Monday, February 27, 2017


Have you guys been to Smiggle? We are all big fans of Smiggle. My daughter especially. I love buying stuff from there to keep in my "magic box". When my kids behave well,  I will take something out from this "magic box" to reward my kids. I have lots of stuff in there and they love getting stuff from there.

Last trip to Smiggle, my daughter wanted to buy stuff but my husband didnt want to get it for them because they recently got 2 toys each. They also promised him (the time they got the toys) that they won't ask for anything or buy anything for the whole month. They obviously dont know the value of money and always want to buy everything all the time! So this time, he put his foot down and said no! They both cried that day…but tough! No means no, sometimes!

It didnt help that I bought a bunch of stuff that day from Smiggle and one of it was this handbag notepad. My daughter wanted that notepad I bought but I told her that I will only give it to her if she perform well for her exam. She didnt want to wait for exam to be over because we dont even have exams this semester. She wanted it NOW! Too bad!

For a week she was bugging me to give the notepad to her. Begging and asking and trying all sorts of tricks to get it. Finally, she asked her dad and this time, seeing how much I said no, he just said OK. I was annoyed that he didnt keep his word (about not buying anything for the kids this month after getting toys!) but whatever lah, I just kept quiet.

After she got her notepad (we went to Smiggle over the weekend), she told him that she will use that notepad to write stuff for him. That was her trick to get him to buy it for her and he bought it! She got him wrapped around her little finger as you can see…

When she got her notepad she was so excited and kept saying thank you and hugging him and what not. A reaction he love obviously. In the car, she told him that she will write a note to him. He was looking forward to that note. As soon as we got home, he got this…

LOL. A piece of paper from the notepad with this written on it. When he got it, he was like "what is this"???? hahaha. I couldn't help laughing. "This" is a piece of paper from the notepad.

That night, I got this note from her.

Hahahah. I dont think papa would be happy to see this. Especially since he got her the notepad and paid for it and he got nothing. I got a special love note.

Mummy - 1
Papa - 0

Love my daughter. She's the sweetest!


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    1. Her handwriting is actually paling teruk if you compare it dengan her friends! Hahahah but she's getting better..

  2. Girl came home with a single piece of handbag from her. Delightful sparkle in Girl's eyes that day!! Thank you <3


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