Saturday, November 29, 2014

Supermarket Shopping spree

Since we are off for our holiday soon, there are a bunch of stuff we need to get. 

My sister in law was in Tesco doing some shopping and we decided to come along especially since the kids haven't seen their cousins in a while.

I got my list of stuff to get and kids got so excited looking for the stuff together. 

Got me thinking how this is such a good exercise for them too. Even my godson's school organized a supermarket school trip last week. I can now see why it will be fun and there's so many things to learn.

1. They learn to look for things on the list (at the same time, reading and matching what's on the list to the signboard or item)
2. They learn about the pricing. How much things are
3. They learn about the process (take things n put in a cart, bring to the cashier, pay, get balance back, put stuff in bag)

Little things that sometimes we take for granted. We do it with the kids all the time but without realizing it, the kids are actually learning quite a bit from such a simple exercise.

We take our kids grocery shopping all the time but we always take them to the same place and it was our first time in the big tesco. Also the first time grocery shopping with their cousins. So this seems more fun.

Before this, I also sat down with my daughter trying to list down the stuff we need to get. Maybe next time, I can teach her how to write them down. Not now.. Soon!
Thursday, November 27, 2014

Planning a holiday

We are going on a short trip soon. As usual due to my husband's work schedule, it is always a last minute thing. Planning usually takes less than a week and they're always expensive because it is always done the last minute. I envy those families who can plan ahead. Get good deals and save so much money. (Money that can be spent on handbags)

I am the unofficial travel agent. So stressful especially when you always want to get the best deals and have to try so many combinations before settling for a package that is reasonable!

For me, holidays are stressful because the amount of planning that I have to do is a lot. 

- what to pack for the kids
- what to pack for handcarry 
- medicines and first aid kit stuff for the kids

For now, I've made all the hotel & flight bookings and visa for my maid. Alhamdulillah! Took me a good 4 days to get all that sorted! 

Now I need to sort out what to bring and what to buy as we have less than a week before we are off!

What is your pre-traveling routine? Maybe there's a better way to do it than my way.

And yes, we will be traveling on MAS as it has always been our preferred airline. Pray for our safe travel yea. 

Frozen Fever

My kids just started the frozen fever. I know it's been out since forever but I've never actually let my kids watch any DVDs yet. Simply because they didn't show any interests in watching anything longer than 10 minutes. This school holiday, I decided to get them to try to watch the movie. You know.. To get them to sit quietly for longer and focus! 

My BFF got them the Frozen DVD. Their first DVD ever. My daughter was already sort of introduced to Frozen by her BFF. She doesn't know the movie but wants to be like BFF so she somehow made herself like the dresses and all. She suddenly wanted to be a princess. And this was funny because she is not girlie girl like that at all.

First time watching it, kids sat down for the first 20 minutes. But soon, they caught the bug and next thing I know, both of them started requesting to see the movie over and over and over and over again.

I must say that this movie is quite nice. I don't really like the storyline but I love all the songs. It's so catchy!

I heard the new Frozen is coming out. I'm going to take the kids to the cinema next! 

Chicken Soup


So easy to make and so delicious. For the first time (ever!) my husband commented that it is "cukup rasa". Got me thinking... How about all my other dishes? What is so special about this soup? And how come he's never commented anything nice about my cooking before. To be honest, I'm not sure if I should take it as an insult (to all my cooking n dishes I've cooked before) or take it as a compliment. Sigh

Anyway, let's look at the bright side. Tonight's soup was good. And pretty simple to make too. It's just that I haven't made this type of soup in a while.

Here's what you need:
- onions, ginger & garlic (slice)
- onions & garlic (blend)
- sup bunjut
- carrots & potatoes
- chicken pieces
- oil
- water
- spring onions & coriander leaves (chopped)
- fish balls

Easy to make
1. Oil
2. Add sliced onions, garlic & ginger
3. Wait till you can smell the aroma
4. Add in the blended items in too
5. Then you can add the chicken and sup bunjut. Cook until chicken is 3/4 cooked 
6. Add in water
7. Add carrots & potatoes
8. Cook until carrots n potatoes becomes soft
9. Add in some corriander & spring onions
10. Add fishballs
11. Salt 

Walaaaaa.. Done!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Toys toys toys

My kids have too many toys!!! 

Part of my "school holiday program" is to get rid of toys we don't want anymore. Throw it away if they're broken, sell it off if they're worth selling or give it away.

On Monday & Tuesday, that was what we did. And kids had so much fun. 

We actually have more than 4 bags full of toys to give away or sell.

Our living room was filled with toys! 
And then kids played in the box for a little bit too!

Finally I feel we have more space to breathe! I've become more organized too.

All the toys that they still want to play is now kept nicely in a bag and in the big box! 

We have a bunch of soft toys too! That's our next project! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Where to rant?

Ha ha ha... Found this quote and it is so true! I love it when kids are asleep. When they do, they look so innocent and sweet and I will feel like kissing them. Sometimes I do, and that will wake them up and I'll regret doing that! Sometimes, remembering how I may wake them up.. I'll stop myself from kissing them.Aaahh the joy of motherhood.

Motherhood is not a walk in the park. It is so difficult and sometimes you just need a place and an outlet to rant and let go your frustrations.

You you spent an hour cooking and they won't even eat a little bit

When they poo poo in the diaper, right after you changed them

When you spent so long sitting down with them and they just won't do their homework

When they don't want to shower and get ready and you are late to go out!

Stuff like that...

For me, I usually share my frustrations with my BFF. Our daily phone calls in the morning when my kids are in school is something I really look forward to everyday. We don't have to talk about the kids, or the husbands (although most of the time we do). 

We all need a place to rant, I feel. Even if it is not to rant, we all need someone to talk to. About life. About anything.

I'm glad I have someone I can talk to about anything. Almost 20 years of friendship. 

Some people walk away when they're frustrated. I've done it too. One time, kids was driving me nuts. I couldn't take it. I just took my car keys and drove away. I left them with the hubs and just walked away. I remember feeling so guilty when I was driving to no where but after awhile (half an hour or so) I came back feeling recharged. Sometimes you need that.

How do you let go your frustrations? Or where do you rant?
Thursday, November 20, 2014

The reality

Before I became a mum, I had this perfect image in my head of how I want to be. What kind of mum will I be, how I want my children to behave, how I want my marriage to know, the perfect life, perfect reality, it is totally different. It is actually a lot harder than I think.

Looking Good
I may not be the most stylish person in the world. In fact, I am quite the opposite of stylish but I always like to look good. I know what works for me and it doesn't really matter if it is not in fashion, I will wear it. I will buy the same top in 10 colours if I know the top suits me. I was also very particular about my hair. I look after it well and I will not go out of the house with my hair looking ugly. I will frequent the hair salon just to go for a wash & blow. That was how I was before I became a mother. I always thought that this will remain the same as it is me, and this is who and what I am. But, when the kids came, things changed. In reality, I don't blow dry my hair as much as I did. I don't put on makeup as often as I did and I don't really shop all that much for nice clothes too. I still look ok....but Im no longer the person I was before when it comes to my appearance.

My kids will only eat healthy food
Yea. We all want the best for our kids. I don't think any mothers would want their kids to eat junk and unhealthy stuff. I want the freshest, best food for my kids. In reality, it is soooo hard to achieve that because my kid is a fussy eater and wont eat anything but rice & plain soup and junk food. Now, I'm like "eat whatever you want, just as long as you EAT!". McDonalds? Sure. Why not. As long as you EAT!!!!! Biscuits all day? R you sure? Yes ok go ahead as long as you EAT!!!!

No food in the car policy
This is actually my husband's policy because he is the type who loves his cars more than his wife. No one messes the car, no one touches the car, no one can sit in the car (sometimes!).
But in reality.....after you hear screaming kids hungry for'll just go "fine!!! eat properly, don't make a mess!" and exactly after you say that, they throw up in the car.

No more children
After the traumatic labour I had giving birth to my daughter. I swore never to have children again. I was terrified, I was traumatized. Then after she is 2 years old, I was itching for another baby.
You never want more children, but in reality.... you always do! And you will!

I will talk nicely to my children
I always thought I'd be such a good mum and would speak to my kids and reason with them properly whenever they don't behave or show tantrums. I don't want to be one of those tiger mums...shouting and screaming whenever the kid doesn't want to attend music class, drama class, ballet etc or when they don't want to do homework. In reality, when my daughter doesn't want to focus or don't want to complete her homework, my horns come out and I start shouting and acting like a monster. Oh dear!

Kids will sleep in their own room
Yea, I've always said my kids will be independent and sleep on their own bed, in their own room. Because they should, right? But in reality, my kids sleep with me...cuddle up with me and sometimes, sleep ON me.

So there you go.....
Motherhood doesn't meet my expectations at all!

Last day of school

Today is the last day of school for this calendar year. Oh dear. 

A month plus of holiday with the kids and I have nothing solid planned just yet. I hope we can fill up our days doing productive things. I dread to think that kids will be on their devices all day! Oh no no no. I can't let that happen. 

Today they are not going to do much in school and will have a class party to celebrate their last day. My daughter's best friend will be leaving to big school next year and I know she will miss the girl a lot. Very sweet girl too. Even my son will miss her.

Their class teacher sent me some photos of the kids at their class party via Whatsapp and I immediately forwarded it to my darling husband.

We laughed about how my son was posing like Hulk. And I commented how pretty my daughter looked ..

Me: look at H. So pretty
Hubs: ☺️
Me: pretty like her mummy...
Hubs: hmmmm....
Me: (pfft!!!!)

How loving! NOT!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Me time

What do you all like to do during me time? 

I think it is so important for mothers to have time away from their kids and husbands. (Although I can bet those time away, they will be thinking of their kids and husband).

It's so easy to get carried away with our duties and just continue with life but I feel that we mothers need to make extra effort to be alone sometimes. 

I know for me, I get recharged each time I am away from my kids and husband. Even if it is only for a few hours. 

During my "me" time I love to:
- go for facial. I'm actually quite obsessed with my skin and beauty. Thank god I don't believe in plastic surgery! I don't want another face. I just want flawless perfect skin. 
- have a manicure and pedicure. I counted that I only need 1 hour (door-to-door) to get my nails done. I found a perfect place close to my house and I can easily do it while kids are napping! 
- go for a hairwash & blow. When your hair is bouncy and nice, it just makes you feel so good about yourself. I love it. 
- have breakfast with my BFF. That can only happen when kids are in school. 
- go for a massage. I can easily do this at home but when it's at home, I don't really consider it as "me" time because kids keep coming in and out of the room disturbing me
- shopping for makeup. I don't wear makeup but I love buying make up. "Just-in-case" I need to put them on for dinner or something.. At least I have all the stuff in my makeup box. I actually prefer make up shopping to clothes shopping!
- watch the Ellen Show on iPad. This only happens when kids are asleep or when they're out with their papa. I love the show so much

I wonder when I can get my next "me" time since kids will be on holiday till end of the year... Bummer!!!


I started blogging more than 10 years ago. During Friendster days when you can actually blog on Friendster. My style of writing was way different then. It was more "proper" and now, it is more rojak and I type the way I speak. It's more fun like this.

I remember I used to write about life too. My fights with my brothers and my life in uni and also about people I met along the way. 

I think I started blogging via blogspot when I was in uni. There weren't many bloggers there and I didn't really have a blog I follow and I'm sure I didn't have any followers too. I just blog for me. Like a personal journal and I don't think anyone would be interested to read.

Over the years I started following a few blogs I find interesting and funny. I was still living abroad and I guess it was nice to read stuff about life in Malaysia as I was missing it so much. 

Now, almost 10 years later... Those blogs I was following don't exist anymore. A few I started following after I got married, or whilst I was planning my wedding also don't exist anymore and it got me thinking, is it still relevant?? Do people still read blogs and do people still blog?

A while ago, I stopped blogging too. Twitter and Instagram got the best of me. But at much as I love those, I keep coming back to rant on my blog and I feel like this is the best outlet for me still.

I like to keep some things personal especially about my family. I need to protect them by not exposing their names, photos, where they study, where we live etc because it is just not safe anymore to tell all. 

Back when I first started blogging, I could share every single detail but today, no way. It is a different world. 

Even on Instagram, I used to post photos and allowed anyone to add me or follow me but now, I have no choice but to be more careful by blocking people I don't know personally. Nothing personal against anyone but you really don't know who is watching you and it can get ugly. 

Anyway, back to blogging.. I think I found back my mojo. I want to share as much as I can things that I think would benefit people out there. 

But maybe people don't really read blogs anymore and are more interested in photos (Instagram) as pictures can tell a thousand words.

What about you?
Do you blog? Do you still read and follow other blogs?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Proud mama

We've been sending our daughter to Singapore Maths class for about 2 months now and she loves it. 

When she first started, she was super excited as the exercises were super easy counting bears type of maths but as she progress, it is getting harder and harder. It teaches you not only to count but to think of your answers properly too.

For example: 

It's making her think a step further. It also teaches her to read and understand the question correctly.

She's doing an awesome job so far but it's getting tougher and tougher. Sometimes I sit with her and I get confused myself with the questions. This is only level 0. Imagine if she were to progress to level 1 and so on. 

I hope she will continue to love numbers. I'm not very good with numbers but I'm not too bad either. I hope she will be better than me. Whatever it is, I just want her to enjoy whatever she's doing. Otherwise it will be like pulling teeth getting her to do the work. 

What's cooking?

I cook almost everyday. I'm not a great cook but I think I'm not that bad. I wish I am better at it or more passionate about cooking or passionate about feeding my family but unfortunately I'm not. I just cook because I have to. Eating out everyday is not always good. And expensive too.

I don't really mind cooking as long as people eat what I cook. Problem is, my husband eats very simple food (he's happy with just fried chicken/fish with plain rice) and my daughter is a super fussy eater. She only eats rice with clear soup. She doesn't eat chicken, fish or veg. I have to be creative with the soup and make it as nutritious as possible. 

Everyday I dread thinking about what to cook for my family. Cooking for my kids is pretty straight forward. All I have to make is soup, different types of soup everyday. For my husband, as much as he only asks for simple food, I can't possibly be serving him fried chicken and fish everyday right? I need to eat too and I need variety.

Lately I love eating vegetables. I think my body wants it and needs it and hence is 'asking' for it. My husband doesn't really eat much vegetables. He doesn't like too much sauce too. So cooking all those Malay lauk pauks can be a waste of energy unless I want to eat it myself.

I hate deciding what to eat and what to cook. I wish there's a simpler formula to that part of my daily routine. I did try making a weekly menu but it's so hard to stick to it. It does sound like an awesome idea but somehow implementing it and following through the weekly set menu is harder than you think.

I was browsing new recipes for clear soup using ikan tenggiri and came across a simple one.

What you need..
1. Ikan tenggiri. Take out the bones and blend it with a little bit of ginger and some  onions and garlic. Make them into a ball
2. Chopped onions and garlic
3. A little tiny bit of ginger 
4. Ikan bilis 
5. Potatoes
6. Tomatoes
(I guess you can add carrots too if you like).

Make the soup like you normally do, and dump the fish balls in when the soup is almost ready.

How I do my soups..
1. Tumis onions and garlic and ginger together until the onions becomes soft
2. Add in tomatoes & ikan bilis
3. Cook a little bit
4. Add water
5. Add potatoes
6. Salt & pepper
7. Add the fish balls

Easy and quite yummy. Actually this is the simplest kind of soup you can make.
But I found this recipe interesting because I've never made my own fish balls before. I didn't know that's how you make it. So easy! I'm going to try and make it more interesting the next time

Gyukaku, Tropicana City Mall

love Japanese food. I've been craving for Japanese food since my birthday but until today, no one actually bothered to listen. Everytime we go out, we go to the same place and eat the same food. Mainly because of the kids. My daughter is such a fussy eater and won't eat anything so it's just 'safe' to keep going places where she wants to eat and will eat.

Last weekend, we went to Tropicana City Mall to go to the pet shop. Too bad it's not there anymore! We ended up going the indoor playground and let the kids play for a little bit before heading for dinner.

I use my "veto power" and decided on Gyukaku Japanese BBQ restaurant.

I love it there. Been here a few times and the food is awesomely good!

What I love about the food is it all tastes so good. Simple ingredients and taste is simple but it just tastes so good. 

What I don't really love about it is the price is a little bit expensive for such a small portion and being a big eater like myself, I need to order A LOT.

Another thing is you need to cook it yourself as in BBQ it. As much as it's part of the fun about going to these type of restaurant, it isn't exactly child friendly.
It takes a while for them to prepare your food (marinate it and whatnot) and then you need to add another few minutes to cook it. By this time, kids are already bored! 

The first few times we went there, our meat was over cooked as we didn't know how long and how strong the heat was. We were BBQ virgins. But this time, we got the hang of it and it was pretty easy! Don't understand how we didn't get it right the first few times.

Thinking about it makes me want to go back there!

All and all, it is pretty good. Service could be better (as in faster) but the food is deliciously good.

Wish I can go without my kids and really take my time to enjoy it. Can't wait to go back!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Can you believe we are almost reaching the end of 2014. Time flies doesn't it?
And just like every year end, I feel sad that I haven't achieved what I wanted to do for the year. Every year it is the same thing and yet, I am still doing the same thing. 

I need to change my strategy. I need to do things differently I think. 

Alhamdulillah my business is still going ok. It has not reached the target but it is still going and I'm proud of it. With the limited resources, I've done pretty well. 

I need to do a little bit more promotion work and put my name out there even more. 

I need to start jotting down my plans for 2015. So much more to do. 

How to make half boiled eggs

So easy right?

No it's not!

I'm so bad with breakfast. I don't eat breakfast (except when I'm on holiday or meeting up with friends for brunch!) and I really have no clue what to make for breakfast for my other half. 

Usually I'll just make coffee and scramble eggs but how often can you eat scranb eggs with toast right?

Lately he's been having breakfast at the stall nearby. He goes for breakfast on the way to work. I feel so bad but I just don't do breakfast.

He tells me that the thing he orders almost daily is 2 half boiled eggs. 

Oh, that's easy. I can make that.
(Photo from google)

So I thought. And then I took out my "machine" and add hot water and done.

It didn't work. 

How can it not work??? I mean, where did I go wrong? I wanted to throw the hard boiled egg maker but I didn't. 

Then I googled and tried a few days to make the best hard boiled eggs.

Day 1 was still too runny
Day 2 was too hard
Day 3 was perfect

Here's how you do it...

1. Boil water 
2. Turn off the fire
3. Add 2 eggs
4. Time 8 minutes. (Not a minute longer or less!)


Now I can make "breakfast" and he doesn't need to go to the stall anymore.

Just don't ask me to make nasi lemak in the morning next time....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Are we becoming more kiasu?

Today I was in communication with one of our shortlisted school. I was told that they do Mathematics, Science and English a level ahead with Year 1 work at Reception. Year 2 work at Year 1, and so on, until Year 5. In Year 6, students will be doing secondary school work in preparation for IGCSE 1 and sit for the CIPP (Primary Checkpoint) examinations. This scares me a little. 

I know my daughter is smart and will be able to cope but I can imagine the stress if she cant. I remember loving primary school so much because it was stress free studying. I had so much time for other extra curricular activities and was really active because I wasn't stressing about academic. I want that for my kids too. 

As much as it is important to do well academically, I think it is also important to enjoy primary school the way I did. I scored really good greds in primary without having to study too hard. I was stressed out in standard 6 because of UPSR but it wasn't so stressful.

I am worried that we are becoming more kiasu and I hate being labelled a tiger mom! I don't want to be one and I am not one but if I have to push my child so hard just to compete with the other kids, I'm afraid I'll end up being one someday.

Competition is good but I'm not sure if it is necessary at such a young age.

If we were to choose this particular school, my daughter will almost be skipping year 1 work all together and jump straight to do year 2 work. This will cause some stress on her I'm sure. As now, her kindy are not teaching her year 1 stuff. She will be ready for year 1 work but not year 2. I'm kind of worried.

So I spoke to the lady from the school and she suggested I get year 1 books from the school to prep my daughter for the entrance exam in March. 3 months to do year 1 stuff? Can she do it?

I need to speak to another school to see if they're doing it differently. 

Poor kids! Can't even be kids.

My husband is not too happy about sending our daughter to year 1 at the age of 5 as it is. He thinks it's too young to be in big school. He is right. I think so too. But do we really have a choice? Everyone else is doing it. (Unless they choose a different route - local national syllabus).

We send our daughter for Singapore Maths classes and right now she's at level 0. 4 years olds starts at level 0. And at first, the questions were pretty simple and straightforward which my daughter loves but a month later... Still in the same level, the questions are more confusing and challenging. Even I get confused sometimes!

I guess it pushes the child to think. But it can only imagine how difficult it is going to get later on at level 1 and above.

I would be really happy if my child enjoys school and do fairly well in their studies. They don't have to go to Harvard or Cambridge to make me proud. They don't even have to be excellent in academics. Just as long as they are happy in school, loves their friends and teachers, don't get into trouble, respect the elders and have good manners I'll be more than happy. I hope I'm doing the right thing. They don't need so much stress in their lives at this age. I just want them to be happy and enjoy themselves.

That's important to me. 
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fancy dress

Both my kids are in that phase where they just want to play dress up all the time. It's really cute.

The problem with that is:
1. The quality of the clothes aren't exactly that great. After one or two washes, you're better off throwing it away!
2. They're not cheap!

Still... I love it when they dress up.. Cuz they're just so cute!

Last week, they had a Halloween party in school and my daughter went as a fairy princess and my son as Ironman.

Got some photos back from their class teacher. Super cute.

Then yesterday, my mum came over with so many super heroes outfit for my son! He was over the moon!

He is in character too. Hulk in case you don't know! Heheh

He was Ironman and this is my favourite! Too cute!

My daughter got some Frozen dresses and she was happy too. 

Believe it or not, she's never seen the movie or clips of the cartoon but she's into it right now. She doesn't know the song. But because her BFF in school is a fan of Frozen, somehow, she became a fan too! 

My plan is to take her to the cinema to watch the movie during the school holidays. Hopefully she will enjoy it

Happy Birthday Mummy

My mum is my rock. It is her birthday on 12.11.2014 and she turned 62. 

Initially we planned to go out for dinner but it was raining cats and dogs that traffic was crazy.

By 9pm, everyone was still in the cars and the restaurant closes at 10pm. Good thing I didn't make any reservation.

Finally we decided to have a cake cutting ceremony at my house. It was a last minute thing considering everyone was late and couldn't make it to the restaurant. Good thing I cooked dinner for the kids. Hubs also had the same food. 

At 9.45pm, everyone arrived at my house. I ordered a birthday cake for my mummy from Baked In Chelsea. I love her cakes.

It was a gorgeous chocolate cake with cream cheese! It's actually my favourite cake ever! I ordered the same cake for my husband's birthday and for my birthday this year. 

I also ordered pizza at the last minute as my brothers said they were hungry. 

Everyone had so much fun. They left at about 10.45pm and although it was just a short "party", kids enjoyed themselves so much. My mum had a blast too playing with the kids.

I love it when family get together like this. All you need is cake & pizza when you have good company and your loved ones. It was the cheapest birthday celebration but it was the best.

Alhamdulillah God has grant mummy good health and I pray Allah will keep blessing her with all the best stuff as she deserve nothing less.

Happy Birthday mummy. I love you with all my heart and soul. 

Bedtime Routine

I'm not strict enough with my kids. I'm pretty laidback type of mum but I don't really take nonsense too. We don't have a strict bedtime routine or a strict schedule. Kids sleep when they want to sleep but I will make sure they are in bed by a certain time. They sleep quite late as they nap quite long in the afternoon. By 9.30pm I will get them to get in bed.

I know a lot of parents read to their children during bedtime. I do that too sometimes but not every night. I find it really troublesome to switch on the light to read and then once the story is over, I got to get up again to turn off the light. I only read when I'm in the mood. 

What I do with the kids instead on a daily basis (other than the time when we read books during bedtime) is tell them a story. We will take turns telling stories.
Normally it will be my turn first and then the kids will tell their stories next.

It can be any story. Fiction or non fictional! Sometimes we tell stories about our past and sometimes we even create stories and make it more interesting. My son is the best at this.

The only criteria of this session is it must start with "once upon a time...." And ends with "the end!"

Some of the stories I've told the kids were:
- mummy in playschool. It is a story about how I got ready for playschool when I was little. What I did in playschool, my swimming lessons in school and how I accidentally took home someone else's uniform instead of my own. That made them laugh somehow as they found it funny that I wore someone else's uniform back home after my swimming class.
- mummy's ride to school. This story is about me taking the school bus. How I usually fall asleep on someone's shoulder and how I was so sleepy, when the bus reached my home, I got down without taking my school bag. Again, this got them laughing too.

- told them a story about their birth. Showed my daughter this photo of her sleeping in my tummy at 27weeks. How she didn't want to come out even at 40 weeks and how I pushed her out! Who was there in the labour room, how she was so cute and how clever she was to immediately latch on and susu!
- not forgetting my son's birth experience too. How daddy almost couldn't make it in time. 

My daughter can be quite cheeky.
Sometimes her stories can be short like "once upon a time, the end!!!" And sometimes it will be so long winded that we have to cut her off and say "the end" on her behalf! She loves telling stories about her time at the beach. 

My son on the other hand is the cutest story teller ever. It is always the same story every single day. "Hulk!"

Son: one a time .. Hulk.. Jump... Arrrgghhh! And then me fight hulk! And then hulk throw car...
Me: can hulk come and take mummy?
Son: noooo! Naughty hulk! The end

Simple story telling like this makes my day as I can see their creativity and cuteness all in one story! 

Last night I tried to get my son to tell me a story about his school and stuff he says are just the cuteness. 

My Bedtime routine rocks!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shortlisted international schools in KL

There is no such thing as the best school or perfect school. I've done my research and concluded that it doesn't exist. 

How do you decide then?

I have shortlisted a few schools:
1. Alice Smith
2. Cempaka International
3. Garden International School
4. Taylor's International School
5. British International School

Next step would be to pay a visit and check the school out. I will need to take my daughter along and let her give some input too.

Problem with all these schools are:
1. Very high school fees (duh)
2. High turnover of teachers and this is something we can't control. 
3. They will tell you everything you WANT to hear upon signing up and it is important to put that at the back of your head. 

Cempaka is one of my first choice because I was a student there and I know the culture of the school. I don't think it is any different from my time but I don't know and won't know until I go and see it for myself. I'm happy to see some of my teachers still teaching there and to me that is a positive sign that the culture is still the same. My only problem with it is that the Damansara campus is still under renovation and I don't want to go all the way to Cheras. Having said that,
Cheras may be a better campus as it is a lot bigger with much better facilities. I need to make an appointment soon. 

GIS is also in our list because we have friends in that school and they're very happy there. The only thing I'm not too happy with is they don't have agama lessons. Hubs is leaning more towards this school as he was a student there yonks ago. We have heard really good reviews about the school from friends and I'm really keen to find out more. Location is great too for me. 

TISKL (Taylor's International School) is also in our list of shortlisted schools. It is in the same group as GIS and I guess it is worth a visit. I'm not sure if the campus is the same as the old Sri Garden but if it is, then I guess it is quite dated. I'm not too bothered about that to be honest. I've heard good reviews too about this school from various forums. I quite like that it is not filled with just expat students. I think GIS has higher expat students compared to the others on my list. 

Alice Smith & BISKL are also in my list but probably the least favourite simply because of the location. Also I've read mixed reviews of BISKL. Alice Smith's reviews are mostly pretty good so it will be a shame to leave it out just because it is a little bit far. I remember traveling from Country heights all the way to Damansara Heights for school during my time. I know both has pretty long waiting list too. We'll see. 

Like I said, there's no such thing as a perfect school but I'm not taking anyone's word for it and want to find out for myself. The "feel" needs to be right.

Eaton International School in Jade Hills was perfect for us but too bad we moved and had to do the search all over again.

We just want the best for our daughter. It's just sad that in today's world, you got to pay so much for education. I hope it's worth it. I honestly don't have a clue but what I'm looking for is not just academic. I know my daughter is smart and I don't need paper qualifications to tell me that. What I'm more interested in is for her to develop other skills. I haven't seen her creative side (not sure if she has) but I want to see her grow in other areas. Arts, drama, music and things like that. I just want her to pass and do ok academically but I want her to be great at something. Can be singing, can be dancing, or music. It tough being a mum. You just want the best and especially for first time mums like myself, I don't know what is the best. 

We'll see. I'm sure I'll discover something great when I visit these school. I'm so excited to find out. 

Getting my appetite back

When I was sick, I didn't know it was dengue. First I thought I needed to check my eyesight as my power may have increased and causing me that major headache. Then I had fever for a day that totally destroyed all my appetite. Not just for food but also for drinks. The smell of food just made me feel like puking and at one point, I even thought I was pregnant. It was impossible that I was but it really felt like the first trimester!

I couldn't eat anything for days and couldn't even drink. I was really dehydrated and that was the main reason I went back to the hospital. I was hoping that they could put me on the drips and then let me go. Turns out, blood tests came back positive for dengue.

Since then I knew I just couldn't eat and had no appetite at all. All the days in the hospital I couldn't eat but luckily I was on drips and that kept me hydrated. I was given close to 5litres a day! That's crazy!

Anyway, for days my mum made me sup ketam. To the point I was so muak and begged her to stop making them for me.

Then when I was discharged, I had to force myself to eat. I could drink but food was still difficult to swallow. Then one day, my mum mentioned that she bought mee rebus from Hartamas and boy, I started salivating and I knew my appetite was coming back! 

My aunt makes the best Bubur Ashura and I think I've shared the recipe on this blog before. I was also craving soto and that is my favourite food. But I was still recovering and the last thing I wanted to do was to cook. 

I asked my aunt to make the Bubur for me but she couldn't. She was not well as well. I was so disappointed.

Then I saw photos of soto on tv and that's it! I had to have it. I didn't know where to buy it and ended up making soto.

My tastebuds aren't back to normal yet. I have metal aftertaste after eating and everything tastes extra salty to me somehow. I commented how super salty my mum's sup ketam was. It wasn't! Everyone else said it was alright!

First day I came home, I only got to make bergedil. I didn't have the energy to make soto so just bergedil. It was good.

Then next day we went to Hartamas because I insisted on getting mee rebus from Aji Don in plaza damas. That was yummy.

Then next day I went for a massage at plaza damas and went back for more mee rebus!

Then I made soto the next day. It was quite yummy! So yummy I had it for lunch and again in the evening before I cooked dinner!

And then yesterday I finally made my Bubur Ashura. 

In case you are wondering, Bubur Ashura is actually curry porridge. Super yummy! My aunt's Bubur Ashura is to die for.
Mine was alright... But good enough for me. 

Then I craved for chocolate cake! Went to Bangsar village to get the Nutella cake! Yummm.

So you see, I'm back to normal now. My appetite is back.

I lost almost 5kg in that 1 week of me getting dengue and guess what? I gained all that 5kg back!

Time to exercise and keep fit. I was secretly enjoying being 53kg when I was sick! 

I really feel pregnant as when I feel the cravings, I got to have it there and then! NOW! NOW! Kind of thing
Like this..

My husband was having his haircut and kids was with me. And I craved for this salmon with wasabi sauce croissant. I had to have it. And I wanted it with no other than a hot latte! 

One satisfied non pregnant mama I am!

What is your favourite food? I feel pregnant right now with all these cravings and no, I am not pregnant! 
Thursday, November 6, 2014

Taking care of yourself

Thank you for all your kind wishes and notes to me. Alhamdulillah I am feeling very well and I think I am back to my 100% self. 

I've always considered myself to be very healthy. I never ever get sick and I don't get fever or flu often at all. In fact, the only time I've ever been to hospital was when I gave birth. Even that, I recovered from it pretty quickly. Alhamdulillah I've been given good health till now.

When I first fell ill, the last thing I had in mind was dengue. I mean, dengue is so common these days but still, because I've been really healthy, I never ever thought I'd some day have dengue. 

I don't take any supplements or vitamins daily. In fact, I don't think I take care of myself enough. I don't exercise, I pretty much eat anything I want, whenever I want and I don't get sick easily. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. I'm not exactly fat (although I wish I don't have fats around my tummy). So generally I think I am ok.

Because I seldom get sick, I take things for granted too. I don't eat healthy. I whack whatever I want to eat. In fact, I ate a whole birthday cake all by myself. Took me 2 weeks to finish my birthday cake but hey, don't blame me if everyone doesn't want a piece. That RM200 a cake. I will eat it thank you very much! It was yummy. 

I'm 35 and very healthy. 

I want to live another 35 years and still be healthy. I need to start taking care of myself a little bit more and stop taking my health for granted. 

I remember when I was in confinement, I didn't really take any jamu. I bought some confinement package which includes some pills and whatnot but I didn't really take it religiously. Somedays I will take and some days I won't and most of it I threw after confinement was over. I don't have any reason why I didn't want to take it, I was just lazy. Also because I didn't see the need as I felt ok pretty quickly after delivery. 

For now, since I'm still recovering from Dengue (they say it takes a while to fully recover but I feel 100% already), I am just taking these ...

1. Chicken essence which I feel is good for me. I took it during confinement days too and it gave me energy. 

2. Izumio water which I believe is good for my overall health. Mind you, this water is not cheap. It is slighly over RM11 per pack of 200ml but it's good! 

Let me share with you a little bit about this water...

My friend was consuming it for ages and swears by it so one day, I got curious and started drinking it. Being all healthy and all, I couldn't see any difference. I mean, if you are sick, you take medicine and then you recover but if you're not sick and you eat vitamins, what do you get? Nothing, right? It is kind of like that. 

My daughter has slight eczema and my friend told me it will be good for her to consume this water. We tried and we did see improvements in her skin.

Also, I took this water a lot when I first fell sick from dengue and although I still had dengue but I believe that the reason why I never had fever was because I consumed this water. The doctor was surprised to see a dengue patient without any fever. When you have no fever, even with dengue, you feel less pain and less weak. 

My kids are healthy kids too and seldom get fever. But that day, my son's body had a slight temperature and I quickly gave him this hydrogen water and he never got that fever in the end. Same thing with my daughter. She had temperature (very mild 37.5) for 2 nights. She was fine during the day but at night her body will get warm. I let her drink this water and walaaa fever gone. All done without giving them any paracetamol or any sort of medication. Just this water. 

What is this water? Well... You can do your own research here because I honestly don't know the content. I'm not selling this yea... I'm just sharing what works for me and my kids.

So yea... I was drinking it this morning and I thought, hey.. I must share this! 

Moral of the story is.... We must share what is good and we must start to take care of our body more. We need to be around for our kids, right? So we must always be healthy. God knows how troublesome it was when I was in hospital. With the kids and all... And I told myself, must be healthy and must stay healthy! Always! 


School holiday is approaching! I'm freaking out. I haven't started planning our activities just yet. All I know is.. 

There will be a trip somewhere. We haven't decided where but most probably either to the beach somewhere in Malaysia or to Singapore. But that will only be for a few days. I have a month worth of activities to plan for the kids. This is super stressful! 

My plan is to get my daughter to attend some extra classes in school to help her with her writing. She's reading very well already but her motor skills, writing and all still needs a little bit of work. Maths is good too so I'm not too worried about that although it is a major struggle getting her to finish her maths homework! 

I found this blog and it has tonnes of cool things to do with your little ones. I haven't really looked at it properly but I've seen some activities which I think my kids will love. 

I'm quite excited to pick out a few ideas from this website and do it with the kids. 

Other plans include:
- visit to the zoo negara
- trip to Genting to see Sesame Street
- playdates with some friends

That's it for now.... 

Gotta start planning! 
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free time

One of the best decisions we ever made was to send the kids to school. Both of them, together!

My son was only about 18 months then and surely not the age to be in school yet. My daughter was 3.5 years old and she was just about ready to be in school.

Luckily for us, the school we chose for them is literally just next door. I could hear them shout and laugh and cry if I really paid attention. It was a blessing that we found the perfect school so near to us.

Fast forward 6 months later....

My kids are both a completely different kids. I see so much improvements in them and I could not be more proud.

Academically they're both a lot better than before they started. But my proudest is when my son says "no thank you" or "yes, please" when I ask him questions. 

My daughter, I see her becoming more and more independent. When we first started, she would cry and hang on to my leg whenever we drop her off. My son has always been ok being left behind and he doesn't cry when we leave but my daughter was super clingy at first. Now, she will just wave and say "see you later, mummy". 

She had an upset tummy a couple of days ago and the teacher sent her back home to rest. I rub some hot oil on her tummy and gave her a slice of bread. 20 minutes later she felt better and asked to go back to school. That's how much she loves school. 

For me, weekday mornings between 9-12.30pm is my favourite time of the week. I get to do my own thing and sleep if I want to. It's just total bliss. 

I'm so not looking forward for school holidays. It is coming up soon. And it will be the year end holiday too... Meaning it will be a long long break. 

Pity the kids as they won't get to see their friends and pity me because I won't get my free time. Till then, I shall enjoy my free time as much as I can.

Hubs asked me when the school holidays are and I answered him with a big frown and he goes "why are you so sad??" 

He doesn't know how precious school time is for mummy! 

When the teacher told me when the school holidays are, she said "I'm so sorry!" She knows! Heheeh

Time to plan activities to do during that long break. It's hard to keep the kids entertained at home... I need a plan


I have 2 kids. 1 girl and 1 boy. Alhamdulillah I am very blessed and couldn't thank my lucky stars enough to have a pair. I love them both with all my heart and soul and couldn't for the life of me imagine life without them.

They drive me crazy and nuts all the freaking time. I guess I'm just not a natural when it comes to motherhood. I have always imagined myself to be quite laid back and chilled out but somehow I ended up being a different type of mum.


When I first had my daughter, I couldn't love her enough. It was like, I had so much love for her and really cannot imagine loving anyone else as much. All my love was for her. I was such a proud mum. She was the apple of my eyes and perfect in every single way.

Then came my son. He totally blew me away. Not the same way as how my daughter does but omg, I couldn't believe how I can actually love another child just as much. It was different though. 

Because he is a baby, I let him get away with more things. This made my daughter very jealous. Often I feel torn. 

Can you really love both equally? Can you really have no favourite?  

My daughter demands my attention and because of that, my son is left with the maid. I'm always around but when it comes to feeding (for example), I will have to feed my daughter and my maid will have to feed my son. (Don't ask me why they can't feed themselves!)

It's hard to be fair to both. I love them both. If you can put a value, I honestly don't know if it is really 50-50.

Whatever it is, I would die for both. I love them both very much. I hope I will never have to choose between them because I don't think I can. 

I only have 2 and it is already so difficult to cope. Imagine having 6 kids. Can you really love all 6 equally? 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I remember being so lazy when it came to doing homework. I was one of the brightest students in class but I always get told off for not completing my homework. I don't remember what I did to fill up my time at home but I remember doing homework was never part of my routine. Those were the days! 

Now it is my daughter's turn for homework. During my time, my mum was always working and she didn't have time to sit with us and assist us with our homework. She let us do it on our own time, which obviously didn't work for me because that only meant I won't be completing mine. Somehow she believed me when I said I've done it. She never checked. She didn't have time. 

Luckily (or unlucky) for my daughter, I'm here to check her work and ensure that it is all completed and done. She hates doing homework and I don't blame her.

She's only 4 and she has about 4-5 pages worth of homework everyday. Sounds easy but to get her to do it is not. If she put her mind to it, she can get it done within 5 minutes but because she is so lazy (like her mummy), 5 minutes work will take her 5 hours! I kid you not. Everyday, it is the same struggle! 

Will she ever enjoy doing homework?

She was excited about her maths class homework but that interests and excitement soon disappear. She's still good at it but doing homework is not something she enjoys doing. I am so not looking forward to year 1 homework, I swear! 

I don't know how I will cope. She does better when it is sitting one to one with a teacher. So perhaps I should get a tutor to come and sit and do homework with her instead.

God help me!