Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I love Kale

We dont eat healthy food at all. I dont know why but we just dont. We really should.

As you all know, my kids are fussy eaters. My daughter is the world fussiest eater. I know if theres a competition, she will win that category because she really is! My son is not so bad but compared to other kids, his fussiness is quite mild. My husband on the other hand eats really simple food. He will be happy with fried chicken, kicap and rice. Yours truly here is the odd one in this family because I eat A LOT and I eat EVERYTHING. Well, except for chicken feet and neck (eeewwwww) and all the other stuff you shouldn't really eat and gross. LOL. I'm used to having big meals. I can do with 1 big meal a day and not eat for the rest of the day whereas everyone else at home needs to eat 10 small portions a day and munch and snack, even if it is just biscuits. As you can see, we are all not very united when it comes to food. (which is not necessarily a bad thing because if we are united, we will all be fat!)

Hampshire Mummy is the world's healthiest eater. They really eat healthy food all the time. It makes me feel bad because we dont at all. I feel bad because I know we all should eat more healthy food.
Sometimes she will text me their dinner and MasyaAllah, so much green!!!!

I'm not a green veg type. I mean, we dont eat enough greens for sure. That's why I supplement my kids with Super Lutein. I guess it's good for us because we are hardly ever sick despite us not having healthy meals and enough greens in our diet. But still, we need to eat more greens I agree and so, I got inspired by Hampshire Mummy's photos and bought Kale from the supermarket one day.

I've had Kale once and I loved it. It was the a duck salad I had at BLVD. You can read about it here. It was so yummy but I haven't had the chance to go back to BLVD since although I've been craving the salad! I dont know how else to cook Kale but Hampshire mummy taught me how to make it. It's super easy and it is super yummy and I am obsessed!!!!

All you need is:

1. 2 chopped garlic
2. Olive Oil
3. Salt & Pepper

It is so delicious and fresh! It doesn't look so interesting, right? But trust me it is really yummy! I bought a packet of Kale from Village Grocer and I think each packet was like under RM15 or something like that. Usually 1 packet can make 2 portions of this.

It was so nice that the next day, I improvised and added prawns and a bit of fish sauce and a tiny bit of Oyster sauce.

Walaaaaaa….it is nicer with prawns. I loved it so much that I made it again few days later and this time, I added some red chillies.

OK this is really da bomb!!!! I didnt want the oyster sauce and fish sauce to overpower the taste of Kale so this time, I didnt add any sauce at all. Just prawns, garlic, chilies and olive oil. Seasoned it with salt and pepper only.

I've perfected this recipe!!!

But I have more ideas and will make it next time…. can't wait! I've ran out of Kale for now. I can't wait to go and get more.

Why you should eat Kale?

- It is high in Lutein (like Super Lutein!) which is good for the eyes. Eating more Kale (for the Lutein), you will protect your eyes from getting damaged and also decreases the likelihood of getting Glaucoma. Bet you didnt know that. I know I didnt!

- Kale is high in vitamin A, C and K. Go and google what these vitamins are good for

- Kale is a very good antioksidant and has anti inflammatory properties. Can also prevent cancer.

Basically, it is a good veg to eat and it is yummy too!!!!

OK bye, going to get more Kale for dinner tonight. Yes, I am obsessed with this veg right now. As you can see...


  1. Just only kacau it all together or sauteed it in a pan sis? Hehee. Looks delish though wanna give it a try!

    1. It is so easy and super sedap! First sauté the garlic with olive oil & add prawns & chili. I usually just add all in together (and seasoned with salt & pepper) for like 2 minutes until the garlic becomes brownish n until prawn is cooked and add the kale in for another 2 mins. Don't cook it for too long because then the kale becomes soggy .. yumm! Good luck n post pics once u make it ok! Drools

  2. Peer pressure works LOL. Now let's make you eat a new vegetable - I have the whole rainbow to choose from *grins* and yes, do not skip the Super Lutein because it covers our nutritional gaps!

    1. Hahahaah ... yes peer pressure does work!


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