Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hello, Year 2

Today, is the first day of Year 2 for my daughter. Time flies. I cannot believe she is now in Year 2. She's growing up way too fast.

The school that she goes to is pretty strict and very academic. Starting from year 2, the kids are streamed according to their results in Year 1. My daughter did really well in Year 1 considering she didn't go to any of the big well established school for her pre school. I am super proud of her beyond words. However, there are many others in school who are more advanced than her. Many are older too. She's one of the youngest in class. Therefore, she didn't make it to the top class. At first I was kind of disappointed (only because her best friend is in the top class and I really like their friendship and I feel sad that they are separated) but then once she got over it, I am so happy that she is where she is. I couldn't be happier.

In Year 1, we were a pretty tight group. The mothers in that class was really nice and fun to be with. They also genuinely care about each other. I can call one of them and ask them how to study or do revision and they'll tell me exactly how they do it. I'm quite sad that we all won't be together anymore but ah well, I think we will make new friends and grow new friendship.

At first my daughter was disappointed too because she knows the top class is where all the smart ones are. She felt like she's not smart and that really hurt me. She IS smart. I dont know how much smarter other kids are in their thinking and all that but to me, my daughter is super smart. She's street smart, for sure and to see that she sees herself otherwise, really is not a good feeling. I kept telling her she is smart and she needs to work harder to be with her best friend. After a few days, she got over it and I can see that she's happy about being in her new class. I hope she will enjoy it more this year and have a new best friend.

Hello, Year 2. Please be good to us me. Feeling excited!


  1. i guess they put the smart ones in other class kinda to have some boost of energy / confidence or some string of luck and charm maybe.
    she's that chosen one.

    1. Yes those who perform well last year will all go to the first class. We didn't make it but it's ok...I'm very happy where we are now. Just gotta work harder this year


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