Sunday, March 4, 2018

Home Manager

I admit! I am NOT domesticated at all. I HATE doing any kind of housework and although I can cook, I dont really enjoy cooking all that much. I would rather people cook for me. You can call me lazy or undomesticated. Call me whatever you want BUT I can promise you, my household doesn't work without me.

I have a maid to do everything for the house. Correct! I basically dont need to lift a finger. You would think that this house can run without me but you are wrong. It is my VOICE that makes all the running and operations work in this house.

I feel like in a bit of a dilemma sometimes. On one hand, I feel like such a lousy wife and mom but on one hand, I feel like things still dont work without me. Of course no one will die without me around but I feel like I dont get enough credit for what I do in this house sometimes. No one is complaining. It is just a struggle I have with myself. I feel useless that I dont do housework but yet at the same time, why should I do it when I have my maid to do it? We pay her anyway right?

I feel undervalued sometimes being a SAHM. Just because I dont do housework, I feel like I am lousy. I guess what I'm trying to say is, being a mom and a wife is tough even with a maid around (being a SAHM without maid, is just mental!). If you ask me what else I want? I dont even know.

I know a lot of mothers are struggling because there's just too much pressure on them. You got to look after the kids, be a good wife and sometimes you tend to just focus on everyone else but yourself. I know for me, how I feel and what I want is the last thing I think about and that can be frustrating.
You got to love yourself more. You got to accept that if you want to be a better mum and a better wife, you got to look after yourself more. Your happiness counts.

Being a home manager is not easy. I know it is a struggle for me too but I try to make the best out of it.
Know your worth.

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