Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lunch with a view

I went for facial today in Bangsar. I am such a sucker. I saw an advert on Instagram on lymphatic facial and wanted to give it a try. It was pretty good but I dont think I'll go again. The facial was good but not good enough for me to come back. After facial, I had no where to go and nothing to do. I called a good friend of mine out for lunch. She works near the KLPac and we've been talking about meeting up for lunch there for a while now. Today, thankfully she was free and so was I.

Have you been to KLPac before? It is in Sentul. I've been here before many years ago to catch a show but I haven't been there recently. It is still as beautiful as how I remembered it to be. There's something cool about the area. A place you can come to do wonderful shots and OOTD. Unfortunately, I am not fashionable and I dont do OOTD. I just came back from a facial and my hair is all greasy and oily.

But imagine having a photoshoot here. So nice, right? This is like an abandoned area. Try driving here at night. I'm sure you will end up peeing in your pants driving out. It can be kind of spooky but during the day, it is nice.

We went to this place called the Asian Terrace Samira. There's plenty of carparks next to it. I didnt even see it at first and just walked inside KLPac. I had to walk right back out.

Asian Terrace is this nice little restaurant next to the carpark opposite KLPac, next to the Koi Fish Pond. This restaurant is surrounded by beautiful green garden and sits on a unique wooden bungalow. The view is amazing. For a second, I actually felt like I was in Japan.

There's a little maze as you walk from the entrance by the carpark to get to the wooden bungalow. Then you will find this amazing beautiful garden. It was so romantic.
It is a Thai restaurant. Initially we wanted to order just pad thai considering I am actually on a diet and shouldn't be eating rice but heck, we ended up ordering pandan chicken, green curry beef and veg.

Food was rather average, unfortunately. I eat thai food every weekend in Bangsar and the food tasted much better there I have to say. Everything was average but I guess the ambiance was nice. Although it was a bit hot when we were there because it was lunchtime.

I saw the dessert menu and got excited to try the fried banana and ice cream dish. It came and looked really pretty but it tasted a bit weird. I was expecting it to be sweet but it was salty. We guessed that they must have fried it using salted butter. Blehhhhh. I was quite annoyed.

Annoyed as I was, we finished every single thing on the table. I ate a huge portion of rice and that was a big no no for my so called no-carbs-diet! Argh. Diet fail big time!

The bill came up to about RM140.00. It is quite expensive I thought but I guess with the view, you can't argue much.

After lunch, we went for a short walk to the Koi Fish Pond next door. They sell them koi fishes there you know. RM888 per fish. They have different range and they're on sale. That made me giggle for a while. Poor fishes are on sale!

Anyway if you are looking for a nice romantic dinner with a view, you can come here. Dont expect much from the food tho. But I can tell you, you'll have lots of photos to post on Instagram. hahah sometimes that is more important than good food. Luckily for me, I had good company!

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