Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fighting bugs!

It started about over a month ago when I got bitten by some kind of bug. I have super duper sensitive skin. Even from young, my oldest memory is trips after trips to dermatologist because of my skin problems. I was allergic to chicken. No KFC for the longest time. I remember my dad would lie and say KFC is closed, KFC is not making chicken today and all sorts of excuses to prevent me from going. I get toys from KFC a lot as a kid but I never got to eat the chicken because as soon as I eat them, I would have to make a trip to Dr. Sachdev on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. I still remember it! So ya, I have very sensitive skin.

Somehow, I dont know how and why, I could eat KFC again. I guess maybe after awhile my body doesn't reject it anymore. My skin got better when I was a teenager and no more skin problems. Alhamdulillah. I stopped going to Skin Specialist after I became a teenager. My skin got better but I still have sensitive skin. My scars would stay with me for years if I had a mosquito bite and stuff like that. For some odd reason, mosquitos love to bite me instead of people around me. I'd be at the park and no one else will get a mosquito bite except me and I'll end up scratching like a monkey. The spot will get so bad that the scars will stay for years. Literally. No vitamin E can help the scars.

I remember as a teenager I never would wear skirts or dresses because I had so many spots on my legs that I want to cover. Im not a dress person anyway, no issue there!

Once every few years, some insect or bug will bite me and the scar will stay for years. I haven't had them in a while but last month, I got bitten again! It has been a while so I forgot how annoying and irritating and itchy it is. Normally, when this happens, I will need to go to a dermatologist but so far, for as long as I can remember, no medicine, cream can help the itch and get rid of it. I will usually have to wait till the cycle is over for it to be over. No short cuts. In a way, dont need to waste money because nothing will help. I've gone to many doctors and ya, no shortcuts.

When I got this bite last month, I was cursing so much because it is really THAT annoying. The itch is a crazy kind of it that you need to constantly scratch it like 24 hours. By doing that, I will obviously bruise the skin and infect it probably. It usually takes about 2 weeks or so for it to totally go away. Then I just have to live with the scars for a few years.

This time, I tried the natural route and used my Young Living oils. It helps relieve the itch a tiny bit but like I said, nothing will help. I tried different recipes and different oils and alhamdulillah it helps a little.
2 weeks past and it is over. Or so I thought!
But I got more and more and more bites.

Normally, I'll get about 5-8 spots in one go. That 8 scars to deal with at the most. But this time, I've got a total of over 30 spots because this insect is still around me. I usually get bitten like when I go on holiday or something so by the time we leave, the insects or bug is gone but this time, it looks like it is in my house!!!!!! God Help ME!!!!!

For some strange reason, it is not biting anyone else but me!

I've been tolerating this for about a month or so now. I keep getting new spots that means this bugger bitting me is here…. at home! And it is only after my blood! Which makes total sense because my blood is different from anyone in my house!


Its not bedbugs because it is just not. I couldn't see anything. But one day,I caught the damn thing as it was sucking the blood out of me! BASTARD!!!!
It is the size of an ant and it is black. I tried to kill it but it flew away.

Yesterday I called Rentokil to come and inspect the house and they say they couldn't find anything and suggested we do this treatment that will kill EVERYTHING. Argh. No guarantee it will help but thats the only thing I can try.

I am full of scars and itching like crazy. I refuse to eat antihistamine but I did a few times when I feel like it is too much. It is so itchy it is disturbing my sleep. I dont know what else to do. I feel like moving out!!!

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