Sunday, April 15, 2018

Let's VOTE!

Anyone excited about the general election coming up soon? I am.

The 13th Parliament of Malaysia was dissolved recently on the 7th April 2018. For the first time ever, I waited for the news and was early waiting for the announcement for the next election date. I dont know why but it felt different now. This time, I feel like I MUST vote whereas before this, I wasn't all that interested. I know, shame on me!

I still have no idea which way I want to go. I know that politics is never really clean and whichever way I go, I doubt my life will change all that much but whatever it is, I MUST vote. For a better Malaysia, for a better future and although it won't change much for me, I have to vote for the rest of people of Malaysia. Every vote counts. *inserts NEGARAKU song*
I'm doing my part for a better Malaysia.

I saw a video recently, posted by a friend on her FB on the rules and how to vote. I'm going to summarise that video here especially for the first-time voters so that come 9 May 2018, you will know what to do:

1. Check your voting area at this website. Key in your IC number and if you are registered, you will see all the information needed. This includes your full name (as per IC), your locality, Parliament, State and where you should go on that day to vote. Normally it is a school somewhere. Check all the details are correct.

2. On the voting day, make sure you BRING YOUR IC (very important as you won't be allowed to vote without it! Only IC, not driving licence,ya!). If there's something wrong with your IC, bring your passport!

3. Do not wear any shirts or anything with any party's logos. Your undi is rahsia, dont need to tell the whole world about it by wearing it!

4. No nail polish. Well, I dont know what is the reason behind this, but just make sure you remove your nail polish before going to vote. I guess it would be difficult to apply the indelible ink on your nails if they are painted.

5. Check your ballot paper and make sure it is clean from any markings. If there is any markings on your ballot (even if it is just a tiny dot), be sure to call and inform the SPR staff to get it changed. You must vote on a clean, empty ballot paper.

6.  Leave an X in the column next to your candidate of choice. Dont be mistaken and put a tick (√) because many of us do. Remember X not √. In the box and not outside the box! I know it sounds simple but theres so many undi rosak every pilihanraya we just need to be careful. We dont want undi rosak! No smudges or markings on your ballot too please!

7. Do not use your phone while voting. I know you want to instagram it, but dont! You can instagram your finger after the session (that's probably what I'll do!). haha...

8. Check for your serial number and certified stamp on your voting ballots. You can get your serial number details at the link I gave earlier. If your ballot doesn't have this serial number and certified stamps, inform the SPR staff. You're not allowed to bring home this ballot paper out. You can go to prison for this. It is not worth jail time! If you happen to have extra, make sure you hand it back to the staff and see that they void it!

9. Dont lepak at the voting area. You need to be 50meters away from the polling station. If you are waiting for someone, then wait somewhere else. I'll wait in the car for my husband most probably. Loitering around the are is an offence. They might think you are trying to get back in or something. You can also go to prison for this. Again, not worth the jail time.

10. Vote for a better Malaysia!

I think my readers are all set to vote this coming General Election! Let's do this!!!!! We have about few weeks to go before the day comes, let's get to know our candidates better. All the best!!!!

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