Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Healthy Kids, Happy Mummy

Touch wood, my kids are pretty healthy kids. Alhamdulillah for that because I am not that good at looking after sick people, let alone sick children. I get all stressed out and get worried easily. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah for my children's good health thus far.

Last week, my nephew was admitted due to some flu. I stopped reading about it it H7N9 now or something like that? I remember when it was H1N1. Now it is already H7N9. What in the world! I can't stress enough about how important it is to build our immune system to fight against all this.

No matter how many times you wash your hands, or ask your kids to wash their hands…they will still get sick. Unless you can wrap them in a bubble and prevent them from being outside with other children. It is impossible for school going kids, especially the young ones to NOT fall sick. In a way, their body is learning to fight and get to know all the germs, bacteria and whatever else out there so dont feel bad whenever they're not well. The most important thing is, build their immune system so they can fight it. My kids get sick too sometimes. People will ask "How come your kids are on IZUMIO and still fall sick?" Of course they still fall sick too sometimes BUT they recover very fast and often without any medication. You can ask their Paed, Dr Lam how many times have we visited him in the last 2 years since we started our IZUMIO journey. He will definitely tell you we dont see him much anymore.

Before we were introduced to IZUMIO, we used to see Dr. Lam at least every other month. That's a true story. We used to wait for hours to see him. But now, we dont anymore. I will take my kids to see him if they dont recover after 3 days but so far, they've been OK (touchwood) and visiting Dr. Lam is not needed. I usually give myself about 3 days to treat my kids naturally first before giving them any sort of medicines. They dont like taking medicines and will usually listen to me when I up their IZUMIO and Super Lutein dosage when they're not feeling well because they know they rather drink and take that rather than taking meds.

Occasionally, my kids will catch a cold or a flu or fever and so far, alhamdulillah I have managed to get them better without any antibiotics or paracetamol or cough medicines. It has been a while since the last trip to see Dr. Lam. I still get nervous whenever they are down with fever because I dont know what it is that is causing them to fall sick but each time, my immune booster will come to the rescue. This is what I do for my own kids and I just want to share with you out there….

What is my ultimate immune booster?
The minute I feel like their immunity is low, this is how it will be….
I will see signs like low appetite, they're not jumping around like usual (less active) or in my kid's case they become super clingy (they want to hug me or just want me to sit next to them). Those to me are signs that they are getting weaker. I usually dont really need to use the thermometer before I start treating them because I know straight away when they're getting weaker. I dont wait until fever comes to give them more IZUMIO.

For my daughter, she loves drinking water so I give her lots of IZUMIO when I see the signs. When she has fever, I will give her up to 5 packets a day and so far, alhamdulillah, fever has never lasted for more than 24 hours. I will also give her 2-3 Super Lutein with every packet of IZUMIO.

My son doesn't really like drinking water. He will drink when he is thirsty but he is more of a Super Lutein person so for my son, instead of giving 5 packets of IZUMIO, I will just give him maybe 2-3 packets that day but I will give him Super Lutein to chew all day. He loves the taste and can chew all day. Every hour 2-3 capsules. I've given him maybe 15-20 capsules a day. Also with him, fever has never lasted for more than 24 hours.

Now that I started oiling with Young Living, I noticed that the oils work really well with IZUMIO and Super Lutein. I apply Thieves Essential Oil on their feet and chest. Thieves is a "hot"oil so it is important to dilute it if you want to apply on the chest. For the feet, I usually apply neat but if you are worried, please dilute with a carrier oil like olive oil or vegetable oil. I use coconut oil if I need to dilute.  I also apply R.C essential oil and Raven depending if I need to or not. R.C and Raven is good for coughs, colds, stuffy nose, viral infection. At night, without fail (whether they are sick or not) I will diffuse essential oils depending on my mood that night. If I feel like I want to relax, I will diffuse Lavender and Peppermint (my favourite combination) but if they're not well, I will diffuse Thieves, Purification, R.C and Raven (Not all together but separately).

So far, this has worked for me. I find that by giving my kids IZUMIO, they recover without medication but by giving them IZUMIO AND putting oils on them, they recover without medication quicker. I need less IZUMIO to treat them and they recover very fast. Awesome right? I used to give 5 packets a day during fever for about 2 days but now I just need 3 packets a day with oils. Most important thing is, it is all NATURAL.

If you are looking to boost up your child's immunity, come and get in touch with me. I know this so well because it has worked for my kids for the past 2 years. Please note that it is the molecular hydrogen in IZUMIO that heals. I know there are other brands out there but I'm not familiar with other brands. Feel free to test and try but for me, I know what works and I'll stick to it. Same goes with Super Lutein and Young Living oils. There are other brands out there…but I can't say they work better or as well as the brands I use because I only know what I know.

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