Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fat Fish and Fat Me

Last week, the Year 2 mummies decided to go brunching at Fat Fish. I of course jumped and said OK because I love Fat Fish.

4 of us went and we had so much fun. Food was glorious and all the other slim mummies stopped eating way before yours truly did. Hence, I am the Fat Fish that day!

Wow we really ordered A LOT!

We ordered mussels in garlic. It was so good. The mummy who ordered this only ate like 5 pcs and yours truly ate more than 20 I'm sure. I was eating it non stop! The other 2 mummies didnt eat this at all. LOL

I order this every time I go to Fat Fish but somehow it never tasted as good as it did the first time I ordered it. But yet, I keep ordering this. This is their spicy prawn pasta. It is good but maybe next time I shouldn't order this again. I should try something else.

Hampshire Mummy ordered this. Yum. I stole some from her. Actually, I stole a lot!! I keep dreaming of kuah asam dip because it will go so well with this grilled squid.

This is their mash potato. It is sooooo good. I think I had 75% of this and others just had a bit. Argh. It is so good I'm still drooling. I can eat this all day. I dont even care if I'm fat anymore.

Oysters at 11.30am? Why not. I love oysters. It is so good and fresh. This is too good. I'm drooling as I am typing this.

But before we eat, photo time first! LOL


  1. Always love our bismillah photos before digging in. We should attempt at least one iftar meal this year <3

    1. Iftar is tough… I doubt can get visa!


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