Monday, April 17, 2017

Jealous Pants

I seldom write about my son but I love him just as much. He's the cutest most cheekiest person ever. I want to bite him all the time. He is turning 5 in August. I can't believe he is going to be in Year 1 this September. He's still a baby to me.

In his class, there's this boy that I find super cute and adorable. They're good friends too and my son will get jealous each time I talk to his friends, especially this particular friend because he knows how much I think that boy is cute. This boy is super friendly too and the last time I saw him in school, he gave me a big fat hug and my son started sobbing. I didnt understand why he started crying at first because when I asked him why he is crying, all he said was "because I want mummy". But later, after thinking about it…I got it. He was jealous.

Everytime I say his friends are cute, pretty, handsome, funny or whatever…he will add "I know you dont think I'm cute/pretty/handsome/funny/whatever.."

Few days ago, we attended a birthday party of this other friend of his. This friend of his is a year younger and super cute. I usually like to kiss this boy and hug him every time I see him because he is THAT cute. My son would get super jealous too. When he found out we will be attending this boy's party, at first he said he didnt want to do and then he goes "I know you only think Ezra is cute. I know you dont think I'm cute" LOL

Not only that…. other than being a jealous pants, he thinks I am too. Whenever he sees someone pretty,  I will catch his eyes looking at the girl and I would ask him if she's pretty and he will say "No she's not. You are prettier" as if I'm jealous. One time at the salon, this shampoo girl was flirting with him and I know he was smitten but when I asked him if he likes that aunty, he will say "I dont, I only like mummy".

Yesterday my mum asked him if his friend in school is pretty and if this particular girl is his girlfriend and he said "No she's not pretty. Mummy is pretty".
I know he's just trying to stop me from getting jealous (although I am not) but it's really funny. Everyone thinks he is sweet for saying mummy is the pretty one, but actually..he doesn't really mean it. He's just saying it so I won't get jealous.

Oh my son!

Adorable like crazy.

Today he told me that this girl (who has a crush on him) asked if he has a girlfriend. And apparently he told her that "My mummy is my girlfriend" LOL

And he wants to be the Beast and I am Bell. We negotiated for my husband to be the beast but he said no, he wants to be the Beast and Papa can be Gaston! LOL


  1. Alololo so cute. I think a boy will always be Mummy's boy... how I wish I can freeze time and enjoy these type of moments with them!

    1. Me too. But at the same time I'm enjoying the fact that they dont need me so much to layan them. more FREEDOM! haha


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