Sunday, April 1, 2018

Oils for travellers

Ever since I started being an oiler, I discovered that there's really an oil for EVERYTHING! It takes a while to learn what oil is good for what.. but eventually, you'll get there. Once you start, there's really no turning back.

Really, this photo is exactly what is it like in my household. Dont get me wrong, when there is a need to take medicine, I will make sure we take them but before that, I will try my oils first and more often than not, it works.

Anyway, since we were in Jakarta recently, as usual, I will pack my oils to cover the basic stuff like headaches, tummy aches, fever, rashes, body aches, flu and cuts. I also pack oils for my beauty regime and my mood swings (trust me, I have plenty!).

This is my list of Young Living oils that I bring with me almost on every holiday. Oils for travellers, especially those with young children:
Important oils for holidays

1. Lavender : I use it for fever, cuts, rashes, relaxation, mood swings and pretty much for everything. It is a very popular and most versatile oil.

2. Thieves : This is a must have too especially for my kids. When they have flu or about to fall sick, this is what I use the most. On holiday, it is always good to bring this. I dont want them to get sick during the holiday.

3. Digize : For tummy ache, this is da bomb of an oil. I had to use it a few times during the Jakarta trip for my kids.

4. Peppermint : This is my favourite oil. I take it everywhere with me even in my handbag. This trip, my daughter was getting dizzy on the plane and in the car. Peppermint helped her whenever I get her to smell this oil. Peppermint can also be used for fever. To apply under the feet and under the armpit.

5. Wintergreen: I use this to massage my aching legs from walking. I dont use this on the kids. It is not suitable for children.

6. R.C : This is good for the lungs and respiratory. I apply this on the chest especially on my daughter. She had history of asthma so this oil is what I carry in case she needs them.

For beauty, I bring these oils:
Travel beauty oils

1. Frankincense : I use this for my eyes (vision) and I also use it for anti-aging. I will add 1 drop in my moisturiser and apply it all over my face. It helps with fine line and also pigmentation

2. Lemon: I add a drop of lemon in my water always. I take it with me everywhere I go and just add a drop in my water to flush out toxic.

Actually there are few more oils that I use for beauty but I only bring these 2. I'm vain but not THAT vain when I travel.

Oils I bring to diffuse:
Oils to diffuse on holiday

1. Joy: because we all need to be joyful during our holiday

2. Purification: because hotel rooms are not exactly that clean. I use it to clean the air in our room.

Oh…here is another thing I want to share. I usually make a blend of oils in a roller bottle and I carry them with me everywhere I go instead of carrying so many oils in my handbag.

This is my immune booster blend recipe:

2 drops of oregano
3 drops of lemon
4 drops of peppermint
10 drops of lavender
5 drops of thieves

My daughter was sneezing in the car and I just apply this blend on her wrists and behind her neck. I also apply it on her palms and get her to inhale it.

Alhamdulillah, 5 days in Jakarta was medicine free.

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