Wednesday, April 18, 2018

See Food Diet

I'm on a see food diet… I see food, I eat it. Get it?

I've been trying to cut down on carbs and sugar for a few days now and man, the struggle is real. My husband and I eat our meals together all the time. Breakfast after sending the kids to school, breakfast date is a must. This week, I'm trying not to eat but it has not been successful. For the first 2 days of my diet, I ate Nasi Lemak for breakfast! *hides face under the pillow*

To be fair, I didnt eat rice all day even for dinner and I eat more vegetables. The nasi lemak I had was a small packet type and although I could easily finish 3 packets in one sitting, I only had one.That's OK right? My friend said I failed on all levels. Hahah…. give this fat lady a break!!!! I can't quit cold turkey can I?

So, dieting sucks, in case you want to know.

But I'm trying. Trying really hard. I swear! I even walked down the stairs instead of taking the lift down, you know? That's something, right???

I'm also feeling super bloated because my period is coming soon. I usually have the best appetite during this time of the month so I'm guessing my super huge appetite is because it is coming soon.
Once that is done, I'm back to being normal. Normal means I eat like a regular person would eat.

I went to the club to use their sauna & steam room for 2 days in a row. That's as much "exercise" I can do for now because I am really not a gym person. I was sweating buckets. I never sweat normally. On the second day, I used this recipe to do a fat buster oil and applied it before I went in to the sauna.

Again, I was sweating like crazy. After sauna, my body feels so tired I could sleep! I realise I'm really not sweating enough and I should start exercising. This is something I know I should do but haven't been doing. Also, I am drinking more water than I normally do, which is not a lot at all.

Just drinking enough water is making my skin feels more hydrated and supple. But you know, I am never thirsty so I need to constantly remind myself to drink. My lovely sister in law bought me a pretty glass water bottle for my birthday last year. When I got it, I remember thinking to myself I will never use it but I'm so happy that I finally get to use it now. I love it. I carry it around now even during school runs and I'll have my water in the car. I love my sister in law! Such a useful gift that was. A good reminder too because I never drink enough.

When I told my husband that I put on 5kg, he didnt believe me. He asked me "where?" and when he said that, I took it as I dont look fat. Whether or not he was trying to be nice, I have no idea but this conversation took place today….

Me: Yang, If I'm fat, will you still love me?
Husband: You are already fat!


He then tried to cover it up……

Me: (Angry) What!!!!!!!! Dont be rude!
Husband: Whattt?? You said you are fat that day.
Me: I can say it but you can't!
Husband: I'm just saying what you're saying. To me you're not fat.


I really need to go back to 55Kg. 4kg to go………
You can do this….

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