Monday, April 16, 2018

Diet Starts TODAY!

I know many people who are very much into fitness. I'm not one of those people. It is something I've never enjoyed doing and if I'm blessed to be skinny all my life, I will probably skip gym all together. I've never really been active. Back in college, when I was living in Cambridge, my housemate who is a very good friend of mine until today would drag me to the gym. She was really into it. I've always been one of those who can eat a cow and still remain skinny but my friend isn't one of them. She loves food as much as I do but she will put on weight if she doesn't exercise. She would drag me to the gym and I would go with her for the sake of going. After doing a depressing 5 minutes workout, I will bug her to go home. I was that annoying friend. I would just follow her around while she works out and irritate the hell out of her. So yes, gym and me dont get along even back in those days. Today, maybe 15kg heavier, I am still not a fan. I have a gym at home and I think I've only been there for maybe less than 5x and for not more than 10minutes. Thinking about working out tires me out already.

Last week, I went to the blood bank to donate blood. I have A- blood which is one of the rare type of blood and they would always call me when theres a shortage. I went there and had to weigh myself and I was shocked to see the numbers! OMG. I've put on 5kg. Since when????

I know I love food and my appetite is really good too but 5kg is A LOT!!!!

Diet starts today!!! I am freaking out!!!!

Here's the plan:

1. I'm going to force myself to drink more water because drinking water is always good. I dont drink enough anyways!

2. I'm going to cut down eating sambal. Dont you think sambals make food so much nicer? I think so. I can eat 3 plates of rice if there's a bomb of a sambal next to me. I am obsessed with Aleeya's Kitchen sambal. Go look for them on IG. Im obsessed with their sambal pucuk ubi. It is so good it is so bad!
I really need to cut down my sambal intake. When my sambal intake is cut, my rice portions will cut automatically too. Rice without sambal is just so blehhhh.

3. Cut down taking carbs. I am a carbs person. I love rice, pasta and everything carbs. I am going to stop eating rice for dinner. I think by cutting down my sambal, I won't eat that much rice. I plan to just eat the lauks at night. I'm such a dinner person. I can skip breakfast / lunch but I cannot skip dinner. I just love to eat dinner. It is the best part of my day. But I'm going to change this habit.

4. Cut down on sugar. Well, I've cut down on cakes A LOT because my favourite baker moved away from Malaysia (whyyyyyy ohhh why!!!) but I still manage to put on 5kg without her delicious cakes. That's really bad. I need to cut down on sugar. Having said that, I have 2 cheese tarts in the fridge from Pablo waiting for me. Argh……… stay away from me!!!!

5. Exercise! Walk. Or whatever!
This morning, I started going for sauna. I dont think that counts as exercising but at least I was sweating. That counts right? OK from today onwards, maybe later in the evening, I will go to the gym for a 10 minutes walk on the treadmill. How's that???

Why does life have to be so difficult!

I need to do this!!! Let's see if I can lose 5kg by raya. You think??

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