Sunday, March 18, 2018

Innocent Minds

Do you remember when you were a teenager you just couldn't wait to grow up? I keep telling my kids to enjoy their childhood as much as they can because being a child is the best thing in the world. Life just gets tougher and tougher when you are an adult. Especially when you are married with kids. The responsibilities and the stress, can be overwhelming at times.

I love that my kids are at that age where their minds are so pure and innocent. I keep telling my son not to grow up so fast and I want him to stay this age forever. He's so cute. Stuff he says just makes me want to kiss him all over.  My daughter is 8 going on 18. She's still adorable and cute too. She makes me smile. She's the most thoughtful person in the house when it comes to mummy's wellbeing. She's always got my back.

One of the most favourite things to do with them lately is to pray together. We make it a point to at least do Magrib or Isyak together. I am still a work in progress myself. I still do not do my 5x a day but I got to say that I've put in more and more effort lately to keep my prayers. My kids, Alhamdulillah doesn't complain about praying together. They will follow me whenever I ask them to without my having to force them, which is funny because my uncle used to literally drag me to pray. Anyway, our favourite part about praying together is the doa part. We take turns saying doas. I will usually say my doa out loud so they can hear what I'm asking for. They will do the same and I always find myself laughing inside at the stuff they ask from Allah.

Let me share with you some of them…..

Daughter: Allahuakbar, please make us strong. Keep us healthy. Make us love each other and not fight with each other. Please make me a better panama dancer….

Wait what???????? PANAMA DANCER???? I was laughing inside.

"Please give me better handwriting. Just medium sized…"

LOL Medium sized handwriting?? She doesn't want just a better handwriting. She was very specific. It had to be medium sized! She couldn't be any cuter, I swear to God…

Son: Allahuakbar, please make me be the best ping-pong player. Make us strong. Please make our family a happy family and not a boxing family… Please also make my papa but PS4 for me…

One time my son asked to be a tiger in his doa!

I hope I'll remember their doas forever. I hope their innocent and pure minds will stay pure and innocent for a long time because I'm not ready for the next phase just yet.

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