Thursday, April 26, 2018


I'm the only girl in the family. I have 2 younger brothers. Growing up, I didnt have any girls to play with at home until my baby cousin was born, she's probably 10 years younger than me or more. She's not a baby anymore, of course. She's a doctor now, btw, but yea, she was like a sister to me. We grew up together. I would take care of her like a big sister would. She has 2 younger sisters too and they too are like sisters to me. I love having sisters around. I love the sisterhood. They're just annoyingly fun. I always wished I had an elder sister though growing up…. That would have been awesome. My daughter tells me all the time that she wants a big sister. I know exactly how she feels.

My best friend is 2 years younger than me. We met in school when I was in form 5. She was my junior but we clicked and became the best of friends ever since. To me, although she is younger than me, she is a lot more mature and a lot wiser. I'm like an annoying younger sister who would always come up to her with my life issues. She's always there for me even for the silliest things. You know, with my best friend, I am myself 100% and I am comfortable and she knows me inside out. I dont have to pretend to be cool…she knows I am not cool. I dont have to pretend to be prim and proper, she knows I am absolutely not. I love her. I love that although she is not my biological sister, she is more than that to me.

Few years ago, maybe about 5 years ago, Hampshire Mummy introduced me to this amazing group of sisterhood formed by Mamapumpkin. At that time, I didnt know anyone. I was happily living in my little shell with my small group of friends. The people I spoke to on a regular basis and people I see are that small group of friends, maybe about 3-4 others. I was happy and contented. I didnt need more friends because I have a great sisterhood bond with all my friends. But when I was introduced to this new group of mummies, my whole perception, my whole thinking and outlook in life changed. I realised that there's bigger and greater things out there for me to explore, do and learn. The support given was amazing. Not just in learning new things to better myself but in every single way. I suddenly felt like I have so many elder sisters looking out for me. Something I never had growing up and now I have abundance. I swear God answers your prayers in the weirdest ways sometimes. He does listen, so speak to Him and ask, you shall receive.

What I'm trying to say in this post is that I am truly blessed. Blessed that I am surrounded by really good positive people in my life. I have my family - my mum, aunts and cousins who are my blood. I have my childhood friends whom I love dearly and knows me inside out. And now, I have this new sisterhood that is constantly pushing me to be better. How super wonderful that is to have?

When I first started my oiling journey about 2 years ago, Mamapumpkin, Mom2Ashley and I didnt really know what we are doing. We attended classes together to learn more about oils. Now, fast forward 2 years later we have one of the biggest oiling group and one of the most successful one too in Malaysia. The sisterhood is real. We welcome Imelda to our sisterhood recently too. I love how we are always encouraging each other to do better and supporting each other to grow. It's not about business. It is not about making money (although we do earn from this sisterhood) but ultimately, we have the same goals and vision. At the end of the day, we all want the best for our future and our family. Alhamdulillah, I feel like Allah gave me what I've always wanted. What I never even knew I needed.

I am surrounded by so many successful women in my sisterhood. My tribe, I sometimes call them. We have lawyers, doctors, accountants, stay-at-home-mums, grandmas, supermodels (I kid you not!), ex Ms Malaysia, dancer, you name it, we have all types of amazing successful women in our sisterhood. If you want to join me in my journey to a chemical free lifestyle and you too, like me, want the best for your family, come and walk to me. We have all the tools to make this a fantastic journey for you too. All I ask is your commitment and passion. The rest they say, will come.

Email if you are keen to join this sisterhood. Trust me it will be the best decision you make for yourself and for your family. I'll be waiting for you!

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