Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Naturally Plus Journey

I started consuming Izumio and Super Lutein when my daughter first got that nasty rash and eczema. I approached a friend of mine whom I know is selling this and asked her about it. She told me the price and I went "OMG! so expensive!!!" and forgot about it and put it aside while I spent more money trying other stuff that was cheaper and also spent more money seeing a few skin specialists. It helped for a while and then the rashes and eczema came back. I knew there were steroids in each cream and I know that we shouldn't use steroid creams for a long time. Doctors usually advice to use it for 2 weeks and stop. There must be a reason why you can't use it for a long period of time, right? Alarm bells ringing!!!

Anyway, not once between the first time I inquired about the products, till the day I finally paid for loose products did I think "oh, this mlm product is a scam" Maybe Im naive but I don't have any experience using any other MLM products and so I didn't have that "MLM sucks" mindset. To me, it was just too expensive and I wasn't prepared to spend that much on a product just yet.

Along the way, I ended up spending more money when I could have just gotten 1 product and cured her rashes and eczema there and then.

I've officially become a member of Naturally Plus since January 2015. I've been a member for 6 months. By becoming a member, I get the products cheaper. The idea is simple, when you consume the products (at the right dose), you will obviously see the difference. And when you do, you will share it with others and by sharing with others, its a win-win situation for you and that person you are sharing it with. Even if they don't try, even if they don't sign up…to me, that's secondary……I've done my part to share what I believe is good. You don't want to try, it is totally up to you. But one thing for sure…..
I will not share what I don't believe is good. Even if it means losing money. That's just me.

When people hear MLM (network marketing companies) they see pushy sales people claiming product is good and can do wonders but they actually don't. And they are just trying to get sales. That's what I hate most.

I DONT NEED THE MONEY. Im not doing this to make sales or to hit target. I don't have a target to meet. I set my own target and even if I don't achieve it, its ok. Im not "hadap" for sales. I do it to share my experience and when I share, Naturally Plus pays me for it. Free money, who wouldn't want that, right?

Unfortunately, there's already very bad reputation when people hear MLM. Why do people get so embarrass to admit that they are in the MLM business? If truly they are proud of the products, they will be proud to sell it, no?

This is why I hate MLM…
1. They cold call you to sell their products.
2. They exaggerate about their products without being able to tell you how the product works, give you the scientific evidence of why the products are good
3. They go missing once sales is done

I do NONE of the above.

In this business, you DONT cold call people. If you pass me a phone number of someone who could be interested in the products, I will NOT call them. If they want or interested in the products, they will call me. I don't waste my time calling random people. I don't want people random calling me to sell products and so I won't do it to people.

I am not exaggerating when I share about the products. They really do work!!! I have been in the business for 6 months and in this 6 months, my team (which is one of the fastest growing team now btw *flips hair!) has so many members taking the products for so many different things. Some take it to maintain good health (like myself), some take it for eczema (like my daughter and a few of my customers), some take it for cancer (I don't have cancer patients yet but I welcome them with open arms because I know it works!), some take it for gout, some take it for cataract, some take it for menopause, some take it for high blood pressure, some take it for diabetes, some take it for beautiful skin (like me), some take it for fever,  some even buy them for their pets, I kid you not. Some customer give it to their pets, those lucky pets! You name it. And within my growing group, we have this resource centre where all these users share their dosage, what they're taking it for, what symptoms they have or side effects they experience…so really, its almost like first hand experience… I've seen it work and research shows how this products can help you and your health. That's one of the advantages of this resource centre, you get to interact with the users and ask them if the product really works.

Im not going to run away, even if I move to a different country, I can run this business because it has a worldwide network. I can be in USA and do this, I can be in Dubai and do this.. You can be in Kuala Lumpur and have a customer in Brunei. That's ok too because we are all linked.

Everyone of my customers know my phone number and knows where to find me. Because I don't have that many customer's yet (I've only been doing this for six months and not as active as I want to be just yet) I always keep in touch with my customers to see and check their progress from time to time. I don't want to keep asking them their progress because I don't want to bug the hell out of them too but I have a record of their progress in my own personal file and every now and then, I will check and follow up. I guess when I have more customers, it will be harder to keep track but the busybody in me just want to know how my customers are getting on. That's just my nature in whatever business I do and run, I will want to make sure my customer is satisfied and if they're not, I want to know why and how I can help. Giving good customer service is something I want to do and keep doing.

With MLM type of business, it is known to be a pyramid scheme right? Where if you are at the top, you can pretty much just shake your legs. Our bonus and business plan is created differently. Yes you can at some point enjoy getting free earnings without working BUT, our structure is not so simple. It is a fair system whereby, if you work you will get rewarded even more. A little bit more effort goes a long way in the Naturally Plus business. You would be silly not to make that extra effort.

Yes, this is MLM business. But we are NOT just a normal MLM company. We have a PLUS point….That's why we are called Naturally Plus

Naturally Plus has a good track record. Since they started many many years ago, they've only had 1 single product which was the Super Lutein. They started with just Super Lutein. And even with just 1 product, they managed to become successful and sales were so good even with just 1 single product. Imagine a health shop selling just 1 product. Very confident right? If Super Lutein didn't sell or couldn't sell, that's it! Close shop. But it did. It is Japan's number 1 product (in sales) for many years. It has to be good. Later on they started selling and producing IZUMIO and that too became a success. From here you can see that Naturally Plus is not just a normal MLM company. It is a company that has been very successful in producing world class products. Trust the Japanese to do that!

The reason why I signed up was because I wanted my daughter to get better. I also know that by signing up, I can potentially earn some passive income. Side income is always good right. I guess, although I am comfortable with all the money I have right now (or don't have), I DONT NEED money from this business but what motivates me is the rush and the highs I get when someone tells me they are better in their health. I feel like a doctor sometimes.

From being in this business for 6 months, I have already made few thousand ringgit. I am on my way to my first free trip by the company and I am very near to consuming the products for free. That's pretty awesome don't you think?

Yes you see me blogging about this or the products daily or all the time, but you know what…it is because I don't go out. I don't meet people and I'm not working. I sit at home with my kids, I do my small businesses from home and then I sit in front of the computer and share. Hopefully it will click and I guess some just skip the posts but that's all I do basically to earn all that I have earned from this business. It's not easy but it is not THAT difficult.

If you are working, you will have more opportunities to share with your friends..I don't have that so I blog instead.

RM5330 is a big investment. I agree. But trust me….you will be getting back that investment even before you know it!!! If you don't have that much to invest but have the passion and drive to work this business….please email me. I have a great proposal for you.

If you want to earn some side income…email me…I'll share with you how you can easily make some side income from this. It is not a scam ok…. It is real… I've been blogging for ages and I wouldn't want to have that reputation….

Come and join me!


  1. how was it ? i recently heard this product too...

    1. It's been 2 years since I started and I must say it has been the best decision I ever made. Health is wealth and these products has helped us in so many ways. Email me at izumiolife (@) to know more.

  2. I started 2 weeks ago on both products. My energy level is amazing and my chronic hip pain is gone. I love these products. Im now a member and sharing my story.

    1. Happy to hear this! Sharing is caring..


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