Sunday, January 28, 2018

Year 1 Geography Project

My son is 5 (turning 6 in August) and he is now in Year 1. As part of his geography project, he is asked to build a model room in his house. It doesn't sound too complicated at all. Basically, all you need is some scrap items and a box, right? Easy enough to do.

My son had no clue how to attempt this project. You can't blame him, he is only 5 years old. When I was 5 years old, I didnt have to do all this. I was busy playing in the garden or climbing trees at my grandmas. But no, these days, they have to build a room. Since he doesn't know how to do it, mummy dearest had to step in to do it. I started making a rather simple one, but then the creative person in me was shouting and screaming to get out. I decided to redo it all and start over!

First Model
Trust me, this first model wasn't all that easy to do. To build the sofa was a lot of hard work and I couldn't get the glue gun to work as nice as it was supposed to.

I also had to Youtube some videos on how to build a chair using paper. Origami is not as easy to figure out especially when you want it a certain size. I must say my dining table looks pretty good. Kids helped me build a chair and it didnt look all that nice that I told them not to help anymore. It was hard guiding them to do it because it was too small.

Since the first model didnt make the cut, I started building a new one. This time, I must say I was more serious. I waited when my kids are in school to do this project. It took me a whole week of at least a few hours a day. I kid you not. I was determined to make it look right. It was also a very therapeutic experience for me. I was PMSing pretty badly and I was in such a foul mood that doing this was the only thing I look forward to.

Slowly but surely my living room started to look more real everyday. I spent about almost RM100 buying different types of paper, glue and blades and everything I thought might help create this look. I was so proud of it. My daughter loved it so much she wanted to play with it. Ah, that will be good. At least they can use this to play later.

I added few extra touches yesterday and now it looks perfect. It looks really good, doesn't it? That is what I call #gigih!

I posted it on my social media and a few of my friends commented that it looked real. Like I should have been an architect / interior designer. Well, not many know this but when I studied my science foundation in St. Andrews college in Cambridge, the program was designed for me to go to Architecture school. I applied and got accepted to Cardiff University to study Architecture. The interview I had in Cardiff for Architecture school was tough. They took me on a tour of the campus and I saw so many students doing their thing and I got scared. I didnt think I could do it. I basically chickened out after the interview. I got accepted to do the course but in the last minute, I decided I couldn't do it. I saw how dedicated all of them were and I dont think I have that in me. In university, I wanted to have fun, not study and build models! So I switched and did a business degree instead.

So yes, this project was fun for me. I somehow got the glimpse of what I could have. It was good but after this one project, I was ready to switch off. LOL. Thank God I didnt do that degree!

Anyway, I hope my son got the presentation part right. If not, all my effort are wasted. Well, not really. It is going to be my daughter's doll house after this, I am sure!

What do you think about doing your kid's projects for them?
My parents never helped me with my school work. I was very independent. Kids nowadays are all spoon-fed to the core. It bothers me. But yet, I spent one week doing his school project!
Well, school project should be age appropriate. This isn't one.

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