Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saving money

I'm broke!

When you earn more, you tend to spend more too. Is it like that with you? That's exactly what is happening with me. I am out of control!

I spent A LOT last month. I think I must have bought the entire Zara or something like that! Now that they have Zara online, my oh my…!

This month, I told myself… "NO SHOPPING" especially at ZARA and no buying unnecessary things.

Here are some of the things I've been doing lately that is making me spend more than I usually do….

1. I've been going to KLCC a lot!

2. I've been eating out a lot. Mostly brunching with girlfriends and school mummies.

3. I've been drinking more Starbucks. I stopped drinking coffee since I was pregnant with my daughter. I will occasionally have a latte every now and then but lately I crave latte ALL THE TIME.

4. I've been buying so many new Essential Oils to explore and this is my latest addiction. I love it so much!!!

5. I'm revamping my wardrobe and I've been shopping A LOT

It is no surprise I am broke. In fact, I'm shocked I'm not bankrupt with the way I'm spending lately. So yah, this has got to stop!!!!

Everytime you tell yourself you got to stop spending, suddenly out of nowhere you HAVE to pay for something or HAVE to buy something …. like oh, I NEED a new bra! You need bras! pfffftttt

Last month, I told myself the same thing. You got to start SAVING money but I didnt do a good job at all. I failed miserably in April because I spent so much. This month, I'm not giving up. I am going to really stop spending.

It is 9th May and I've not been hanging out at any malls. I have not done any online shopping although FashionValet, Zalora and Zara is calling my name, sending me emails after emails to remind me that my shopping cart is on Sale. I've been really good. I've not bought any new clothes yet. Fingers crossed I won't.

I've been eating out A LOT still. Eating out alone is at least RM50 per meal. It just builds up you know. RM50 a meal can be RM150 per day if you eat 3 meals a day outside. This week alone I've had meet ups with friends almost everyday. It's so much fun tho. I love my meet ups with friends. It's so refreshing and a lot of fun. But ok, next week I'll try to be good and stay home and not socialise, which I think I won't have time to anyway because I got to start working on my KupuKupu's raya collection. I will be busy with that thank god!

As for Essential Oils, boy oh boy… I'm just addicted to oils. Today, my friend did a scan on me using this Itovi health and wellness scanner and it's so awesome. This device will sort of scan your body and tells you what you need. This device has sensors that will scan your body and generate personalised wellness evaluations. My friend just got the device and I told her to test me. Scanning takes 2 minutes and you will get an evaluation like this.

It will then tell you what oils you NEED. Good news is, my health and wellness is pretty good. Other than taking my IZUMIO and Super Lutein and my Essential Oils, my lifestyle (especially my food intake) is not very healthy. I was pleasantly surprised that my Itovi readings was pretty good. They gave some suggestions on the oils I needed so as usual, I'm itching to buy the oils they recommended. Argh. But I have a whole collection of oils at home that I still can play with so I'm going to try my best not to buy any this month. Unless I HAVE to. We'll see.

Starbucks? Well, I need to stop drinking so much coffee. That's pretty easy but then I need Milo if I dont drink coffee and Milo 3in1 is probably worse than drinking Latte. #dilemma

Note to self:

1. Stop shopping this month. No buying clothes
2. Cut down on eating out.
3. Dont buy any essential oils this month

Sounds easy enough to do right???

Wish me luck!!!!!


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