Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Pet

I'm not a pet person. I like to look at cats and rabbits and all but I dont like to have a pet. I never had a pet growing up because my mum dont like animals in the house. I remember when I was a kid, I begged my dad for a persian cat and he would promise to get it for me but never did (probably because my mum won't have it). I am definitely not a pet person because of my mum. She won't go near animals. She's scared and geli.

My husband on the other hand is more of a pet person. He loves animals and likes playing with them but he is also not a pet person because he gets bored easily. He doesn't like the smell. Even if I cook and the house smells of food, he will make noise and air everything out. So having a pet is usually temporary urge because he likes animals but give it a month he will want to get rid of them. 

1. He bought a sugar glider once and he was obsessed with it for a while, then one day, he got bored of it and just left it outside (he still give it food and all) and we forgot there was fogging that day and he forgot to bring the sugar glider in while we were out. When we came home, it was dead. 

2. We bought fishes (cuz he wanted to have them) and after awhile, he got sick and tired of cleaning it. He will complain the smell and whatever else and soon, fish died. 

3. We had hamsters too. It too died.

4. Zoe. He was the one who agreed to keep Zoe (our tuition teacher wanted to adopt it!) but now, he is itching to give it away because he hates it that outside of our house smells of cat. I can't smell anything but he can. 

Today, I dont know how..he gave my daughter the idea to go to the petshop in Atria.

Look what happened!!!!

We came home with 2 hamsters. I was so angry. I ignored all of them (him and my kids) because I know this is all temporary. They'll all get bored of it and then I'll be the one stressing bout the food and I'll have to nag about cleaning the cage and whatnot (because I won't go near!). I won't go near it because I hate pets and from the start I will tell them I won't have anything to do with this but I always end up kesianning the pets.

Like Zoe. My kids are still obsessed with Zoe but my husband is over it. I'll be the one to remind my maid to give food to Zoe and if we run out of food, I'll be the one making food for the cat. WTH!!!


We have hamsters now. H-A-M-S-T-E-R-S

kill me now!


  1. Oh my... I love animals, but I also expected the one who took on pets to take care of the responsibility.

    Hope this time they will persevere. Maybe you need to draw some charts on who feed and clean day by day.

    1. So far so good. They (husband, daughter and son) have been cleaning the cage and feeding them well.


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