Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Malay Dramas

I dont really watch Malay Dramas on TV but occasionally when I'm flipping channels looking for something to watch, I will come across some Malay dramas and will end up watching the whole series. I'm not a fan but I do watch it every now and then.

I came across this article Everything Wrong with Malay Dramas that's deteriorating our society that my friend posted on FB and I couldn't agree more!

Each time I watch a malay drama on TV recently, I find myself questioning the morals of the story, the characters and sometimes I get really frustrated. Sometimes it is just WRONG! I know that it is all fiction and it is "only a movie/drama" but when you watch it time and time again, I'm worried that it is affecting our society and our mentality towards certain things.

What we see on TV can shape the minds of the viewers. I wish the film makers, TV producers, directors and script writers know that their responsibilities are huge. Yes, it is all about the money and that is the kind of world we live in. But it is just frustrating.

It is always about rape, mat rempit, evil mother in law, power struggles, cheating husband…. argh…. all the wrong things we find in our society. When are people going to start making positive dramas that will create love, peace and unity? Remember Arwah Yasmin Ahmad? Beautiful real movies/dramas we dont see a lot these days. Sad. So sad. I think it is time I turn to Korean Dramas. I've not tried watching any because I'm worried I might get hooked. But soon, I think I will.

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