Monday, April 17, 2017

Mummy the Tooth fairy

My daughter is 6 (she will be 7 this year) and sometime last year, 2 of her front teeth was shaking. We have no experience in this area and my husband was worried that she might accidentally swallow it in her sleep so we took her to the dentist to get it pulled. We usually go to Dr. Eugene in BSC and he's really good with kids. I love him. He's the best.

This time, 2 bottom teeth is shaking and we want to just let it happen by itself. No need to go to the dentist to pull it out. Dr. Eugene even told us there's no need to come next time because it is less traumatic to let it happen by itself not to mention, less taxing on the pocket too. Last time we paid over RM500! Crazy.

Few days ago, 1 gigi fell. It was so funny because she didnt even have to do anything. We were talking in the bathroom while I was putting on lotion on her hand when suddenly she felt something and she just pulled it out. She was so shocked that it happened so easily. In fact, she was so excited she started calling everyone to tell them what happened. My husband was out so we facetime'd him. It was funny how she kept saying "It just came out by itself!" she was shocked at how easy it was.

Best part was, she said she couldn't wait for tooth fairy to come. Hmmm……..?
The last time was when we went to Dr Eugene to pull out the 2 front teeth, I had secretly put some money under her pillow. She was so excited despite her dad telling her that Tooth Fairy isn't real. He was giving hints that it was me that put the money under the pillow but my daughter wouldn't have it. She didnt believe him. Hehe. This time, same thing. He said Tooth Fairy is not real and it is probably mummy putting money under the pillow. Well, part of my Job Description as a mother is also to be a Tooth Fairy. After she went to sleep, I had to dig out my wallet for some coins and put it under her pillow.

We got this cute casing from Dr. Eugene

The next morning, she woke up and fount coins, she was so excited! I think I had 11 10cents coins. LOL I was in a hurry and just dump everything that was in my wallet. RM1.10 given by tooth fairy. LOL #cheapskatemuch

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