Sunday, January 28, 2018

KitaKita Cafe

This has got to be one of my favourite cafe to go to in Damansara Heights. It has a little boutique selling all sorts of pretty stuff from scarfs, beautiful paintings, nice pretty Malaysian crafts. My mum will love this place. I've yet to introduce her to this place - note to self: Take mummy here!!!!

Last week, I was free for lunch and it is so convenient because a good friend of mine works in the same building. She already had something to eat that day but since I was free, she came to join me.

This cafe is really pretty. It is not that big and sits only about 20-25 pax at the most. It is usually pretty quiet there, that's why I like it. The service is not great if you are in a hurry. It is nice to sit down and chat and take your time. It is not the place to go if you are in a rush.

As usual, I ordered the same thing I normally order. They have a new menu now and it is called Siti Li. I'm not sure if the cafe has changed its name but the menu is still the same. They've added a few new things I think but the main dishes are still there.

I absolutely love their Laksa Johor. Being a Johorian myself, I always crave for a good Laksa Johor. My aunt makes the best one hands down but she's not well lately and doesn't cook all that much anymore. I've been craving for this for so long. I also ordered their "sirap bandung bersoda" which is another favourite in my aunt's house. It is basically just sirap mixed with susu cair and also ice cream soda. Sedap! I think it is a Johorian thing because I dont think my husband can drink this.

As usual, the best thing about this cafe is their famous cekodok pisang. It is so yummy but oh so small. It is to die for. This yummy banana fritters are super tiny and one portion is RM15. A bit expensive if you ask me and dont even think of sharing. You may as well just order one for yourself and save time.
We ordered 2 portions of those and also a portion of cucur udang.

My friend said it is not that nice but I liked it. And guess what? It was gone in 60 seconds too! This one is good for sharing.

I love this place and can't wait to be back, with my mum next time, I promise! I know what she will order too. Exactly the same as the above!

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