Wednesday, March 7, 2018

9 Years

Wow. Time flies and what do you know? It has been 9 years since my husband lafaz'ed the akad nikah, 9 years since we said "I Do", 9 years since I wore that beautiful Syaiful Baharim's white dress. I can't fit into that dress anymore and I've stopped trying. I've accepted the fact that I will never be that skinny!

Guess what? My husband forgot. (As expected) but dont worry, I am not a bit upset about it too because if it weren't for my phone alarm to remind me, I would have forgotten about it too. That's just how it is when you are married that long! Somehow, things like this dont matter anymore because we have bigger things to think about and really, it is not a big deal.

Some couples make it a point to celebrate their anniversaries but we are not one of them. My aunt and her husband has been married for god knows how many years and every single year, on their anniversary they will have a romantic dinner at the same place, same coffee house, same hotel. They are sweet like that. We are not one of those. Some years, we forget! It is good when we remember it but when we dont, it is OK.

9 years of marriage. 9 years of being a wife. What have I learned?
I have learned that marriage is hard work. If I knew how hard it is to be married and to be a wife, I'm not sure if I would have gotten married. Like anything else in life, you will have good days and bad days. Some days you will feel like you dont deserve him, some days you will feel like you deserve better. That is all normal in a marriage. Some days are filled with lots of joy and laugher and some days are long and a struggle. Like everyone else, I have all that too. Most important thing to learn is how to give and take. There's always issues in life but learn that some are not worth the fight. Some issues are best hidden under the carpet! Some might disagree but for us, it works.

Alhamdulillah with this marriage, I am blessed with 2 beautiful, most wonderful children who is the light of my days and my husband's. Being a parent is no joke but our children is such a joy and although I have bad mummy days, I always go to sleep super proud of them and they just make me feel so complete. I know my husband feels the same way if not more. The kids are his entire universe!

Today, for my anniversary I just want to be proud that we've gone through the past 9 years together. Of course it is not a walk in the park (Jurrasic park, maybe!) but hey, we made it 9 years! That's an awesome achievement. I pray that Allah will give us many many more years together. May Allah make us both better people, better partner and better parents to our kids. I pray we will have more beautiful memories, more holidays, more laughters and more joy. I also pray that when we are not having such a great time together or when we are struggling, to make us strong and keep us together, still..

Alhamdulillah for 9 years…. may we have many more and hopefully he will key it in his phone and not forget it next year. haha…

We made it!


  1. ive been married for 3 years now and really, its a hard work to stay married ;P. happy anniversary to you and forever to come :)

    1. Thank you dear. Yes, marriage is hard work but it is worth it!

  2. Happy Anniversary babe! May Allah bless your family always!! Syaiful was our designer too. And yeah i am yet to fit back into my wedding dresses. Here’s hoping ill manage to slim down fast during confinement

    1. thank you dear.

      Still can't believe you're going to be a mom of 3. Supermom u are! I can never fit my Syaiful bajus anymore. I gave up trying. No gym time can bring me back to pre-kids body! so sad


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