Sunday, March 19, 2017


I've been a member of Young Living for few months now and so far so good. Cant believe I didnt join sooner because I would have saved more money and gotten myself some free oils as free gifts! But better late than never right?

I love the fact that there's oils for everything. All I need to do is just google search "Young Living Oils for….." for example, if I have a migraine, I will google search "Young Living Oils for migraine" and I will click on the google images (because I'm lazy to read!) and see what the options are. For example, when I google Young Living Oils for migraine, I got this image:

Then I will go to my oil box and see what I have and start using it to treat my migraine. I dont have migraine, thank god. I'm just showing you an example.

Mostly the oils I use are

1. lavender because it is good for everything
2. Peppermint because I just love the smell and it is good to treat fever. Use it with IZUMIO and it is da bomb!
3. Thieves because it is good to boost immunity
4. Purification to clean the air. I diffuse it at night in the room
5. Geranium because I started using it in my skincare.

I first started by getting the Premium Starter Kit. In there, it has all the basic must have oils you need in your household. You will also get a dewdrop diffuser which is easy to use. I bring my diffuser everywhere I go whenever I'm on holiday because I just love diffusing oils in my room to prepare the mood to go to sleep. I like my room to smell nice always and it also works as night lamp!

Premium Starter Kit is around RM713 and for new oilers, I think this is the best set to get as it has all you need to get started. Prices are going up in April so if you want to get it, now is the best time to buy.
I'm placing my orders for new diffuser too this month because I'm eyeing this funky one right here!

Nice right? It is about RM900++ and I rather pay RM900++ than 5% more. If you want to get any Young Living oils, I can order it for you. Membership is free too if you would like to become a member. Members will get to purchase oils at member price which is quite a lot cheaper than retail price. If you want to start oiling…. come join me! You won't regret it.

Email me if you want to place your orders before the price hike. Latest order will be before 29th March 2017.

Happy Oiling!

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