Thursday, August 4, 2016

Handsome Boy

My son is super cute! In my eyes, obviously he's like the cutest boy ever. I tell him and ask him why he is so handsome all the time. Sometimes his dad will answer that it is because he looks like papa. Hmm…ok lah, I'll give him that. I know my son dont look like me at all. My daughter is my photocopy, I was told. I guess it is fair. The girl looks like mummy and the boy looks like papa.

One day my son took a comb from the bathroom and starts combing his hair. He doesn't like to comb his hair much but this time, he took it…brought it outside our bathroom to the full length mirror and starts combing his hair. Like really semangat. I was still in the bathroom.

And he comes back to the bathroom and ask… "mummy, look!! Who is this handsome boy??" referring to himself.

Aint he adorable?


He did it again the next few days but this time, he asked his sister…. "Look!!! Who is this handsome boy??" and with a big sigh…his sister answered… "Yes yes!!! I know!!!!"

Next thing you know..she took out her hair clip and starts doing her hair and went up to me and said "Look who is this beautiful girl??"

LOL. Perasan they are…just like their mummy, sometimes.

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