we run out? Bad thing is, they don't sell in KL or online. Good thing is, the closest we can get this from is Singapore. 

Love it when I discover new things to try

Halal Restaurants in Osaka

For this trip to Osaka, we were blessed to be able to join the Muslim tour.  

Our tour guide is this 27 year old Muslim Japanese guy called Riyo and he's really cool. My kids love him and he gets on with the kids really well too. Anyway...

Our package consist of 2 days tour, 1 day USJ and 2 days of free and easy.

Let me share with you the halal places to eat that we've been to for this stay

Stall at Sannenzaka Street

This yummy stuff is to die for. Especially when it's freezing cold outside and this yummy stuff is hot! It taste like Yong tou foo but yummier because you don't need to eat it with a sauce. Love it
It's seafood or potatoes.

Turkish Food

This Turkish restaurant is called Babul Hayat near Tempozan. It is next to the Kaiyukan Aquarium. Food was ok, pretty good. The Turkish ice cream was my favourite. 

Rose Cafe

I'm not sure what kind of food this is but it is similar to Turkish food too apparently but slightly different from the one we went to.

It's a small little cafe. Food was ok. Soup was good. 

Matsuya Japanese Restaurant, Kyoto

Kyoto is about an hour away from Osaka. We visited bamboo grove and Japanese garden and this restaurant is nearby that area. Food was authentic Japanese food. I'm not too sure if this restaurant is only serve 100%halal food but they are able to make halal bento for you.

This restaurant serve halal Chinese / Uzbekistan-ish type of food. 
This salad is quite nice. And I'm not a salad person!

We had rice and some weird noodle stuff and it was quite tasty. 
Best part was this dessert. Nothing fancy. It is actually just plain yogurt with mixed nuts and raisins and sprinkled with sugar. It's so simple but yet so tasty. I asked them what this is called and the lady said it has no name. Interesting! I don't know what to call it but yogurt, I guess!

We've only had Japanese food once throughout our whole stay because it is not easy to find halal Japanese food. The population of Muslim in this country is apparently less than 1% and if I heard it correctly, only 5000 plus of Muslim so maybe that's why Muslim food is not so easy to find here.

Most of the Japanese restaurants here serve pork and a lot of it too because the meat is very cheap and popular here. Funny how we seldom see pork in Japanese restaurants back in KL. Also they use a lot of wine in their rice and food to make them shiny and to make the food look good. So even if they don't serve pork, they most likely use wine in their cooking a lot.

Funny how we eat a lot of Turkish and middle eastern food here in Japan instead of trying Japanese food but that's how it is. 

Oh and another thing that I want to mention is every rice here is like sticky rice. We had briani that day (packed food by the tour agent) and it was very delicious but they are not like those briani rice we get in Malaysia.
They're made from those sticky rice. Even the Turkish food, the rice are all sticky rice. Taste good but just weird eating sticky rice all the time. That's very Japanese.!
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Universal Studio Japan

Kids got up and excited to see Elmo. They're not really into Sesame Street at the moment but still, they're excited.

We got there as soon as they opened because we want to be the first to arrive and enjoy the park before other people come but even at 10am, it was packed and full!! It's not even school holidays in Japan but there's sooo many people. School trips and whatnot. 

My kids, especially my daughter is super excited whenever she sees a mascot. Doesn't really matter what but as long as it is a "moving cartoon" she will love it. 

First one we saw today was Snoopy and the guy in it. I don't know what his name is because I don't really know Snoopy n the gang at all. 

We took photos with every character we found. 

We also got on a few rides that are suitable for the kids. Not many of those but it was a good number. 

This was super cute. Kids get to drive their own car and race. Funny because none of them could drive. 

Then they also had an indoor play area. This was a lot of fun for the young children. They also have a mini ride inside here. 

We were there from 10am - 2pm and u think with young children & senior citizen.. that was just about enough. We didn't get to cover the whole park obviously but kids started getting cranky. Plus it was lunchtime. 

There isn't any halal places to eat inside the park itself. So we decided to go outside the park and check out the area outside. Our tour guide earlier on told us that there's a food court and some restaurants outside the park. 

Outside the park, there's Hard Rock Osaka. We dropped by for awhile to get some souvenirs. Adult HRC t shirt is about RM90. 

There's also McDonalds nearby. Kids wanted some fries.

We decided to go for Indian food. 

It's a fun day out and kids loved it. I'm glad we made this trip to the USJ. 

We'll be back, hopefully, someday!