Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ashley's by LivingFood Bangsar

Our dear friend Hampshire Mummy will only eat healthy food. She's been trying to get me to eat healthy too (bless her!) and I have been (slowly but surely). On her birthday last month, we took her out for brunch and she chose Ashley's by Living Food restaurant in Bangsar Telawi. I was sceptical at first because I dont like healthy food and was keeping my fingers crossed that I will find something I like on the menu.

Ashley's on the same row as Alexis in Telawi. Just a short walk from Bangsar Village. It would be difficult to find parking so if you plan to go, best to just park at Bangsar Village 2 and walk up the street. Dont wear heels!!

I love the place! It is nice chilled out hang out spot with awesome food. Mind you…they're not only delicious but healthy too.

I've been there twice and I've ordered the same thing. I know! I know! I'm boring like that but this salmon fishcake spaghetti is just too good!!! It is spicy and just so yummy. I can have this everyday!

Here's a closer look of the spaghetti. hehe… Do you feel hungry now? I know I do!!!

I can't remember what my friends ordered but I remember asking them and they all enjoyed their food. The Nasi Kerabu, beef stew, fish & chips are all good too.

We ordered a platter to share and it was good too. This is called "Living around the world" platter. It is gluten free and dairy free - if you are into that sort of stuff. They also have nice fresh juices. I had this orange/apple/carrot juice and it was really yummy.

It is a must-try place if you are into healthy and yummy food. Who says healthy food aren't yummy? Well, if I make healthy food myself, it might not be yummy but try Ashley's…you'll love it there!


  1. Soon the restaurant operators will wonder if we have all 12 months of birthdays celebrations there LOL. Bless you for eating cleaner food! xoxo

    1. Bless you for kicking my ass and reminding me always to eat clean!


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