Thursday, February 15, 2018

Proud Mama

Last Tuesday, my daughter performed at her school's Chinese New Year assembly. She was part of the junior choir and boy, she did so well I was beaming with pride.

She's been practising hard. She loves singing and practising is natural to her. She would sing the song all day every single day. I was not able to understand or guide her because the songs are all in mandarin (I dont know, it could be some other language but it is foreign to me!). I looked at the lyrics and I was not able to tell if the pronunciation is right or wrong. Basically, she was on her own. They had to attend extra after school practices and skipped some lesson during school hours. They did work hard and the performance was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!

Being the kiasu mum that I am, I came super early to get the best seats in the hall. After breakfast with my husband at a nearby cafe, we drove straight back to school. We were lucky they let us in the hall early. I managed to get the middle seat, second row from the front. It was the perfect seat with perfect view.

My daughter is not very academic. Dont get me wrong, she is a really smart kid but studying is not her 'thing'. She does get good grades in school but as her mom, I know all the academic stuff doesn't drive her. Singing does. And as a mom, I need to encourage her although I'm not too sure I want her to be in the music business when she grows up.

I hope she will continue to find joy in singing because she really does light up my day when she sings. Sometimes I wonder where she got this from because neither myself or my husband can sing. I only sing in front of my kids, badly I must add but my husband, I dont think I've ever heard him sing.

Whatever it is, I hope she will continue to shine and most importantly continue doing what she loves the most. Mummy and Papa will always be there to support you. Well done my dear...

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