Wednesday, March 21, 2018

POKE bowl obsession

If you know me, you will know that I dont do salads. I am just not a salad person. In fact, I can't stand eating lettuce even until today. All my life, I dont eat much vege too. I'm just not very "green" like that.
Some friends tried to introduce me to salads but I'm just not into it. Until recently.

I have no idea why but I suddenly have the urge to eat more greens lately. It's so weird. But even at home, I crave for vege more than ever. I guess it is my body telling me I need to eat them.

I saw some friends posted on their instagram of this POKE BOWLS and yea they're pretty, alright. I love looking at the colours but because I'm not a salad person, I never wanted to try them. They're just one of those things that are super pretty to look at but you know you won't feel satisfied after having a bowl. Like how can you be full after eating salad, right?


One day, a friend of mine invited me to lunch and we decided to go to Lushbowl near Plaza Damas. I saw the place and I liked it. It is very instagramble. (Apparently, this is important in today's world!)

I had no clue what to order because everything is foreign to me. The guy who was explaining the menu is not local, his accent was a bit difficult to understand too. But what the heck, I just trusted him and pretty much took his advice on what to get.

I know it doesn't look much but it was a good portion for me. I was full by the end of it and it was really delicious too. It had japanese rice and cauliflower rice underneath all that too. I was shocked at how much I actually enjoyed this Poke Bowl. WOW. This is a whole new era for me.

My friend was saying that you can get bigger portion from this other place in Pavillion too. They have similar stuff there. One day, I went to Pavilion because I was craving another bowl.

I dont know if I didnt order the right thing but although the portion was almost double the portion at Lushbowl, I didnt really enjoy it as much as I did at Lushbowl.

It was alright, it wasn't bad or anything but I feel like the quality is better at Lushbowl. It is cheaper than Lushbowl too but nahhhhh I wasn't feeling it.

There were a few times when I was home and crave for lushbowl. I was too lazy to drive out and got GOGET to get it for me. RM50 for this meal. Worth it?

I dont know but it was alright. I think it is better if you dine in rather than have it tapau'ed. And then another time, I was really craving it, I ordered via Ubereats. The only poke bowl place they had was the one in Avenue K. I can't remember the place but arghhhh……

It wasn't good at all. Yuck. I was hungry and ate everything but no, it wasn't good!

So yea this is my current obsession when it comes to food. Simple food that doesn't require much cooking. My favourite is still lushbowl but I am going to try a few other places as well. My friend was saying there's a place in Publika and they do really nice poke bowls too.

BTW, Poke is pronounced as Pohhh-Keh ya… not Pu-ki, note Pok - like cucuk. Apparently Poke is a Hawaiian word which means to slice or cut chunks of raw fish.

It is lush!!! Go and try it!


  1. ooh ok now i know how to pronounced it :-)

    1. Kan? I've been calling it POKE (as in cucuk) for the longest time! hhaahah


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