Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wellness Assessment

I went for a wellness assessment in Kota Damansara this week and it was really an interesting experience. I have never done it before and was really nervous prior to the assessment because I dont know what to expect.

A friend of mine recommended the place as she said it helped her in many ways and I thought why not try it out for myself.

The therapist use a little machine to scan each of my 10 fingers one by one. With this machine, they are able to detect my energy level and also my chakras.

We then spent about 30-45 minutes reviewing the results of this assessment.

Good thing is, I do not have any health problems. Of course, there are areas I can improve or focus on. For example,  my stomach, colon and nervous system. I basically need to drink more water, which I can admit, I dont drink enough at all. That will be something I need to constantly remind myself. DRINK MORE WATER. Drinking more water will solve all that and make it perfect. Alhamdulillah. Health is good.

But when it comes to my chakra's, they aren't great. What does this mean actually? Honestly, I dont have a clue myself but from what I understand from the consultation, emotionally, I am not doing so well. The feedback I got is rather confusing which simply means I am all over the place when it comes to my emotion. I need to be more grounded, which I am not.

The consultation concluded that:

1. I have lots of anxiety (which makes sense because I was super nervous, I didnt know what I was getting into!)

2. I have no joy and no fire in me. This means, I have no passion for anything. This is sad because what is life without joy? What is life without passion? She said I am too laid-back. Nothing drives me..

3. I hold back emotions because of fear of being judged. I think everyone has this fear but I can totally understand what she meant because more often than not, I keep my feelings inside rather than expressing them because I just dont want drama. When you hold things inside, you are actually not allowing yourself to be free…

4. I do not love myself enough. This is strange because I thought I do. She said I dont trust myself enough, I do not believe in myself and my potential. Low self esteem perhaps? I dont know.

5. I attract abundance (which is super good) and I pray but do not believe. I feel is not entirely true because I feel it is the other way round. I dont pray (enough) but I do believe.

The assessment is only RM49.00 and what I learn from it is that our mind is a very powerful tool. If we know how to control our mind, we can do anything we want to do. This is what they will teach me to do. She said they will show me tools to change my view in life. Drama will always be there but after the therapy, I will look at the drama and say "this is not my drama to fight" and walk away happier. Does that make any sense?

This is my very first time doing this kind of assessment.She suggested for me to go for 3 private sessions after this to realign my chakras and to feel lighter. I do feel stressed all the time and I think the biggest obstacle I have in me is I dont believe in myself enough. I can do much more than what I am doing. I need to find that drive and joy and fire in my life.

I am very skeptical of this type of therapy because I have no experience in it. I am not sure if I will go with it but I need time to process it first and perhaps speak to a few people to ask more questions.

Do you have any experience in this type of therapy for the soul? I feel I need it……or did they play with my mind to make me believe I need it? We shall see..

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