Sunday, May 14, 2017

Option B

Do you guys watch the Ellen Show? Well, I do. I love talk shows and Ellen's my favourite. She's funny, entertaining and I love how the show really brings out everything good. "Be Kind of one another" is what the show is all about.

It airs every evening at 6pm if I'm not mistaken. 6pm is not the time for me to watch TV at all so what I do is I will record the show and watch it later when I'm free. I usually catch up on TV shows I record in advance once my kids are in bed. They will be in bed by 8.30pm. 9.00pm onwards will be my "me" time in front of the TV till maybe about 11.00pm or so.

In one episode of Ellen, I saw an interview between her and the COO of Facebook, this lady called Sheryl Sandburg. She was talking about how devastated she got when her husband died. I was inspired by her story and was desperate to read her book called "Option B: facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy"

In that interview she also spoke a bit about this book and what people can learn from her experience. I started looking for this book but couldn't find it in any of our major bookstores. Finally, I managed to order it online from MPH.

Few days later, my book came.

Here's the thing, I've not read a book in a good almost 7 years. I dont read serious books at all because I get bored and I dont like to read things I dont understand. I usually love reading easy reading, happy-happy type books. Yeah, books for bimbos if you want to call it that. I dont even know if I will end up reading this book but I was really inspired by Sheryl and thought I'd give it a go.

I aim to finish this book in 2 weeks. I know it is a long time but I dont read all that much and I haven't read a book since forever. 2 weeks would be a good accomplishment. I dont even know if I will finish reading it. I'm on to chapter 4 now. I try to read at every opportunity I get and so far, so good.

Reading this book, I can sort of picture Sheryl telling the story just like she did on that interview. I just love the way she speaks and how she talks. I can listen to her all day. Wish me luck.

I already have few friends who wants to borrow the book after I'm done. I hope I'll get to pass it to them soon.

Oh, another thing I did was ordered Life Juice. Nothing related to this book story whatsoever but I just thought of going on a juice diet after eating out like crazy last week.

Life Juice has always been my Option A whenever I want to do a Juice diet but lately, their service doesn't seem as good as what it used to be. I find that their juices dont taste the same anymore too. Doesn't taste that "fresh and pure" if you know what I mean. I find that it is sweeter too.

Any other juice to recommend? I need option B!


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