Tuesday, April 11, 2017

School Holiday is here

We have 2 weeks of school holidays. The initial plan was to go to Tokyo as we still haven't utilised our paid tickets from last year. We bought tickets last year to travel to Tokyo in December but at the last minute decided to go to London instead, remember? Well, our Tokyo trip is pretty much paid for but we haven't had the chance to use it. We left it open and was planning to go this holiday, just in time for sakura but my father in law is not in the best of health and my husband doesn't want to go anywhere far. We opted to go somewhere close where if there is an emergency, we can rush home quickly. I wouldn't want to travel far (or anywhere for that matter) too. Family comes first no matter what.

Kids are bored. 2 weeks is a long time to be off from school. At the last minute, hubs said OK for Legoland since that is the only place kids want to go and been bugging us to take them again. We were there in Legoland few years back. Remember? They had so much fun then and want to go back. We, parents, dont really want to go but I guess they win!

We arrived Legoland pretty late in the evening as the check-in time is at 4pm. We had a nice big fat lunch at home so we dont need to stop at the R&R for lunch or food because they're not very clean. We did make a stop for toilet break and that was it.

Check-In was fast and smooth. First thing we did was take part in this activity. To guess the number of lego in the bowl. My guess was about 300 and apparently I was right'ish. It is between 300-400 in there. Well, we didnt win. But I guess we were close. LOL.

My son also joined in some dance session before we went upstairs to our room. He had fun dancing with the characters.

We opted for the Adventure room this time. I must say I prefer our Pirate room better. The rooms are exactly the same size but our view in the Pirate room last time was way nicer and I prefer the red and white stripes decor better. But this room was ok. Each room is big and comes with a king sized bed and in a separate area, theres a double decker bed and a pull out bed. 3 can fit in that area and of course 2 in the king bed. Kids promised they won't come and sleep with me and they kept their promise the first night. They were so excited and although it was hard for them to sleep without me, they slept well that night. Both of them were on the top together and my maid was sleeping on the pull out bed. They didnt disturb mummy and papa. We left the door open of course and they said good night like a million times!

Second night, they were already making excuses about sleeping on their own beds. But I was enjoying my space way too much. I said no. My husband told them OK to sleep with us but I said no and insisted on them sleeping on the bunk bed instead. Come on man!!! Give me space!!!
They did sleep on their own bed that night but only because they know they will be sleeping with me the next night.

Anyway, legoland was fun. I made sure I brought my diffuser and oils for us wherever we go because I love the smell of oils. I love that whenever we come back to the room, the room smells of spa! Also after a whole day in the sun, I made sure I apply some oils under their feet to relax and pray to God they won't get sick. They were out at the wet park ALL DAY! They came back black, I kid you not.
I forgot my swimsuit (luckily) and so I didnt join them. I was under the shades all day but it was HOT! I came back tan. I mean, even under the shades I was hot like crazy. Many times I wish I was in the water with them.

The first night we were in Legoland, we drove out to JB to the Angry Bird Activity Park. It is located in this big shopping mall called KOMTAR. It's a huge mall. When we got there, we realised that the Activity Park isn't suitable for the kids. We were expecting it to be like an indoor theme park but it's actually not. It is an indoor play area but not the kind we would enjoy. Plus, it was empty and we were tired and hungry at the time. We told the kids it was closed. LOL.

By the time we were done, it was dinner time and we didnt want to eat at the mall. We were looking for local food like briani and whatnot but didnt know where to go. In the end, we ended up at Medini Mall and had chicken rice shop. Bummer! It was the only place still opened.

Never go anywhere without my IZUMIO

Our final day in Legoland, after breakfast, I took the kids to the dry park again. We already went half day the day before but they didnt have enough time to explore the whole park and asked to go again. My husband didnt join us as he was still tired. We had fun at the dry park. My maid is afraid of heights and it was so funny seeing her going on the rides. I think I laughed most hearing her recite all the doas in the world whilst on the roller coaster I almost peed in my pants. Poor thing. That second day at the dry park she didnt want to go on all the rides because she had enough. LOL.

View from Level 15 Club Lounge of the Royal Plaza on Scotts
After we checked out of Legoland and said our Goodbye, we head to Singapore for another short trip. Kids weren't too keen especially because Royal Plaza on Scotts doesn't have any kids stuff to do at all. I told them Singapore is more for the parents! They weren't too happy. We promised to take them to the Bird Park or something fun for them.

In the end, we didnt go anywhere and didnt do anything at all other than shopping for kids and their toys! Pffft! I was not happy. It was raining all day while we were there and couldn't do the outdoorsy stuff we planned to do. Like going to the Bird Park. Boohoo!

We ate at our usual place and did the usual stuff on Orchard Street. Went to Newton Food Centre to tapau food back and ate comfortably in our suite. All was good. Pretty relaxing I would say after a tiring few days at Legoland. I left the kids in the room too and went shopping in Zara and Isetan. Got myself few tops that I could have bought cheaper in KL. Ah well, it wouldn't be complete if I didnt buy anything for myself in Singapore now would it? Good thing is, I didnt even tempt myself to go check the branded stores out. I didnt really have time anyway.

We managed to pop over to Marina Bay Sands because hubs had some stuff to sort out there. We spent some time outdoors admiring the view. I love this view. It is awesome. My kids had fun chasing pigeons away. I think that was the highlight of MBS. hehehe…doesn't take much to impress them! Unlike mummy, she needs Chanel! LOL

Basically, that was Singapore for 3 days 2 nights. Nothing much but just shop for toys and amazing food. I didnt get to order Bread & Butter Pudding from the Royal Plaza this time because I was always too full from all sorts of food we tapau'ed back.

On our way back from Singapore, we decided to stop by JB to look for local food. I googled and found one shop called "Zainal's Place". It wasn't too far away from Singapore. Thank God for Waze. My husband ate nasi campur with sup Gearbox that came with a straw. I didnt take photo of it but it was pretty good. I decided to go local and had Mee Rebus.

Doesn't it look amazing? I must say I've never been so excited to eat Mee Rebus but I was a tad bit disappointed because the Mee Rebus in Hartamas Aji Don is way nicer. Dont get me wrong, this was good…but the one in Hartamas is better. I should have tried something else. Damn! But overall, this place is superb for the locals. I love this place because the owner was super friendly, toilet is super clean, staff was super fast and efficient and although the place was super packed, everything was smooth and fast. I also like the fact that I feel very Malaysian in that restaurant because it was packed with Chinese, Malays and also Indians. Love that.

We got home at about 6pm that night and it's good to be home. Drive home wasn't too bad except for slight traffic in Seremban towards KL.

Overall it was a good trip. Wish we did more especially in Singapore but it was still ok. Kids had so much fun and that is what's important.
They want to go back to Legoland again……let's recover from this sunburn first OK kiddos…


  1. Luckily you are Drama Queen and not Shopping Queen LOL. So glad the kids had fun. We can always go spend your shopping budget when thry go back to school *cheeky grin*

    1. Budget sudah habis on other things. LOL bye bye shopping. But we can go for coffee, anytime!

  2. #needaholiday #newbagalsocan 😂

    1. #alwaysneedanewbag #canthaveenoughbags kan?


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