Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beauty & The Beast

Much awaited movie this year is finally here. I'm not a fan of Beauty & The Beast (even the cartoon) but since everyone is talking about it, I decided to take the kids out to watch this.

We went to KLCC for lunch yesterday at Chilli's (my kids want to eat there ALL THE TIME lately!) and after that we popped over to TGV to get our movie tickets. We were already free for movie at 1pm but the next good seats was only available at 4.40pm. At first we wanted to go home and come back out but the kids wanted to hang out in KLCC. Walking for a whole 4-5 hours was a pain.

I was so bored and tired. There weren't anything for the kids to do too in KLCC. We bought ice cream and ate at the park.

As usual, the best part about going to the cinema is to buy junk food. That's the only time they get to eat junk food to their heart's content. I just let them be. I mean, you're only a kid once, right? I even got my nachos with cheese. Yum. We took our maid too and she had popcorns to share with my son.

OK so here's what I think about the movie.

Honestly, it is overrated for sure. I mean, it is nice and good and entertaining and all…but no way it met my expectations.

It is PG13 so obviously it is not suitable for my kids. But we took them anyway because I thought it should be OK for them. Overall it was ok but it was too dark and too loud and some parts are too violent for them. They were quite scared.

The whole hype about the gay scene? Well, I saw it and it was nothing! Not a big deal at all and easily ignored. I think they did a good job marketing the movie.

Emma Watson played Belle and she was beautiful. And the beautiful yellow dress, that was the part I love and the only part I loved about the movie. Of course it was a happy ending…. boohoo!!!

Despite being super tired from walking all day in KLCC, my kids stayed up watching and enjoyed the movie but I dont think they will want to watch it again, kind of movie.

I remember watching Cinderella few years back. This was much better! My kids loved this movie even until now. My favourite too.


  1. Haha we are going tomorrow and not expecting much. My lot loves Cinderella and Maleficent! Habislah, this is going to be boring *yawn*

  2. We went to see the boss baby instead last weekend as the boys werent keen on beauty & the beast. But frankly, not my cup of tea either. Guess i'm more of IT kinda movie. Can hardly wait!!!

    1. LOL! Boss baby is next on our list. IT? Really? LOL.


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