Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day celebration? We were away in Penang for Mother's Day. The Penang trip was actually because we had a business meeting to attend to on Saturday and when the kids heard the word "Penang" they quickly jumped and made their own plans. What was supposed to be a day trip meeting, turned out to be a weekend away. Since it is the Mother's Day weekend, my husband obviously didnt get the chance to plan anything special. Basically, my Mother's Day was just like any other day.

I hope you all had a good celebration. I see it everywhere on social media. Mothers getting pampered and got flowers and whatnot. I didnt get any. You'd think I'd be sad or upset but truth is, I'm OK.

We were traveling the whole Sunday and had a nice dinner once we arrived KL. I jokingly told my daughter that no one cares about me on Mother's Day and she felt really sad that we didnt do anything special. The drama queen she is, she even shed a few tears. In bed, while I was in the toilet getting ready for bed, I overheard her conversations with my husband and son. It was so funny and sweet. She said she felt bad that they didnt do anything special for me. She told them that this weekend, we have to do something special for mummy and she planned everything. The surprise "party". It was so cute.
I felt so much love.

Everyday is Mother's Day to me. It's really no big deal at all but she just feels sad that we didnt celebrate. For me, it is not a big deal because we were away on a nice holiday, we had good food, I didnt have to cook (hurray) and we were by the beach…so yea, it was special already.

Anyway, my daughter made this special card in school for me. I know the teachers helped but when she gave it to me I was touched by the effort. She was so happy to give it to me too. She is such a darling sweetheart. I love her to bits.

My son on the other hand, made something in school too for Mother's Day but I dont know why he didnt bring it back. LOL. I know exactly what he made because I saw other mothers posted it. Here I am waiting for it but until today, no signs of that photo frame! I need to ask the teacher!

I also got a special gift from Hampshire Mummy. Thank you so much. It is really pretty!!! I love it.

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers. I hope you all had a fun day with your loved ones. Oh, and check out this article on NST on how working moms make it work. A bit of my story is there!


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