Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Baby mood

I have 2 kids and I'm blessed that I have a girl AND a boy. There's no pressure for me to have anymore children, I am done! Thank God!

Raising two kids on my own is hectic. I mean, we are both very hands on with our kids and it is tiring to say the least. Some people make parenthood look so easy but for me, it is tough. I am quite a control freak too when it comes to my kids and I like things done a certain way so for me, being a mom is tough if not the toughest thing I've had to do.

My kids Alhamdulillah are good kids. They're pretty well behaved I would say and they're not spoilt brats like some kids are. I'm a tiger mom so I think more often than not, they're scared of me. Whether they respect me or not, I dont know but they're definitely scared of me. I dont mind. I do it Asian Style. Scream like mad and hope for the best style! LOL
My husband's approach is quite the western style in the sense he talks to them when they do something wrong and be their best friend kind of approach. Which is kind of the opposite of me. Somehow it works for us despite our difference in parenting skills. But whether you do it the Asian way or the Western way, parenthood for us is tiring. Therefore we both agreed to stop at 2 since we already have a pair.

Lately, however… I've been feeling "itchy"…. Like I look at babies and miss having one. Of course when I am missing having one I am not thinking about the diaper change and breastfeeding and sleepless nights. I am just thinking about the smell, the cuddles, the joy and laughter a baby brings. And then few minutes later I'll snap out of it because I remembered how long I had to go through sleepless nights!

Since I'm having my "itchy for baby" mood…let's just play along ok…

If I were to have another baby… would it be a boy or a girl….? My daughter desperately wants a baby girl and of course my son, wants a baby boy. Me, personally? Well…my daughter was super duper good as a baby and she just sleeps all day and was the nicest most precious little baby girl ever. I miss that a lot!!!! So, when I think about her as a baby..it makes me want to have a baby girl. Plus dressing a baby girl is so much nicer!

Then there's my son… he was the chubby one and super mania. He is the one who loves warm hugs and cuddles. My daughter likes her space. She didnt like kisses and cuddles (although I still gave lots even when she hated them). My son was super playful and refused to sleep because he wanted to play all night long! When he cries….HE YELLS!!! OMG…he got it from me kot (Asian tiger mom, remember?). But he was so cuddly and cute and adorable. When I think about the playful baby, I want to have a son. Also I feel it is unfair to have just one gender. I need to be fair. I need to have one girl and one boy. One for each kid.

I need to have twins! Because I dont want to get pregnant twice!!!

Of late…in the news we see a lot of celebrities getting pregnant with twins. Is it a trend? How does that work?  Did they go through some kind of treatment or something to get twins???

Beyonce is getting twins.
Mariah has twins
J Lo has twins

It can't be a coincidence can it???

I want twins too!! One boy and a girl! Tell me how!!!! (Then I can try to convince my husband!) hahahahaha

- sleepless nights x forever
- breastfeeding x 2
- diaper change x 2
- tantrums x 2

OK I'm done. I have a boy and a girl and I'm done.



  1. Haha.. i'm itchy too babe!! Tgk babies mula lah rasa broody lol. At least u already have a pair. Ive 2 boys.. but then again to start from scratch now that the 2 boys dah besar i mcm.. errkkss

    1. Go for a girl…!!! U need a girl in your life. (I'm not helping, kan?) but imagine if you have 3 boys?

  2. If we were to play along then by right school fees x 4

    University fees x 4

    You need a private jet to go on holidays!

    Go make the 1G1B twins, quickly!!


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