Sunday, January 28, 2018


I look at the photos of my living room back when Rose was working for us and I could see a huge difference. Our room looks clean and it was glowing. Then I compare it to the current photo. Although the position of all the items are still the same, somehow it doesn't have that clean and bright feel to it.

Is my current helper not good enough? Perhaps she doesn't clean as thorough as Rose. I'm sure no one can compare to how Rose was but I have come to realise that it is actually because we just have more junks now than before. We are closet hoarders!

My plan now is to get rid of as many things as I can. I still have exercise books for when my daughter was in Year 1. She is now in Year 3. Why do I need to keep those exercise books? In my head, I'm thinking perhaps my son would need it. He is in Year 1 now and not once has he looked at his sister's Year 1 exercise books! Time to chuck it away. But oh, the memories?

This morning, I went into my kid's room to throw away the old story books. Books that are not their level to read anymore. Surprisingly, I kept most of them and chucked the rest in a separate box to give away but somehow, I know my kids will find that box and open it up again. Then I'll be back in square 1. Why is it so difficult to throw thing away? Especially things you dont need?

I got to do this. I want to declutter. My mind is so messed up when I see mess everywhere. It doesn't help that my helper is not OCD, unlike how Rose was.

Anyway. I got to get back to it.

Wish me luck! Any tips on how to declutter? Please help!


  1. It’s simple. Pejam mata!! We have just finished decluttering the boys’ stuff to set up their new room. Threw away 2 big bags of broken/old toys and gave away 3 big bags of still good almost new toys. Same goes to the clothes. We packed everything into bags and put it in the nearest charity bin straight away. So tak sempat to feel sentimental etc. the key is to be objective abt it. Do u need it? If not, will it benefit others? Then give it away. Gdluck babe!!

    1. I did it! I took your advice. Got rid of it before I had the time to feel sentimental. I need to do more of this! It feels good!


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