Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Young Living Good Deal Alert!

I started my oily journey about slightly over a year ago. Back then, I didnt know much about it. All I knew what I wanted my bedroom to smell nice. I went to an event and they had placed the diffusers in the hall and the aroma was so nice I wanted it for my room. I didnt do much research on the products and opted the easy way which was to purchase the Premium Starter Kit. That was my first purchase and that was when I started. I think I paid about RM700 plus for it. Premium Starter Kit is awesome because it has everything you need to get started. It came with a diffuser and 10 or 11 "must have" oils. From there, I started reading and learning more and more about the oils. Before you know it, a year later, I have a huge collection and it is growing.

Young Living Malaysia will no longer offer freebies for new members starting 1 May 2017. So if you want to start, now is the best time to do it. They are 100% therapeutic grade essential oils unlike the ones you see at pharmacies or some supermarket. If you want to treat something, make sure the brand you opt for is 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. I trust Young Living because it has been in the market for a long time. Yes they are slightly more expensive but the value you get back makes it worth it. This package above is only applicable till 30 April 2017.

I'm still learning about oils and how I can use them. I must say it has been fun learning about how different oils can help with different things.

From as low as about ~RM450, you'll be able to start your oily journey with possibilities beyond your imagination. If you need help, I'll be able to help you get started. Now is the best time to start and start your journey to wellness via the most natural means. It is really awesome.

I found this link that you can read and it has additional information on how essential oils work.


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