Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Clinic

Sometime last year, I decided to try some place new to do my facial. I've been going to Dermalogica in BSC since I was 15 years old (I kid you not!). Although it is good and I'm comfortable there, I keep wondering if there's somewhere better. Plus, it is always a headache to get an appointment at the Dermalogica. I usually have to book in advance and if I had last minute cancellation, I will have to wait another month without facial. It was getting annoying.

After reading reviews on Instagram, I decided to try out My Clinic in Damansara Uptown. My first appointment was a free consultation by Dr. Hoe. My skin was not that good at that time but it wasn't too bad. My consultation with Dr. Hoe was good. He listed down all my skin issues (I didnt realise I had that many) but he said we can treat all those issues with just 2 treatment - which is the Silkpeel and Yellow Laser. He recommended for me to go for at least 6 sessions to see a difference.

I've been going there pretty regularly since then and I must say my skin has improved A LOT. I'm very happy with the treatments I went for at My Clinic and the price is pretty reasonable. Wait for the promotions and then go and check it out. Staff are professional and Dr Hoe is pretty awesome. What I like about him is that he won't recommend something you dont need just to make some extra money.
Some of the things I wanted, he didnt think I needed it and told me not to waste my money.
Waiting for their next promotion so I can purchase my next package!

P/S: This is not a sponsored post!

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