Monday, October 3, 2016

Birthday Lunch @ Fat Fish, Mont Kiara

My girlfriends and I are super busy and hardly get time to meet. I think normally, we meet once a year for Raya or something like that but recently, in the last year or so, we decided to make it a point to meet up at our birthdays. We make it a big deal. On birthdays, we must meet up to celebrate. Just another reason to eat cake and catch up.

We've been busy and didn't get to meet earlier for my birthday so last weekend, we finally got everyone to agree to celebrate my birthday at Greyhound Cafe in town. We always order our cakes at Sweetsomethings by Ina  but Ina was not available that day so we had to find alternatives. We didn't know where to order but finally settled for a chocolate cake from Momak Lifestyle.

That morning, we were all set to meet up when one of the girls said she can't make it due to an upset tummy. Oh no!! The rest wanted to reschedule but I insisted on meeting up. It's not easy for me to get "day off" from the kids and husband you know! I pleaded for us to still go and finally, we decided to save Greyhound for another day and wait till all of us are free. In the last minute, one of them suggested we have lunch at Fat Fish. Where's that? No idea. We all had to Waze our way there.

Fat Fish is located in Mont Kiara. It is the building next to One Mont Kiara where the Coffee Bean is. There is ample parking space in front of the restaurant and Coffee Bean is right next to it.

I got there within 15 minutes from my house. Not too bad at all.

When I got there, I had no clue what kind of food they serve there. I assumed they surely have fish. That's all I know. I obviously had makeup on, did my hair all nice and wore high heels, thinking it is a proper restaurant but it is actually very chilled out place. Many of them there wore slippers and shorts.
My friends even brought balloons and whatnot. Which was so embarrassing and I had to pretend I didn't know them!

We ordered quite a lot of food. There was only 3 of us there and here's what we had….
2 types of Oysters
 Oysters were so good and fresh. I can't tell the difference between the two but one was definitely bigger than the other but both tasted oh so awesome. I dont think I've tasted any oysters better than this. It was so fresh and nice. Yum!

We ordered few types of Sashimi. Other than Tuna and Salmon, I have no clue what fish the rest were but they were all equally good. I seldom order any other than Salmon for sashimi but since my girl ordered all sorts, I had to try them all. All super good, juicy and fresh. I love them all. I'm not a fan of Tuna Sashimi but this was amazingly good!

We also ordered grilled fish. Dont ask me what fish this is, all I know is that it is SUPERB. Chef's recommendation apparently.

At first, we were all busy taking photos of our food, like a psychopath but once we started eating, we forgot to snap photos of the ones that came later because we were enjoying the food too much. Not in the photos were the crabmeat salad (I'm not a salad person but this salad is good!), we also ordered spicy tomato pasta which was also very very spicy and good.

I ordered this juice. Not bad. It is actually orange mixed with carrots but for the first time ever, I can taste the carrots more than the orange. Which is different from the rest I've tasted for this 2 combination. Nice.

After lunch, we popped over next door to Coffee Bean for cakes. We had our own cake and all but we needed to get drinks otherwise, they'll probably kick us out. LOL.

We had the cheek to ask for plates and knife too. And to top that, we even asked for tupperware to take home the cake. It was a big cake and I didnt want to bring the whole cake back.
The cake was awesome too. I still prefer my cakes from Ina but this was a good substitute.

It was such a fun day with my girls …. nothing but jokes, laughter (and tears) and cakes, not to mention a million and one selfies. All I needed to be happy being 37 with my friends.

When I got home with the balloons, my husband was like "what celebration is this with balloons and all?" "My birthday lah" LOL. You are 37 and not 17, he must be thinking …

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