Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I love Peppermint

This is by far my favourite oil by Young Living. This is the oil I cannot live without and I want to share with you what I use it for. Sharing is caring, remember?

I dont know about you but I've been obsessed with Minyak Cap Kapak for the longest time. Maybe since I was a kid because I remember growing up, I always had tummy ache and in those days, Minyak Cap Kapak is the way to go. So yes, I'm a big fan and can't live without Minyak Cap Kapak until I was introduced to this Peppermint Oil by Young Living. It is oh so awesome.

Along with Lavender and Lemon, Peppermint is also known to be one of the most versatile oils that can be used for pretty much anything and everything. From housekeeping, to headaches to tummy aches you name it, Peppermint is the go-to oil for me.

Here are some of the things I use Peppermint oil for…

1. Diffuse it
I diffuse every single night without fail. I dont stick to one type of oil every night. I tend to choose the oils depending on my mood and the situation. For example, if I feel extra tired, I will diffuse lavender (to sleep better), if my kids have flu (I will diffuse Thieves), if I'm grumpy I will diffuse Joy or stuff like that but no matter which oil I choose for the night, I will ALWAYS add Peppermint to the mix. I just love my room to have that minty smell. It just smells better with Peppermint.

2. Spray it
I have a few spray bottles in the house for different purpose. It is all D-I-Y mixture. For example, I have been bitten by a weird insect in my house in the last year or so, I dont know what it is but for some reason, it is only biting me. I'm allergic to it I suppose and whenever I get bitten, I will be scratching like a monkey for days. It will be so bad that I will usually need intervention! Yes, I have taken steroid pills to stop this bite reaction. It is so bad. And if you know me, I HATE taking medicines! I dread taking pills but this bites are so bad that I have no choice but to take medication. It's been going on for a year plus on and off. Every 6 months or so, I will get bitten. But I haven't been getting any in the last few months or so and I believe it is because of my spray blend that I created. It is a mixture of just plain tap water, mix it with purification oil, tea tree oil and peppermint oil. I spray it on my body every time after shower. It will leave my whole body feeling super minty but it is working to keep the bugs from biting me for sure!

I also make a special spray for my home. I added peppermint in it to get rid of the bugs and even cockroaches. I get my maid to spray it all over the room and the toilet. This is the best all-natural disinfectant. All you need is a spray bottle, some peppermint oils and 1/4 cup of vinegar and just fill up with water. No chemicals whatsoever. You can even spray it on your plants because it causes no harm to the plant. Spray it on the kids toys too as it is an excellent anti fungal and antibacterial. Get rid of the harmful toxic cleaners in your house like Dettol and Clorox! Wipe counter tops with this mixture and you can use it in the kitchen. All safe!

3. Apply it
I apply it on my tummy or forehead when I have headaches or tummy aches. For my kids, I will be sure to dilute it because it is a hot oil and can be too "pedas" for them.

When I'm feeling sleepy, I just put one or two drops in my hand and rub it. Inhale it a few times and walaaaaa… I'm all up and awake!

4. Mix it in my shampoo
Sometimes I also add a few drops of peppermint in my shampoo just for fun. It is so refreshing, I can't even tell you!!!

Basically this is the oil I love the most. Have you tried it? If you haven't, you should! It is not even expensive. It is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs. It has a strong, clear, minty aroma and provides cooling sensation which I love. In a hot sunny day, I just spray it around my neck and at the back of my head just to have that cooling sensation.

It retails at RM129.09 and wholesale price is RM98.11 (Excluding delivery and tax). If you want to try it, get in touch with me and I'll help you place an order. Trust me, you NEED this oil in your life!

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