Monday, April 9, 2018

Reasons to start using Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils for a while now. Maybe coming to 3 years almost. Initially, I just wanted to make my home smell nicer. I know they all smell good. Essential oils are everywhere. You can see them even at the grocery store where you can find them and they're quite cheap. It is a lifestyle for sure.

The only smell I am familiar with before I started being a super oiler or an oil person was lavender. When I first started using Young Living essential oils, I discovered that Lavender DO NOT smell like the store bought Lavender products. The real pure essential oils dont smell as nice. They smell different. Then I found out that the reason why most products smell nice is because they added perfume to it and more often than not, it has chemicals in them. The more I learn about chemicals and how harmful they can be, the more I wanted to move away from them. As much as possible, I try to stay away from products that has harmful chemicals in them. Still a work in progress..but one I chose to take.

My whole perception of essential oils changed once I got to know about Young Living. The whole oil game totally changed for me. I stopped using my medicine cabinets as much and replaced it with my  own DIY first aid kits, using my oils. I started using oils in my beauty rituals. I even stopped using commercial perfumes. My kids started sleeping better. I find that their immune system is also stronger. We also got rid of skin issues my daughter had using essential oils. Our home became healthier and ya, it smells nicer too. I started using homemade cleaners (made with essential oils). My house smells wonderful and I am also in a better mood more than ever. When things smells nice, your mood changes too. It is hard to be grumpy when your surrounding smells beautiful isn't it?

I started slow but eventually, after almost 3 years I can finally say that I am becoming a #superoiler. I am eliminating harsh chemicals one by one. Slowly but surely it is going in the bin….

My first purchase was the Premium Starter Kit. It has all the oils you need to get started. I bought mine for about RM700 plus and it came with a Dewdrop Diffuser. This was over 2 years ago. I remember thinking when I first got the kit was "how the heck am I going to use all these oils?" but funnily enough, it was gone within a month or so because they were all very popular useful oils. Trust me you NEED all the oils in the Premium Starter Kit. They're all super useful.

The oils I have are mostly for health purposes. We are overall a healthy family (alhamdulillah) and I want it to stay that way. Instead of grabbing paracetamol, which my kids absolutely hate… I now run to my oil counter and apply oils on their feet instead. In case you are wondering whatever happened to IZUMIO and Super Lutein, I still consume both those products too. These oils are a booster so to speak and I must say with the oils, I dont need to consume as much IZUMIO and Super Lutein anymore. In the end, it saves me some money.

In my First Aid Kit, I have all sorts of oils for various reasons. For example, I have lavender that is pretty much good for everything, especially for cuts and bites. I also have peppermint (for headaches, flu, cold) and Digize (for tummy aches). I also have Thieves. This are all must-have oils that I have with me and take with me everywhere I go. I also take my diffuser on every trip because I like how my room smells so nice before I go to bed.

There are a bunch of oils I use for my kids. My kids knows how to operate my diffuser and if I allow them, they will be happy to choose which oil to diffuse that night. It's so cute how my daughter will randomly say "Ohhhh, give me that Stressaway oil!" as if she is stressed out being a kid. She knows the names and what oils to use for what reason.

Although my kids are generally healthy kids, they still get the occasional flu and the sneeze and whatever else they bring back from school. I usually treat them the best way I know how using my oils before I start medicating them with stuff prescribed by the doctor. My immune booster recipe is really awesome. I took them with me in Jakarta and despite the occasional sneezes my daughter gets while we were there (the air was not clean. Too much pollution and she was sneezing a lot) she was all OK. I'll share the immune booster recipe next time.

I'm a beauty products hoarder. If you can see my bathroom, it was filled with all sorts of beauty products from different brands. I spent so much money on beauty products and sometimes, I hardly even use it and when I want to use it again, it is expired! Such a waste of money.

Lately, I stopped buying so many products. I use less products on my face for sure because I roughly know what works and what doesn't. I save a lot of money too in this process. I share with you before how I now make my own cleansing oil, remember? I've been doing this for so long and I love it. I've tried many recipes and I am still exploring. There are so many oils to use for skin and my favourite are Geranium, Frankincense, Melrose and Lavender. Lavender is the best for beauty because it is suitable for all skin types. Other than my awesome oil cleanser, I also DIY my under eye serum recently. I made the blend last week and so far so good. I also use oils at night on my pigmentation spots. You dont need to throw away your beauty products, you can also add oils into them. For example, I still use my normal moisturiser by Dermalogica but I will sometimes add a drop of Frankincense when I apply it at night before bedtime.

I also dont use the store bought deodorant anymore. I DIY them using my essential oils and so far, no one is complaining I stink! That's another product with chemicals that I have eliminated from my routine. I have a huge collection of perfumes. My husband buys them for me every now and then and somehow I dont use it as much. I dont know why but suddenly the smell is too strong for me. It is the same perfume I've been using for years but suddenly I dont fancy it anymore because they're too strong. Instead, I just were my favourite oil as perfume. Apply it on my wrists, behind my eyes and the back of the neck, sometimes also a drop on my baju and I'm done. That doesn't mean my perfumes are just left unused, I still use them…but not as often and I've stopped buying perfumes for now. I use my DIY body spray too. I will share the recipe next time. They're all easy to make and best part is, that's another product with chemicals I can chuck away. You do what you can to reduce the dependency on products with toxic chemicals whenever you can.

This is something I am still working on slowly. I tend to use more essential oils on myself and my kids but lately, I've started exploring this side of it.

I used to buy those air freshener from various places, mostly the supermarket. You know those ambi pur type. They smell really strong, dont they? Yeah, they contain lots of harmful toxic chemicals, btw. Now, instead of getting those, I make my own home spray. It is so easy to make and it works just as well. Perhaps the smell doesn't last as long like ambi pur does but who cares? Keep spraying, it doesn't matter. It is safe and non toxic. My favourite combination is lime + white angelica. It is the best. Especially when you feel there is negative energy in the house, I spray it more and more. It works for me.

Few weeks back, I discovered baby cockroaches in this cabinet in my kitchen. I almost panicked because why are there so many of them when the night before, there isn't any. I made a blend of essential oils and put it in a spray bottle and walaaaaa… is all gone. Dead. All of them baby cockroaches and I have not seen any after that. They're all natural (I put peppermint + citronella + purification + lemongrass essential oils in a spray bottle and filled it up with normal tap water). It kills them and there is no chemical in it unlike Ridsect or Baygon spray, which you obviously shouldnt use in the kitchen anyways!

It reminded me of my friend's story of how her maid kept spraying the cabinet where they store all their plates and cups daily with Ridsect to get rid of cockroaches! Imagine that and then you eat on that plate! Bad enough the cockroaches are there, then the Ridsect spray on top of that. The chemicals you will end up consuming when you use that plate to eat. Gosh. So my way, I get rid of cockroaches, prevent them from going and it is completely natural.

Other than the home spray, the bug repellent spray, I also use essential oils to disinfect my house. Especially the kid's toys. I also DIY linen spray. I make a spray and get my maid to spray our linen daily. It smells really nice and fresh everyday.

This section is still a learning process for me. I want to use more essential oils for my home for sure. Why wouldn't I? It is safer, cheaper and easy to make.

I have tried cooking and adding essential oils in them. I mostly use Lemon. I ran out of lemon for my grilled chicken one day and added my lemon essential oil instead. It tastes just as good.

I love adding lemon essential oil in my water. I drink this daily. Most western recipes uses a lot of herbs and stuff where you can replace them with essential oils but I haven't really explored much of this side because I dont cook a lot of western food at home.

I guess I've given you more than 10 vital reasons you should use essential oils right? Do you still want me to list them down for you? Here goes:

1. You can replace products that are full of harmful toxic and move towards DIY more natural products. Eliminating toxic products should be something you want to do anyway because why do you want to use chemicals when you can go natural?

2. Boost your immune systems and fight infection the natural way. I'm not claiming to be a doctor but if you can treat something the natural way first, why not?

3. You want your home to smell like a spa (that's me, at least). But not only that, you get the benefits from diffusing it too. Unlike other products, when you diffuse essential oils, you get the benefits from that essential oils too. It doesn't just smell nice, it is good for you too. Diffusing lavender not only gives you lavender scents, you get the benefits from lavender too. Lavender balances the blood pressure, can help with insomnia, calms the body and soul - for example.

4. You can DIY a lot of products. Body scrubs, shower gels, facial cleansers, home spray, foot soaks are all the simple things you can do from home. You know what goes into each products. Do you know how much chemicals are there in your regular hand soap? Look at the ingredients and see. I can bet you, you dont know half the stuff that is in there. By DIY'ing, you know what goes in and more often than not, it only contains few items. It works just as well. Much cheaper too!

5. It's fun to experiment with all the different oils. It took me 2 years to actually learn about some of the properties in an essential oil. It is a never-ending learning process. I'm still learning because there is over 300 over different essential oils. I dont think I will stop learning. Learning about them can be fun for your kids too. They should know whats good for them and what is not because they will continue this when you are not around…

6. Essential Oils can boost your energy level and reduce stress. Close your eyes and pretend you are in a spa (minus the screaming children). When I was stressed out, I have few oils that I use and inhale. It doesn't totally get rid of the stress but at least it helps me feel better.

7. Natural way to have beautiful skin. Add essential oils in your beauty rituals. It is easy, fun and good for you.

8. Have better sleep. So many people have told me essential oils help them sleep better. Of course it does. When your room smells good, you can relax better and of course sleep better. My son wakes up a lot at night, when I apply vetiver on his wrists and get him to inhale it before he doze off, he will wake up at night less. I can't sleep when I dont have my diffuser on. I take my diffuser with me all the time when I'm on holiday.

9. You save a lot money from using essential oils. Yes, your initial investment may be high. Premium Starter Kit would be the best initial investment. RM756.00 and that should last you for quite some time while you learn more about each oils. Then, monthly you will just need to replenish the ones that are finished, if you want. Otherwise, explore, explore, explore…….. so many to explore. Trust me, you will be hooked on it.

10.  Essential oils are good for you. It is. It really is. You should use it daily, all the time. Duh.


  1. No doubt essential oils seems to be perfect alternative to so called curing medications, i would like to know that oils are safe for kids and any side effects like other medicines.

    1. There are plenty of oils that are safe for kids and there are also oils that are not suitable for them. Most important thing is to do your own research and then make a decision on the best way to treat something. For me, I done enough to know what oils work for my kids and myself. I can suggest and share what works for me but at the end of the day, I'm not a doctor and you need to also do plenty of reading and research to know whats best for you.


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