Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Magic Potion

Remember our Chinese New Year break? We had a short getaway to Penang. It was non stop swimming adventure and kids had so much fun. We came back 5 tones darker too because we were out in the sun for hours each day. Anyway, the resort was packed. It was full house and so you can imagine how the pool area is like. It was like sardines in the kids pool. Imagine the germs, the bacteria and all sorts of dirt in the pool water. But, it was a holiday for the kids and we can't possibly go to a pool and not let them swim. YOLO and you got to do-first-think-later. I let them swim as much as they wanted and I dont regret that at all - well, most of the time I dont…

This was taken few days after a week of our return from Penang
After we got home, I noticed my daughter developed bad rash on her hand. She has on and off eczema which I manage to control without any steroid or medication by giving her IZUMIO but this time, her "eczema" seems different. It was raw! I dont know how it happened but I suspect it was due to the pool water being dirty or something like that because it was fine before we went to Penang and got really bad in Penang and got really raw and infected by the time we got home. It was so bad I really didnt know what to do. Of course I have IZUMIO and was giving it to her but it wasn't working as fast as I wanted it to work. IZUMIO is purely just water and it has no steroid whatsoever so obviously it will take time to heal but time was what I didnt have because she was scratching it so much until it was bleeding and it was so raw that it really breaks my heart to see her that way. The only option was to go steroid again, which I really dont want to do because it has been 2 years since I last had to put steroid cream on her. I had to sabar looking at her and she too had to control herself from scratching. Each time she feels itchy, I will give her a packet of IZUMIO and it does help her because IZUMIO is a natural antihistamine anyway. But like I said, it was working too slowly this time.

Not only that, she started scratching her head too, which she never did before. At first I just ignored it and didnt even look at her scalp but then when I see her scratching even more, I got curious and I examined it and OMG, I was shocked to see stuff on her scalp. WHAT IS IT???!!!

It looks like blisters and it was wet. Ive never seen anything like it. I panicked because for once, I dont know what to do to treat it. After a week, we took her to the dermatologist.

After an hour plus wait at the dermatologist and RM200 poorer, Dr told us it is eczema. I argued and said no this is not it (I know what eczema looks like!) but she said "We've seen this before and we know better!" OK fine Dr!!! You know better!

She prescribed us with some steroid cream for her hand (Duh!), some medicated shampoo and also some steroid cream for the scalp! STEROID STEROID STEROID! oh and also a bottle of antihistamine to help her with the itch.

For a week, I followed every step. Except for the antihistamine which my husband kept bugging me to give it to her but I refused to give. Why should I give her antihistamine when I have a natural way to stop her from scratching. She admitted herself that after she drinks a packet, she won't feel itchy anymore. I had to put my foot down and not give her medications that I think aren't necessary, right?

After a week of using steroids…. her hand and her scalp didnt improve. Dr said after a week it should all clear or improve but it didnt. In fact, it was getting worse! It was so bad I didnt know what to do but tried all sorts of tricks I can think of. Nothing was working fast enough.

So, Dr Mummy had to do some studying and research and do her thing! Yes, I am a doctor and a nurse too at home and although I dont have a masters degree in Medicine, I got skills!!!

I came up with my own Magic Potion!!!

Here is the recipe:

1. Rosemary Essential Oil - 4 drops
2. Melrose Essential Oil - 4 drops
3. Lavender Essential Oil - 2 drops
4. Cedarwood Essential Oil - 1 drop
5. Thieves Essential Oil - 2 drops
6. Helichrysum Essential Oil - 2 drops
7. 1/2 packet of IZUMIO

I made this all by myself and mix it all together in this spray bottle and started spraying the effected area on her scalp daily. Almost 2-3 times a day.

Within 2 days, it all dried up. I was amazed at the result!!! I felt so awesome!!! It was the best feeling ever. For more than 2 weeks after Penang trip her scalp was itchy and wet and blisters all over and spreading to more and more areas. It was so bad that it was covering more than 80% of her whole head. One night it was so bad that her pillows had stains of blood. I was so worried God knows. But after I sprayed this magic potion, it slowly dried up. Once it was dry, it became like dandruff all over her head and I use Moogoo scalp cream at night and by the next morning when we shampoo her hair (no longer using the medicated shampoo), it will all wash away. Less than 1 week, she is healed!!!

Now, on her hand….
I use the same recipe as above but I add a bit of carrier oil (I use vegetable oil).  Within few days, she was ok.

I am so happy!!!

She is all good now.

In case you are wondering…

Rosemary is good as it promotes healthy hair and scalp. It will also get rid of infection and also helps with hair loss. My daughter's hair was falling too because of the unhealthy scalp so I figured I needed an oil that will help with hair loss too.

Melrose oil is good to cleanse and disinfect cuts. It is also good for fungal infection. I didnt know if it was indeed fungal infection but if it isn't, putting an oil that helps with fungal infection can't be bad!

Lavender is known to be good for eczema and it eases dry and irritated skin. It can regenerate damaged tissues too.

Cedarwood is also good for eczema. It has antibacterial properties and also it helps with hair loss. If you are balding, use it twice a day as I read it helps!

Thieves is just awesome to combat the spread of germs. I can't live without this oil!

Helichrysum can help repair tissues and can remove toxic substances. I chose this oil because it is good for blisters and cuts.

IZUMIO is just good for everything! I wanted this potion to be something I can carry around and spray on to the scalp.

I did this potion 3 or 4 times in the span of 1 week because I do spray a lot of it each time. But it is so good I love it!!!

If you want to try IZUMIO or Essential Oil, contact me! I can order them for you. I use Young Living essential Oil and I love it. It has oils for everything … I'm glad I found a better way than using steroids. I mean, steroids didnt even work this time for my daughter! I was so pissed at myself for putting it on her for a whole week!

Ah well..u learn!


  1. Mummy's Magic Potion is the best! So glad you went with your gut instincts. <3


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