Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Where can an extra RM7500 a month take you?

Alhamdulillah I have a good comfortable life. My husband is a good provider and I am grateful that despite the bad economy, we still get to do pretty much everything we want to do. Of course, like everyone else, we feel it too. We had to cut down on certain expenses. Cut down on buying unnecessary bags things, get cheaper flights for our trips, book cheaper rooms for our holidays but we still get to enjoy things like we used to. Economy is bad, if you dont feel the "it", you must be freaking rich! We feel it for sure and in order to maintain the lifestyle that we are used to, we need to do a few things and make a few changes:

Cut down our expenses here and there
You will be surprised at how much you can cut down from simple things like eating out and even groceries. Eating out is not cheap. Each meal will cost us (a family of four) about RM70-RM100. That's just 1 meal per day. During weekends, if we eat out all day, that's at least RM70 x 3. How much is that in a month? More than RM3000 if we eat out a lot! RM3000 is A LOT of money for a lot of people. RM3000 can even pay for 1 month's rent. It can pay for housing loan & car instalment for many of us out there.

Earn more money or get side income
A lot of SAHMs are doing this and I am so happy to see so many mothers doing this. I am all for financially independent mothers! I am always rooting for them because I am one of them.

Since I started doing the Naturally Plus business, I have been enjoying my extra side income. Of course, when I first started, I was not earning at all. I didn't think I would in the beginning because I am not a sales person and I dont know how to sell. But Mamapumkin kept encouraging me to share. What does that mean? Sharing? What is sharing??
Share your own experiences, share how the product is working for you, share how consuming this is improving your health and you will see things will start changing. She was right. I got my first sales after a few weeks or maybe months of sharing.

How do I share? Online. Whatsapp. Instagram. Facebook. You share about where you eat, what food is nice…why can't you share about IZUMIO if it is working for you? You'd be stupid not to. My first income was RM192 when I sold my first package. I looked at it and laughed. RM192 sounds like a joke. But that amount grew and grew over time. How much am I earning now? Well, not much to some but I am more than happy with whatever amount that goes in to my bank account every week. In fact, I couldn't be happier. Just by sharing, I get this weekly income that is bonus to me.

RM7500 per month doesn't sound a lot to some but think about what you can do with your life with that extra money for your family. Even RM500 per month can help with so much. Tuition / extra classes for the kids, insurance for the kids or even groceries for a week / a month! I laughed when I got my first pay RM192 but that is still extra cash in my bank account. Dont ask me what I did with it. I can't remember but I wouldn't want to be RM192 poorer that's for sure! It can pay for little luxuries like buying a book or going for that expensive haircut & blow. You deserve it! With the Naturally Plus business, you now can!

I dont like to give empty promises. In this business, you dont get to shake your legs and money will come falling from the sky. If you are looking for that type of MLM business, this business is NOT for you. Dont waste time contacting me if you are looking to get free money with no effort. That's the best part about this business for me. I EARN that money I make.

Anyone can do this business. Even students, housewives or even if you are retired, you can. You may not fit the bill to do this business but I'm sure you know someone who will be good in this. Come and talk to me and we can guide and work together.

If you are a people person, genuinely love helping others and not put off by working hard to earn your money…then come and get in touch with me. I need people like that in my growing team. In this business, you can earn as high or as low as you want. You are your own boss and you set your own targets. All we need to do is keep sharing.

In today's world, it would be silly not to have a back-up plan. Yes, you have a full time job, you have a comfortable life, you are earning good money already…but do you know what can happen next? Do you have a back up plan? Do you have enough savings? By 3rd week of the month, many are already counting days to get their salary. In the Naturally Plus business, we get paid weekly. It's awesome!!! I'm never out of money.

With the income from the Naturally Plus business, you will have extra cash to pay for:

[ ✔ ] Housing Loan

[ ✔ ] Car Instalment

[ ✔ ] Utility bills - Astro, Electricity, water

[ ✔ ] Insurance Policy

[ ✔ ] Children Education fund (extra classes, tuition, etc)

[ ✔ ] Food and drink

Think about it. Where can an extra RM7500 take you? If you want to join me, come and talk to me. If you are serious about changing your life, I will help you get there. Our group is the best group in KL. Our leader Mamapumpkin is truly the best leader ever! I am so blessed to be in her group. Our members come from all over and we help each other grow. 
BTW, this is her weekly earnings
This is her salary…. Imagine what you can do if you earn that much every month. I'm nowhere near that yet but she promised me I will get there and I believe her!

Something to think about
Everyone starts from zero. It was RM192 one off payment and slowly it was RM155 every other month and then every month. It will keep going up if you keep sharing about it. It is not easy but it is not difficult. If you are up for it, and serious about changing your life, email me at and I will guide you. 


  1. OMG, you posted my NP income!!! Gila ka!!! But it's true though. After a year of sharing, now I spend my time holidaying and help other Moms retire. I love my financial freedom in that I can help so many families who need help whether financial or sick, and I love that I can fly to Paris for the weekend if I wish, or fly the whole family on business anywhere, if I wish. It is extremely liberating. To think that I sweated so many years in the corporate world to earn RM35,000 a month. And now in NP I earn more than double of that in just 1.5 years of sharing on Facebook. I love my job!!! Just write on Facebook!!! And teach all the Moms how to write on Facebook as well. Love it. Love it. Love it.

    1. Your salary is my inspiration. I want that salary for myself too!!!
      The best part about this business is that anyone can do it, from anywhere. Facebook is awesome for this business!

  2. I like the options the extra $$ allows me to have :)

    1. I like that I have money coming in every week. More online shopping too, which is bad!

  3. Thanks for sharing sincerely and I do agree that all women should have means of generating income even if we have a provider aka husband or a good paying job. Best of all you get to do it when you do not need it so that you can use it when you really need it. An income that keep coming without having to be there all the time is an optiin that everyobe should have, be it second, third or x number of options.

    1. Exactly! All of us should! So glad I found this option!

  4. The extra income has afforded me freedom to donate to the needy more regularly; and eventually my ticket to financial freedom. Alhamdulillah. Baby steps. May we all get there (soon!).

    1. You will get there,I know!!! You will probably get there before me! So happy we are doing this together. Couldn't have asked for a better partner!
      Financial freedom here we come!


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