Monday, July 6, 2015

FREE holiday & Passive Income

Guess what? I just got an all expense paid trip to Japan!!! WOOHHOO!!! I'm so excited.

I started this business about 6 months ago and never thought I would be making money so soon. Like any business, it takes time to grow and especially since I am a full-time housewife, I never thought I'd be able to do this business but guess what? It is possible!!! If I can, anyone can!!!

I have a really great leader and really he is! He is so supportive and wants his team to do well. In this business, when leaders do well…their downline will do well and when the downline is doing well…the leaders will do well too. It's amazing how it works. Unlike any other MLM company, our system is fair and really do reward the hardworking ones. I am one of them and my leaders can see it…that's why they're helping me grow.

So anyway, we don't have targets in this business. We don't have quotas or have to get x amount of members in x amount of time kind of thing. We do however, have incentives to push us. If you want it, you go grab it but if you don't, then don't bother.

Me? I didn't bother. Honestly, I didn't because…… First of all, I don't really NEED the money. I have enough, thank you very much, Alhamdulillah. Second of all, I don't really NEED another holiday, especially to Japan. I've been to Japan last year AND we are planning a family trip next year to Japan too. So really, when they talk about the incentives, I was like…ok whatever…. If I get it, I get it, if I don't, I don't. I honestly didn't care.

To get this Japan trip, I had to sign up 10 new members in about 3 months or so (can't remember). I took my time, shared information about the products to new people like usual, blogged like usual, updated the instagram like usual, updated the FB page like always. I didn't do anything extra. I continued the same pace.

Towards the end, I needed 4 more people to get that Japan ticket. Again, I was thinking to myself…whatever la…if you get it, then good…but if you don't, then its not the end of the world. But guess what? I made it!!! I got my ticket and reached that target!!! Without even stressing about it.
I signed up my 10th customer, right on the last day!!! I guess it is my rezeki to go to Japan, right?

The package to Japan is roughly worth above RM8000. (RM8,200 to be exact!) Our leader also said that if we manage to get a certain number of people to go from our group, he will even give pocket money (i.e shopping money) from his own pocket. (He's damn rich already btw) Trust me, he's not planning to give RM100 ok, it is a lot more!

Since it will be impossible for me to go on this trip, my daughter will be in the first month of big school then and it will be a lot of adjusting to the new routine and all… I cannot go on this trip. I wish I could but my daughter needs me more than I need this trip so I got to say NO to this paid holiday. But guess what? I get to exchange this ticket with products worth RM5000. Isn't that just amazing?? Like seriously!!!

Not only that, today, I checked my account and my bonus is in. I'm so excited especially since raya is approaching and extra money is always good. I don't need it but I want it!! It's not much now, but this amount will keep increasing.

My leader is a millionaire from doing this business. He knows the system and he knows what works. He goes around the world sharing about this business and products. I need to have a sit down meeting with him soon to plan my next move. He has helped so many people. He told me once he helped this single mum in US purchase her first home from this business too. Let's see if he can help me earn more. I know he will help and I know I'm on my way. Quick come and join me!

Thank you Naturally Plus.

This is awesome!!!!

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