Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pre Google Days

Do you notice how dependent we are on the internet these days? I don’t know about you but I am constantly on my phone browsing and “researching” something. I have a love-hate relationship with our lifestyle today. I love that information is available at our fingertips at any time of the day but I hate that information are so readily available that we have all become too darn lazy. I’m guilty as well.

I can’t remember when exactly life started being like this but I remember not too long ago, maybe about 10 or 11 years ago when my husband and I (we weren’t married yet at the time) driving around Bangi looking for Equatorial Hotel. My mum had organized a makan-makan there with my whole family and her employees. We didn’t have Waze back then. My husband's car had a GPS but somehow we didnt really know how to use it properly. We had to stop at a few petrol station to ask for directions as we’ve never been to that side of the world. 

I can’t remember why my mum had the gathering there but ya, it was quite hard trying to get directions but we made it. Although it probably took us 30 minutes more without Waze, the most important thing was, we made it. It was fun and wasn’t stressful at all despite the difficulty finding the place. Imagine if Waze took you to the wrong place this day and age? You would be pissed off and stressed out like crazy. My point is, sometimes technology too can stress us out. Sometimes it is technology that stresses us out even more. I guess we should always go back to the days where asking petrol station staff for directions was the way to go and imagine how blessed we are that we don’t have to do that anymore.

Last night, my son gave me a heart attack. I swear to god that boy really made me so angry I wanted to scream! And trust me, I DID! VERY LOUD!

It was their dinner time and I was literally on my sejadah and just started my magrib prayers. As I was in my first rakaat, I heard a loud BANG!!! Trying to stay kusyuk, I was processing the sound. What did it sound like? It sounded like someone just banged their head either on the floor or on the wall! I waited for few seconds waiting for someone to yell or scream or cry and continued my prayers but then I heard the screaming and crying! I’m sorry Allah, I stopped my prayers half way and ran out. True enough, my hero had done some backflip on the sofa and somehow landed on the floor!Omg!!!!

My maid was hugging him and rubbing his head. Instead of grabbing a pack of ice or ice pack, she took her long hair and rubbed it against his bump. What??!!! *scratches head* (is that some kind of petua or something? Grab the freaking ice pack will ya!!) urgh! I was furious. I don’t know who at, but I was furious!!! At my maid for not stopping him when he was doing the backflips (because I heard him saying how he is doing it while I was praying - so not kusyuk as you can tell) and I’m angry at him for doing backflips as if he knows how!!

He didn’t cry, tears are there but he didn’t cry as much as I thought he would. He looked at me with that look “ouch that hurts but I better not tell her or she will scream at me!” look. He said to me “don’t worry mummy, I’m being strong ya? (For not crying)". He looked so cute because I know he is in pain but trying to hide it all. Putting on a brave face when he is in pain and in shock.

After putting the ice pack on his head, I could feel the bump is the size of a ping pong ball! My heart was freaking out. I was so angry but thankful as it could have been worse! We could have been on our way to ER for yet another stitch or glue on the head! Oh my son... why do you do this to mummy? U know I have a weak heart!!

I went to my oil rack and opened up my oil app to see what oils are good for bumps and bruises. Helichrysum and Geranium it is. I made the blend and added vitamin E oil as a carrier oil and rubbed it on his head. He said it hurts even more after I put the oils on his bump. It is because there’s a little cut too. It was bad. 

He couldn’t eat dinner. He said it was too painful but he was dancing to the Panama Dance my daughter had on my husband’s new mini speaker. *rolls eyes*
After he went to bed, I touched his head and yea it is getting bigger. Everytime I touched it, he will move from his sleep. Even the slightest touch he will move which means it must hurt. I contemplated giving him pain killers but I went to my medicine cabinet and only saw paracetamol. I wasn't even sure if it has expired. I didnt give him anything in the end. I put the ice pack on him again and he started crying in his sleep. I knew it was painful. So what I did was a soaked a muslin cloth with cold water and added a few drops of lavender oil and frankincense. I left it on his bump and just let it sit there. Halfway through the night, I got up and the cloth has almost dried up, I did it again. Alhamdulillah, when he got up that morning, the bump is not that bad anymore and has gone done.

Anyway, I was telling my family group chat about it. My mum, aunts, siblings and cousins are in that group and they were all saying how ganas my son is (because they know his history of ER trips to glue his forehead together!) and then stories came out about how my brother used to get my youngest brother to so silly things. One of it was to eat a AAA battery to be "strong". My youngest brother did it and obviously he landed in the hospital for it. The conversation became so funny when my brother said that the reason why he listened to his elder brother at that time was to be "Strong" like him and he said there was no Google to verify the information (whether eating battery will make you strong or not!). Haha. we had a good laugh about it. Back then we didnt have Google. It was fun.

I miss Pre Google days sometimes.

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