Friday, March 24, 2017


I know you all know Uber, right? Believe it or not, I've never tried uber. I mean, why should I? I have a car and I drive everywhere. If I dont have a car, I just rather stay home.

Last week, I made an appointment to meet up with my friend for business talk / birthday lunch. She's super busy so I locked her time in advance every time I needed to have a catch up session with her. Good thing is our kids go to the same school. Some days we just bump into each other in school. We've been friends since school days. Since I was 12 years old so she's definitely one of my good friends. She's super busy too because she's in politics, a mom and she has a lot of businesses under her watch. I get tired thinking about her sometimes so it was good to just hang out and chat. Plus, it was her birthday and I wanted to give her a treat.

Since I already made an appointment to meet up with her, I couldn't cancel. Turns out, my husband sent my car for servicing that day. I was contemplating if I should cancel and reschedule but I figured, let's just stick to it and get my husband to send me there and then pick me up on the way back from school pick up. But he was busy that day and couldn't send me there. I decided to take a cab but my friends and family asked me to uber!

Uber sounds good but I feel a bit uncomfortable. I mean, with Taxis it is not that uncomfortable because you sit at the back and just let the driver drive. But with uber, you are taking a lift from the driver. You ride on his/her car. It's so weird.

My cousin was laughing at me. I decided to try uber.

It was really easy too. I opted to pay by cash and also I opted for a nice car, which is an Uber Black car. The rates are slightly higher but at least its a nicer car. My cousin said sometimes you get really nice cars too. I was hoping I'd get a ferrari or something…but a Honda Accord turned up.

At first I was really nervous. To sit in front or at the back? Sitting at the back seems rude, no? So I sat in front. The driver is this young boy who is very friendly and nice.

I was of course nervous and all but the ride was smooth and good. We had a good conversation about the Uber application and how it works (because I was an uber virgin) and he explained it well to me. I got to my destination in like 15 minutes and it wasn't too bad at all.

I think I might uber more next time. My experience was a good one. Not bad, uber!

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