Tuesday, March 14, 2017

8 Years

Cant believe it's been 8 years since this photo was taken
We celebrated our 8th anniversary last week and I feel so blessed. Alhamdulillah.
Last year we did get to spend some alone time and went for breakfast date (you can read about it here) but this year, my husband was away for work. He obviously forgot that it is our anniversary as I expected but that morning, before I dropped the kids off to school they spoke to their dad on the phone and reminded him that it was our anniversary. His reply was "ohhhhh really?" (He forgot obviously!) We dont really celebrate it and it is really not a big deal. One year we both forgot! 

My husband was due to come home that day anyway so I knew we won't be going or doing anything special. Like I said, it was not a big deal. But since he was away, and since I didnt forget about it, I decided to get him something special. Just a token so say "Hey, thanks for marrying me, thanks for providing for us and I thought of you today". I picked my son up from school and while waiting for my daughter to finish school, I went to BSC to get him a gift. I got him a bag from Tumi which I think is useful when he travels. So thoughtful of me! It had his initials and whatnot too. I thought it was a good gift. I mean, it IS a good gift. Not very anniversary-ish but still, good gift!

While we were in BSC, he called us. I swear each time I'm trying to surprise him with something, he will be calling me. It is so hide to cover up because I was with my son. He asked him what we were doing in BSC and I said my son wanted to eat Chilis. Which was the truth but only thing was, we dont really have time for Chilis because we have to rush to pick up my daughter. My son even said "I wanted to eat Chilis but mummy said no!" Alamak. Kantoi. But in the end, I took him to Chilis and we tapau'ed it.

When we got home, we were just waiting for my husband to arrive. He arrived KL around noon and went straight for his haircut. He got home at almost dinner time.

Wow. It must have been my lucky day because I almost never get flowers and chocolates from my dear husband. It's my favourite chocolates too and its been a long time since I actually bought Patchi. I was addicted to them once and was spending RM150 per day eating chocolates that I decided to quit cold turkey. That was few years ago. I was so happy when I got chocolates. See, you dont even need to spend that much to make your wife happy sometimes. Chocolates and Flowers will do. Occasional diamonds, shopping trips are all bonus!

Since it was a school night and he was just back from outstation, going out for dinner was not even an option. Typical school night, I will cook dinner and we will all eat at home. Kids will have their usual stuff but for us parents, I ordered some lamb.

I know it doesn't look all that interesting but trust me, it was good!!!! All we had to do was just fry it in a pan and that's it. I also made my maid do some vege on the side. It was pretty good too. Dinner was nice and a little special because we never have lamb like this at home. We are very melayu. Rice and dishes every night kind of dinner so this was special.

Basically that was it.

My sweet precious daughter wrote us a note. It was special. Excuse her grammar and her spelling. It was the thought that counts and I know it came from the heart. I love her to bits. She knows how to make her mummy (and papa) feel special.

I couldn't feel happier on my anniversary. I have everything I need right here with me. Marriage isn't easy and it is definitely not all beds of roses. I get hurt, upset, angry, depressed too sometimes but at the end of the day, I know we all love each other. Marriage is hard work but alhamdullilah despite the hard times, we are all still together. Just like my daughter, I pray that we will stay married forever.


  1. Happy Anniversary again babe!! We actually forgot ours last yr coz he was offshore and onshore back to back and i was busy holding the fort. Sedar pun coz the apt call to send cake and flowers. 😂

    1. Thank you!
      I don't feel so bad for forgetting now! In my case if I don't remember, confirm no one else will! Kesian betul


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