Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day of a #StalkerMUM

I'm a stalker mum! Yup, that's me. I dont want my kids to see me when I stalk them but I love stalking them (sometimes). Do you do that too or is it just me?

Last week, my daughter went on her field trip. I get excited whenever they go on school trips because as a kid, that was the best part. Riding the bus with friends, talking and singing is always fun. This is her second school trip. Every year they have one. She was excited for ages and the day before her school trip, she had fever. OMG, talk about bad timing. She doesn't ever get fever (very seldom) but the  one day she needs to be all well and strong, she gets a fever! I know I have great products for our health and I shouldn't worry but as a mom, you are always worried whenever you child is sick. I have the greatest fear although my kids dont get sick very often. Since her school trip is coming up, she needed to be better but her fever was going up and she herself knows that if her temperature doesn't go down, she will have to miss this school trip.

Alhamdulillah, within 24 hours, her fever was gone. Touch wood both my kids have never gotten fever for longer than 24 hours. I dont know if we have good genes or the products really worked but whatever it is, Alhamdulillah….she was ok to go on her school trip.

We stayed until her bus left the school. We waved at her and followed the bus out of the school compound until we split ways. It's so much fun for her. So, we've been doing that twice now for our daughter.

Then my son came home with a note to say that he too is going on a school trip. My 4 year old son. On a bus. Without us? *cry buckets*

I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

But then I know he is growing up and he is going to be fine. He is going to enjoy himself so much. On the day of the school trip, my daughter was filled with jealousy that she is not going on the trip and her brother is this time. She kept going on and on about how much she wishes it was her going as well.

"I'm not wishing that he doesn't go on this trip, I'm wishing that I can go with him" when I told her stop being jealous of her brother.

My son woke up super early and super excited. My husband was away on work but they called him on the way to school. Told him to listen to his teachers, to be careful always and not fight with his friends yada yada yada…. As if he cares right? He's going to have a blast.

I waited and waited outside the school but I see no school bus. Normally, during school trips you will see the busses parked outside before 7.30am but this time, it was already 8am but no bus was there. The kids already went inside school. We were told to be there by 7.30am for what???!!!

I waited patiently inside the car until 8.45am. WHERE ARE THEY?!!!!!
The security guard told me that they had problems with the tyre and they're sending another bus. I was feeling hungry so I decided to drive to a bakery nearby and grab something to tapau.
I was gone for literally not even 15 minutes. When I got back to school, the bus has left!! WHATTT????? I was so angry!

I was really upset because my son told me to wait and wave at him. I promised him that I'd wait for him and wave and follow the bus until we go separate ways, just like how we do with his sister. I felt sad for him. He probably forgot about it but still, I was upset that I left. All for a cup of coffee and croissant, I missed my son's first trip on a bus without us. So disappointing.

Then I had a lightbulb moment. Since I am not going anywhere, why not I go stalk him? Yup, all the way to freaking Shah Alam. They went to Botanical Garden. I waze my way there. 40 minutes drive apparently and I was keeping my eyes opened to see if I could find his bus on the way but I didnt see any.

I finally arrived to the Botanical Garden and had to pay RM3 for parking. I asked the guy if the bus has arrived and he said No. Aik…where are they?
Luckily one of the mummies had a spy watch and said they are nearby. I waited for him and saw the bus when it arrived.

I was hiding under the tree and his friend spotted me. "F!!!! your mum!" My son saw me and waved. He looked so happy too.

I saw him got off the bus and I saw him getting all excited when he saw me there. He had that look "I know you are there but I dont need you to come on this trip with me" kind of look. At first I thought of coming along because I saw another student's maid and driver also tagged along but then this place is HUGE. I was too lazy to walk. Plus, it was a super HOT day.

They went inside the Botanical Garden at about 10.45am. They're like few hours late.  I had another lightbulb moment. Why not go for a haircut and colour? I am due to do my roots. Also, my husband kept asking me when I am going to colour my hair a different colour. Apparently my light hair is not his favourite. I guess I got to go dark again.

Got to the hair salon at 11.15am. Told my hairdresser what I wanted. My instructions were pretty clear.

1. I need to go for a darker tone because my husband doesn't approve of my light golden hair colour.
2. I am thinking of cutting it short-er.

I specifically said I dont want it to be too short.

In the end… 2 hours later and RM650 poorer, I walked out of the salon with a very dark almost black hair and short hair. Crying buckets in my heart as I hand my cash over. I am so sad. I dont like this new look at all.

My best friend met up with me for a quick catch up and she said I look a lot younger and fresher. Ya, whatever! I still dont like it and I dont like short hair on me. I dont want to look younger and fresher!!!

In my attempt to feel better, we walked towards Ken's Apothecary to look for a compact powder. I tried few shades of the makeup by Terry brand. I love this brand because it is not just a makeup, it is also a skincare. So, it's like you are treating your skin by putting makeup. 2in1 so to speak. We choose the ride shades and off to the counter we went. I've never bought anything from Terry before except for a few lip gloss and lipstick. I have no clue how much they are. I was shocked to learn that it is almost RM350 for a small compact powder!! WTH! I definitely wasn't prepared and wasn't planning to spend that much on a stupid compact powder. But since I was already at the cashier, I had no choice to pay for it. I think the lady saw how shock I was when she told me the price and then to make me feel better, she gave me a free perfume worth RM200 apparently. WHATEVER LAH. I dont even want a perfume!

After spending that much, we took our separate ways and off I went to pick my son up. My best friend went to pick her son up too. Mummy duties.
While waiting for my son, I opened my stupid expensive compact powder and I was angry to find out that the lady gave me the wrong shade!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!
Just my luck.

I had to go back to BSC to exchange it.
I really have no mood for that.

I did after I pick my daughter up. I called Ken's and told the lady she gave me the wrong shade. She said sorry, yada yada yada and met me at the entrance to exchange the items.

Oh boy, what a day!!!
Moral of the story is, stop stalking your child and you probably will save yourself from spending too much money on stupid things you dont need and a haircut you dont even need in the first place.

Cant wait for my hair to grow.

*cry a river*

On another note….


  1. LOL Stalker Mum should have stayed in KLCC and shop with me LOL.

    ONG school holidays, yes yes.


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