Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Renewing Business Registration

Every year I will go to the nearest Bank Simpanan Nasional to get my business registration renewed. It's just up the road and very near me. But parking is a problem there and I usually need to be there at least 4 times before the "system" can be up. Normally "System is down". It annoys the crap out of me. It is easier to go get it done at SSM but it is not that near and again, parking is shit over there too.

Today, I have some stuff to do at the SSM office. I decided to get my business registration renewal done too although it is not expiring until next month. Someone mentioned to me that it is so easy to get it done at the SSM. The machine is so quick and easy to use.

I was at the SSM with my husband and we were meeting up with our business partners. Perfect timing too because I can just renew my business registration there. My husband told me to get it done upstairs but I insisted on using the machine. He didnt understand why I wanted to use the machine instead of queuing up. I told him I prefer dealing with machines than human. LOL.

While he was having his cigarette (I know! He still hasn't stopped smoking!) he told me to quickly go get my stuff done before our partners arrive. I renewed my business registration using the machine and took me literally 5 minutes to get everything done. WOW. Superb!!! I dont even have to bring anything but my IC. I was so impressed and jakun. Awesome! They even give perfect change. I had to pay RM70.60 for 1 year renewal and I gave RM100 because I didnt have small change. The instructions on the machine did say to give the correct amount. I thought they were gonna telan my balance but they gave me the correct amount back.

Next year I'm just going to get my husband to drive me there and he can wait in the car for 5 minutes while I get my renewal done.

I love machines like this. So convenient. They should put this machines at banks or in a shopping malls.

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